Mostly Survivor With Upgrades: 1967 Chevrolet Caprice

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While Impala and Impala SS sold over 650,000 cars in 1967, the top line Caprice model was already coming on strong in its third year by selling over 124,000 that year. The Caprice model was distinguished on the outside from the Impala by front corner lights, different side molding, and all red triple unit taillights. This 1967 Chevrolet Caprice Custom Coupe (2 door hardtop) is for sale here on eBay in Houston, Texas.

My aging eyes got very tired reading this ad because the seller used no sentence punctuation or paragraphs in his/her posting but did provide a lot of detailed information. The seller says it was one owner until March 2018 but says he/she bought it from a guy so it sounds like this car is about to get its fourth owner soon. Let me know if my eyes missed something. The original California owner was a lady that drove the car sparingly until 2011, stopped driving it and it sat in the garage until 2018.

The car is finished in what appears to be the original Sierra Fawn with a black vinyl roof. The Caprice has new tires that are sporting original style hubcaps for a lower line 1967 Chevrolet instead of the Caprice wheel covers. I know I will get some haters, but if I bought it I would have to get the Caprice wheel covers back and add rear factory fender skirts. The car has had a complete brake job done. You won’t find any rust anywhere on this car.

The Caprice has a Tuxedo Black cloth and vinyl interior that looks good. The only distraction of the interior is the driver’s side front seat showing some wear. The door panels, carpet, dash, and headliner look great as well as the back seat. Rather than factory air, this car has a dealer installed unit under the dash.

The engine is a numbers matching 327 cubic inch V-8 with 76,000 miles. The previous owner replaced the water pump, oil pump, timing chain, freeze plugs, installed new intake, new carburetor, electric fan in front of condenser, new Hooker headers with dual PerTronix electronic ignition. The seller has included links to several videos of the car. While this is a nice car, it’s basically been flipped and is being flipped again. The Buy it Now Price is at $24,500. Is this car worth the investment the former owner made?

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  1. mark

    Why did this owner choose to replace the manifolds with headers? Also why electronic ignition? A car can only be flipped so many times.

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    • Tom Justice

      If you are not old enough or had a car old enough to have points and a condenser in the distributor then you do not know how much better electronic ignition is. Much better spark and no points to adjust and a lot more peace of mind. Headers to give you a bit more horsepower and reduce back pressure a bit as well.

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  2. Shawn Fox Firth

    Absolutely Perfect , for me anyways . the only thing I’d do is shelve the drive train in favor of an all aluminium low deck 598 and a Tremec 6-speed .

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  3. Chuck

    Not sure fender skirts were an available option and I doubt they would look good with the wheel opening mouldings.

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  4. Skorzeny

    Sorry Bill, rear fender skirts are about the worst thing I’ve ever seen on an American car. My parents had a 1970 Electra 225 with the monster 455, and I loved that car, but I HATED the fender skirts. I would rather have a ’70 Wildcat because of them. If I own a car, I want to see the wheels and tires, not hide them…

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  5. Blueovaldude

    This has the perfect look. Stance, color, wheels etc. and this is coming from a Ford guy.

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  6. Kenneth Carney

    Almost bought one of these in ’85. Only that one was the Caprice SS
    version of this car. You know, the one that had that honkin’ 325HP
    396, bucket seats, and factory console. The car belonged to my
    next door neighbor who wanted to sell it. We were looking for a
    more reliable car than the tired old Hornet wagon.we had back then,
    so I walked next door and asked him for a test drive. He agreed,
    grabbed the keys and we took off. The car was fairly docile until he
    floored it. By the time the car hit third gear, the rear end broke loose
    and the car swapped ends before coming to rest on the shoulder of
    the 2 lane road that ran by our house. After we unglued ourselves from
    the seats, checked our shorts, and calmed down a bit, I came to the
    realisation that this car was just too much for my wife to handle so
    we waited and bought a ’74 Pinto Squire from him instead. Later on,
    a friend of mine told me that I should’ve bought the car as there were
    less than 5,000 SS versions built in ’67. He wound up buying it and
    probably still has it to this very day. Man I liked that car!

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    • 68custom

      it would have either been an impala SS or a Caprice as there was no Caprice SS either car could have been equipped with the 396 or even a 427. regardless it sounds like a neat car and yes you should have bought it! I love 67-68 Caprices! 65-66 were also very cool!

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      • Bill

        There was no 65 caprices bob

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      • Pnix

        The Caprice was introduced in mid-model year 1965.

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  7. Mountainwoodie

    Should have bought the car and…………………:)

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  8. local_sheriff

    This is a very sweet car and the 327 is a nice match.It all seems to be in an extremely well-kept condition.The old man tan, poverty caps and blackwalls give this car a very understated look. I’d only put it a tad lower to the tarmac and call it done.
    Seems this one is ready for a new career as a true weekend sleeper!

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    • LAB3

      Having had a 68 Camaro with a 327 I can assure you that engine in this size car wouldn’t make it a sleeper, comatose would be a better description.

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  9. Comet

    The trunk size in these Caprice/Impala’s are truly something to behold. Larger than many efficiency apartments.

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  10. z28th1s

    With the 327 shouldn’t the trans be a Turbo 350 instead of the Turbo 400?

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    • 427Turbojet 427TurbojetMember

      To answer several of the questions in this post, 350 turbos became available in 1969. 400s were available behind big blocks in 65 and 66 (full size Chevy’s only) and optional for 327s 67-68. Yes there was a 65 Caprice, 4 Dr hardtop only. Fender skirts were available on 67 Caprices, the wheel opening trim on the fender was deleted and trim was on the skirt. In high school, I traded a cherry 55 BelAir 2 Dr sedan body for a 67 Caprice coupe. Well optioned, 327 400 turbo, AC, buckets, AM/FM, tilt, cruise, factory gauges, etc. Loved that car, but my buddy that I got it from cried until I sold it back to him. Took the money and bought a 55 Nomad (still have), but I still miss the Caprice 45 years later.

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  11. Evan

    Dog-dish hubcaps on a Caprice? Those belong on a Biscayne or Bel Air!

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  12. Dom Colucci

    Hey guys no breather in the front, no pcv on the valve cover, no breather on the valve cover just an oil plug for the filler, the dip stick will rise when you step into it and through oil out!!!!

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  13. Edwin

    We inherited a 67 from my grandfather when he died in 68. He had ordered it loaded. White with black vinyl top, brocade buckets, 8track, faux wire hubcaps (IIRC) and “Turbo Jet” Fender badges and a 396. Mom loved that car and was super dissatisfied with her next car, the 70 Impala wagon with a 327. She always said how she missed that 396…

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  14. Ted Buerk

    Dog dish caps are Chevelle. Good luck finding “big car” 67 caps. Seems like a genuine car.

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  15. Troy s

    Wow, that thing has a menacing presence about it. Good color combination too.
    Putting fender skirts on this would turn it into an old folks car, instead of the bank job get-away car it presents itself as now.
    Only thing I can’t get over is how small the 327 looks in that engine compartment. So used to seeing big blocks in these I guess.

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  16. Utes

    @ Chuck…….Fender skirts WERE optional in ’67 as shown in the sales literature. When specified, the wheel well moldings were omitted. Never liked ’em personally. My ’67 Caprice Custom sedan had provisions but I opted to omit & installed the moldings instead.

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  17. Utes

    @ Bill…’re so wrong. ’65 was the Caprice’s debut year!

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