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Muncie 4-Speed: 1970 Chevrolet Camaro SS

This 1970 Chevrolet Camaro SS is equipped with a 350 cubic inch V8 engine, 12 bolt rear end and Muncie 4 speed transmission. The odometer reads 82,427 miles and the mileage is still on the first time around. Located in Stokesdale, North Carolina, the Camaro SS has some issues but is said to run and drive. Pictures of the car can be seen here on eBay and with two days remaining in the auction, the car has been bid to $12,500.

The original, numbers matching 350 cubic inch V8 engine is backed by a Muncie M20 4 speed transmission. The 5.7 liter motor is the optional 300 horsepower unit. Several items have been repaired or replaced including the radiator, brake system, tires, battery, gas tank, hoses, belts and distributor. The Camaro is optioned with power steering and power brakes. The ad states that the car is brown but it looks more like gold with a black stripe. The glass looks good all the way around, too.

The brown interior looks better than the exterior sheet metal. The seller is providing new seat covers and door/window weatherstripping. The Camaro SS is equipped with a factory tach and a rare rear window defrost unit. The dash does not appear to be cracked and the interior can probably be redyed. The car even retains its factory steering wheel.

Now for the bad news. The rust bug has torn away the sheet metal on the rear quarter panels and the bottom of the fenders met the same fate. The seller is including two AMD quarter panels and two owner wheel houses. The seller states the floors, frame rails and trunk are solid. However, a picture of the trunk pan shows clear through to the new gas tank underneath. The current owner has had the car for two years. Hopefully, this beauty can be put back on the road after the body work and interior is restored.


  1. Avatar photo kcstude

    I purchased a similar ’70 Camaro in ’77. Same exterior color, but had a black vinyl top. In 7 years, rust had become a major issue, living in Kansas City. I had to strip all the paint off the car because there was forming under the paint. Maybe it’s the color, but major issues, so it’s not surprising to see this one this way. Interesting interior color, as the only deluxe interior I’ve seen with this exterior color is black.

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    • Avatar photo JEFF S

      My Dad, Uncle, and Brother where professional collision technicians. I worked in my Dad’s shop in Huntington Park, CA as a teenager 13 -19 years old. Back then the paint / primer quality just was not what it is today. No clear coat back then, we had Cadillac’s that needed a total repaint in just 3 to 5 years, because of rust and fading. Since 2006 most cars are made of galvanized steel, slowing the growth of rust. Even the car wax we have today is so much better at protecting the paint.

      I am 64 now and looking for a car like this one, but I would never buy one in this condition, because of the money required to fix it. TOO MUCH RUST. Unless you have a shop of your own, it is just a money pit. Much smarter to find the car you like in much better condition, even at double the price.

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  2. Avatar photo ken

    something i can afford but now i’m to old

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    • Avatar photo george holt

      Your Never to Old. Trust me. And it makes ya live longer

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      • Avatar photo Bob Wojdyla

        Bought a Vette in 2011, put a 416 in it with 610 hp now, redid the suspension, but it’s a blast for this old man just to stomp on the throttle!

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  3. Avatar photo KEVIN

    “some issues?” what the heck happened to the rear of that car?

    “trunk is solid” as in solidly missing

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  4. Avatar photo 370zpp Member

    Once long ago, so beautiful . .

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  5. Avatar photo Bill

    No way the frame rails are “ok” on this one. Not saying it’s not worth saving but I bet the floor pans are pretty much the same as the trunk.
    Betting the rear window is leaking like crazy too. These are all common issues with the gen 2 f-bodies.

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  6. Avatar photo adam

    “Business in the front, meth head in the back”…..

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    • Avatar photo Chris Webster

      A mullet?

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  7. Avatar photo T

    A trailer hitch?

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  8. Avatar photo Bryan Roan

    Damn, that is right down the road. I would split the bumpers, fix the rust and paint the same way. Too many projects, no budget and a wife.

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  9. Avatar photo JoeNYWF64

    What is that gizmo on the driver’s fender under the hood?

