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Mustang Mach 1 Barn Find


With Christmas come and passed, we are still feeling like there were a few gifts that never made it under the tree. We know there wasn’t much hope of finding a set of keys on Christmas morning, but boy would have it been amazing to find a Mach 1 parked in the driveway with a big red bow on it. If you didn’t get the gift you were hoping for or just want a Mustang out in the driveway for the New Year, this might be the one for you. The seller found a pair of 1969 Mustang Mach 1s parked in an old barn. They already sold the blue one, but this cream one can be found here on eBay. It looks solid, but the seller might be dreaming a little themselves!


This Mustang would look great parked in our garage, but not at the seller’s $50k asking price. We hope they don’t actually believe they will get this kind of money and are just trying to stir up some hype. The seller is accepting offers, so maybe they are willing to let it go for something more realistic. With that kind of asking price, you would think that they could have at least detailed it. Anyway, what would you offer them for this Mach 1?


  1. Alfieri

    It’s impossible to take this listing seriously. Either this business was fishing for exposure on a website like Barn Finds, or it’s another case of flipper’s greed. Throwing it out there without literally touching it, pull a ridiculous number out of their ass, and see if they can flip it for a quick, easy $35K profit disgusts me either way. The car is really not that special- why indulge them and give them the valuable exposure?

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  2. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Hagerty values a #1 1969 Mach 1 with the 351 at $52k. This one had better be dang nice under all that dust for that kind of money. Still, preserved cars have been known to command a premium, so you never know…

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  3. Dolphin Member

    Although I would prefer an earlier Fastback I can certainly see the appeal of the Mach 1. With the market craving ‘Original Everything’, and often paying up for it, if a PPI shows it to be original, with correct numbers and accurate low mileage I won’t be surprised if this sells for more than most of us would have guessed.

    Trouble is, I don’t think it will pass as all-original. The underside pics look suspiciously like a car that’s been restored at some point, including a repaint. OTOH, it looks like a pretty decent Mach 1, so a close inspection would let someone who knows these cars decide what its worth, and then use the make-an-offer option after informing the seller of the details of what the inspection turned up.

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  4. off2hcky

    Man, I need to look in some more barns! A real nice Mach with all the right original parts but definitely has been restored in the past. Picture 12 in the slide show tells part of that story. I see aftermarket rear quarters in that shot. The interior is pretty darn dirty but that dash and door panels looks pretty darn nice for being 40 plus years old. Those clusters have definitely been out as they have been completely blacked out. Deluxe Interiors as in the Mach 1s are supposed to have chrome along the outer edges of the bezel as well as along the perimeter of the assembly. I wouldn’t trust that mileage either unless I checked the date code of that cluster. (and a further investigation) I think the pictures are strategic in not showing “too” much detail. More of a 20K car in this condition having a prior restoration. Complete survivor, perhaps 35K. But who knows. I have noticed the market has gone up for these Mach 1s since I sold one of mine about a year ago.

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  5. rancho bella

    I can buy a ’70 driver no rust Boss 302 for the same or less………….no comparison
    1000’s of ’69 and ’70 Mach 1’s were built. I don’t care if it is original.

    Numbers matching? Ford only stamped their HiPo cars with the Vin. numbers. If I am wrong then please correct me. Perhaps the seller meant correct year and month date casting in the block.

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    • Mike B

      Rancho, you are wrong on the “numbers matching”. Starting in 1968 all Ford engines were stamped with the VIN. This was a federal requirement that started that year.

      Now, to expand on this, some engines were stamped on the block and some were stamped on the head. This seemed to vary by plant / shift, and was most likely due to assembly line worker variation as they were all supposed to be stamped on the block (not the head).

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  6. rustylink

    “Barn find” have become the buzzwords for the delusional….

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  7. Charles

    No disagreement from earlier posters.

    The car does look very solid and complete.

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  8. Dirty Dingus McGee

    50K you say? Sorry, no sale. But I suspect someone will jump in with both feet. Just look at what that Boss 302 from a few days back ended up going for;


    Maybe I should get into the flipping business.

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  9. John Cargill

    Maybe for a Cobra Jet.

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  10. John Lyons

    $52k for a #1 car? This car is not a #1 car.

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  11. Jim-Bob

    It seems like a very nice survivor car, but for $50k? For that money I would at least expect it to run. It’s not all that special except for the survivor status. If it were a 428 then maybe, but it’s only a 351W, which was not a high performance engine in stock form.

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  12. bill smith

    This is the very reason I got out of the old car hobby. Over inflated prices and stupid non car people entering into the market simply for a buck. I then got into the old motorcycle hobby but that too is getting to no longer fun because of idiots as well.

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  13. Kiwi Customs

    Glad to see Barn Finds calling out the seller on this one. I think the general consensus is it is a nice find but not at that money and there are certainly many unanswered questions much like the Boss 302 that was recently posted.

    I noticed they had the blue Mach 1 next to it on evilbay previously (did not sell at the same asking price) and they also have the Pace Car edition seen being loaded up on a trailer in one of the pictures currently for sale on evilbay, but no “barn” pictures from that one.

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  14. Marek

    The sceptical side of me would look at the date code on the tires and battery. Even 15 years in a “barn” means it was parked in 1999 or 2000. What was the history before then? Hopefully nobody gets scammed.

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  15. Cedric

    Quick tip of the day:
    They sold 72,458 of these bad boys. I believe that color is called “Wimbledon White”. Humble color for an agresive looking car!

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  16. Tom S.

    Right year, right color, right options and trim. Everything. This one pushes all of the buttons for me. Think I’ll run out now and buy a lottery ticket.

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  17. Tom S.

    Well, I didn’t win the lottery, and the car was a no-sale at 50Gs with seven declined offers. Maybe it will turn up again with a more realistic price.

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