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Moss Covered Classics in Oregon

Moss Covered Jaguars

How wet of an environment must a car be in to grow moss? Well the Cottage Grove area of Oregon has the perfect climate for turning any classic into a Chia Pet. All you have to do is park your classic out in the surrounding forest for a few years and your car can look just like one of these moss covered machines. If you just can’t wait that long, these ones are for sale and are already covered in the green stuff. Be sure to take a look at the craigslist ad here and if you’re near the Cottage Grove area be sure to stop and check them out. Special thanks to Chris G for sharing this with us!

Desoto Wagons

The kind of moisture that causes moss like this also causes something else, rust! While I have no doubt all of these cars have rust issues of varying degrees, they look surprisingly solid. I would definitely want to take a closer look at them before making any offers though. There are some rather interesting and rare cars here, so hopefully someone will save them. At the very least, these would make for some great yard art!

Skoda Felicia

It would be interesting to hear the full story behind these cars. It isn’t everyday that you find such a diverse collection of cars. Finding a few Jaguars or a couple Desotos in a field isn’t all that uncommon, but finding Desoto long roof wagons sharing the field with Jaguars, Skodas, Internationals, and Willys is a bit less likely. I would love to just walk around and look at these cars, simply for the sights. I’m not sure why it is so fascinating to see Jaguars covered in moss, but I know I’d love to have one of these lichen covered lemons in my yard!


  1. z1rider

    Moss Motors

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    • hhaleblian

      badda bing swish!

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    • paul

      & his band of merry Lucas gremlins.

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  2. JL Schmidt

    Oh heck yes! That’ll buff right out.
    I can hardly imagine what the interiors must be like.

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  3. Koolpenguin

    Is that Jag MRG? (Moss Racing Green:)

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  4. That Guy

    I’m not 100% sure but I think one of my ex-wives lives in Cottage Grove. Maybe I should track her down and ask her to do a PPI for me?

    Or maybe not.

    This is definitely a more interesting collection than most hoards, though, and the cars don’t look as far gone as most either.

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  5. ninja3000

    Let me be the first:

    That is some Stirling Moss!

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    • Don Andreina


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  6. andy

    just say no and walk away.

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  7. Chris G

    Found these and submitted them. The Mk2 Jags (1 for parts, 1 to fix up), blue DeSoto wagon and Skoda are appealing to me and I’d pick them up given money & space.

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  8. Chris G

    DeSotos and B210 sold. Jags and Skoda still available.

    Willys and International trucks not for sale. :(

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  9. z1rider

    What is the car in last pic?

    These cars are on the wrong side of the Cascades.

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  10. Chris G

    Car in the last pic is a Skoda Felicia convertible. If I had space and money I’d at least attempt a resto, otherwise part it out

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  11. Chris G

    BTW Cottage Grove is 20 minutes south of Eugene. Yes, Eugene, thy place of 9 month a year rain and killer moss.

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  12. Chuck Foster Chuck F (55chevy)

    I ran across two similar Jags outside my little town, the bumper chrome on both was in great shape, but the bodies had rust. One look at all that interior wood trim and thoughts of restoration brought me back to earth, even after he dropped the price for both from $2,000 to $800. I did consider parting them out but I’m busy enough with projects. Not surprised the DeSoto is gone, that’s a cool looking tank.

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  13. waynard

    At 800 for the pair you’d be ahead to part those Jags out as long as you could get them to your garage free. Otherwise, very few people want them any more, even the MkII’s.

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  14. Ranco Racing

    Are you sure these aren’t MG’s? Moss Garage?

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  15. Chris G

    Friend of mine bought the DeSoto longroofs and a 1956 Chrysler 300 not shown or listed, and trying to get the Skoda as yard art.

    His page is http://finhead4ever.deviantart.com (SFW) and the cars will pop up any day now. It’s likely that he’ll do some cleaning and repair on the Mopars and resell them. If prices are decent I’ll send the links here

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  16. Chris G

    Talked to my friend. Gonna try to snag the steering wheel, gauges & possibly radio out of the Skoda if he buys it since he wants it for yard art. One wagon is a parts car and he’ll sell the other one. Waiting on his description of the ’56 300.

    Gonna send the eBay listings of the restorable wagon and (if restorable) the 300, and any other classic mopars he sells to BF because they are cool and he struggles to sell locally.

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  17. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Rolling stones and rolling cars gather no moss. Otherwise you get this.

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  18. Chris G

    Only one DeSoto, and the Skoda were any good of the cars my friend bought, I swayed him against parting the Skoda (I’m betting someone in Eastern Europe would love it) and will submit it and the surviving DeSoto to Barn Finds as they go up for sale.

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  19. Ian Roberts

    Wow….. That Skoda is super super rare

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