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    • Avatar photo Nick

      I think that is a cruise control mechanism, with all it’s attachments missing.

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    • Avatar photo ACZ

      Not cruise. That a vacuum operated air shock compressor. I have that on one of my cars.

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  10. Avatar photo NovaTom

    No big deal but wrong spoiler for a ’70.

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    • Avatar photo Nick

      That gets asked, and said, a lot. The consensus seems to be that the 3-piece high spoiler (COPO 9796) I was available in April 1970, so about half the 1970 model year production before they switched over to 1971.

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      • Avatar photo Camaro guy

        And yet I had a 71 Z28 with the short spoiler factory original car was completely stock when i bought it in 1975

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  11. Avatar photo Jerry

    Trailer hitch. Car has pulled a boat and launched in salt water.

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    • Avatar photo 370zpp Member

      Deeeep salt water . .

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    • Avatar photo Phlathead Phil


      Was that the guy who backed in so deep at the marina he got barnacles on the back?

      Or was it the guy who launched his trailer over the end of the ramp and then the tide came in?

      Not sure but maybe he was the same dude?

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  12. Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

    Darn shame. I dont see many with a 4 speed much less all there. I’m assuming the seller bought to restore and now sees a lot of metal work to come…….not surprised at the present bid. Put enough money into it and eventually ( if the mullet wearers don’t all die off before hand) you’ll gt your money back. Not to mention a neat looking Camaro before they became neutered.

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  13. Avatar photo Bellingham Fred

    The brown color is the correct call for this car, if you are referring to the rust.

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  14. Avatar photo ACZ

    You can pull a small boat with one but it would seem the car is more suited to pulling a jet ski.
    It would be interesting to see a full bottom shot of the car. The half rusty/half not is a bit confounding. I wonder if some of that front metal has already been replaced?

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    • Avatar photo JOHN Member

      I used to tow my 13′ Checkmate with a Mercury 80 horse on my Turbo Corvair, never is salt water though.

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  15. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    It must have spent the first part of it’s life in a snowbelt state where they salt the roads.
    They all looked like this one by the late 70’s around here.

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  16. Avatar photo bowmade

    It’s not the LT1 w/360 hp? 331 posi should put the 150mph speedo to good use.

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  17. Avatar photo Bob Member

    Bought a 1970 Camarillo new. Six cylinder three speed stripper with black walls and dog dish hubcaps. Loved that car and it was my daily ride for 20 years. And yes l installed a trailer hitch to pull my ski boat. Unfortunately despite my best efforts to keep rust at bay rust ultimately won. It ran like a champ when in 1990 I donated it to the local high school body shop class.

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  18. Avatar photo bikefixr

    Too much for a rotted small block. I paid $25K for a big block, 4sp, CA car with no rust that needs nothing but a couple interior bits. Keep shopping.

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  19. Avatar photo Ike Onick

    Is that a Berlinetta badge up front?

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  20. Avatar photo R.Lee

    I had a 70′ LT automatic car in 80′ Gold, Black interior. Nice car but very dangerous in wet weather. Even more so in snow. I could mash the throttle and do donuts on command without touching the steering wheel. My car had the tall spoiler also.

    I paid 3,200 for the car from a friend, Well maintained and came with an extra pair wheels, I think mohawk snow tires with chains. Talk about sparks and rooster tails in the winter with the Camaro. I always liked the 70 model over the 67-69s because of a larger interior, back uncomfortable seat ;) that my Dates did not mind.

    Good handling with the right tires, PolyGlass were my preference back then as radial tire were just getting traction. I still to this day have the factory wheels and PolyGlass tires in the garage.

    The car pictured is interesting as I have never seen a brown and brown car. The car looks to be able to save the body as long as the underpinnings are in good condition. But with the rear quarters suspect already the street side has some rash I am sure.

    For the 13,100 I say a fair price if the car doesn’t smoke, burn oil. I say one of the better buys as of late, and still good quality original parts around to replace missing or upgrade what is there. Good Luck to the new owner.

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