Mustero! 1966 Ford Mustang Ranchero

Rare is a word that’s often thrown out in car circles and it usually is attached to the words desirable and valuable. I have some rare cars, but they’re most likely not super desirable or valuable to anyone but me. This 1966 Ford Mustang Mustero is one time when at least the word “valuable” can be thrown around with wild abandon. Whether a Mustang Ranchero is desirable is a different story. This unusual car, truck, cruck.. is listed on eBay with a mouth-gaping price of $89,995, or you can make an offer. It’s located in Southampton, New York.

I don’t know if most Barn Finds readers are notchback or fastback Mustang fans? I’m guessing fastback, but I could be wrong. Now, how many are Mustang Ranchero fans? You have to admit, this would be cool to drive to a cars-and-coffee event or almost any car show and see the folks gather around it, and there is no question there would be a crowd around this car, especially the rear portion, and especially-especially if it was uncovered. And, especially-especi… er.. ok, enough of that.

Beverly Hills Ford, with the blessing of FoMoCo, created 50 of these uber-custom Musteros, or Mustang Rancheros. The seller says that there are only 4 of these left in the US. Apparently, the Mustero came in at around $4,000 more than the stock Mustang price at $6,500, give or take. As a comparison, a Shelby Cobra of the same vintage would have been somewhere between $6,500 and $7,500. I know, ouch. “Yes, I’ll have 10 Shelby Cobras, please.” I’m not a fan of this pinstriping, but then again, others may be huge fans of it. Hopefully it can be removed by the next owner if they don’t like it.

This car was in storage for 30 years and it’s the original color, but I’m assuming that it’s been repainted? And, you can see the automatic transmission – good or bad. The interior has been redone, and it looks great, but for a car that’s this rare, it isn’t original. AC has been added as have disc brakes. I know, it’s all about actually using your classic, but when a car is this rare, dang it, that’s when things get hairy. This one is basically a restomod which seems strange to me for such a rare car. Restoring it back to bone-stock original spec would be the way to go if a person were mainly interested in concours events and having the car judged. That’s not even arguable, it’s a plain fact. But, for driving ease and comfort, those two upgrades, along with the redone seats, undoubtedly make this car much nicer and safer to drive, and that’s not a small thing. Life is pretty short, let’s not get too wacky with reproducing the factory orange peel on the underside of the trunk lid.. Let’s enjoy driving and using our vehicles while we can!

More restomod action here, and it looks about as crisp and clean as any engine bay ever could in my world. This is the original 289 V8 and it’s been rebuilt and it’s sitting in front of that automatic transmission. I have no doubt that this car handles and functions better than it would have in stock form, but, in a case such as this super rare car, give me restored to original spec any day. For $90k they could have started with a regular Mustang and created their own restomod Mustero without modifying an original car. With that being said, I’m back to the let’s-enjoy-our-vehicles-while-we-can part again! What would you have done? Original or restomod? And, even more important – have you ever seen a Mustero?


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  1. jdjonesdr

    Dream on, little dreamer, dream on…..

  2. Mike H. Mike H

    It seems as though so much time and effort (if not even a few dollars) were invested in this restoration (resto-modding?), but some details strike me as cheap and odd. . .

    What’s up with the exhaust? You couldn’t buy a proper X-pipe so instead you bent, cut, then welded a moisture trap that will rot out and be nearly impossible to repair later?

    What did they coat the engine bay with? Is that Dura-Liner or its equal? Going to be tough to keep that clean, and it seems that they did it after paint and managed to slop it onto pretty much everything, including the fender lips. Cheap and lousy, which sort-of indicates the true level of the rest of the work done here, I’d think. Even at 1/2 the asking price this is probably one to stay away from.

    • Mark S

      There’s nothing wrong with the way the y pipe is constructed, there will be no moisture build up immediately after the header that is where the exhaust is hottest, moisture build up always occurs in the mufflers and tail pipes where the exhaust slows and cools. How would this arrangement differ from a widely used h pipe?

      • Steve

        I thought the same thing…

  3. JW

    Looks like a crease in that front drivers fender by the bumper to me. For almost 90K I can think of a lot better cars to spend that kind of money on, maybe get 2 for that price.

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  4. Dovi65

    The seller erred, and added an extra “9” in the price. The Mustero is unique, odd, & surely rare, but the seller needs a reality check.

  5. Nova Scotian

    Interesting machine. Too expensive.

  6. Rob

    Cool and very unusual. Way too much money IMHO.

  7. flmikey

    I’ve seen this car for sale before…not sure where or how much…and as far as the price, it’s worth what someone will pay…there are people out there who have the means to buy this car with spare change in their pockets…and if I were one of those people, I’d scoop it up…

    • Brad

      I think it was on that “other” site involving a trailer.

      • Milt

        Yeah, that website where you have to bring your own transportation to pick it up had this listed 2 months ago. Doesn’t BF check out the competition to avoid being scooped?

  8. Tom

    Is that what they call, “future value”? Goes along the lines of it’s worth more because, “I was getting ready to restore it”.

  9. Oingo

    Good candidate for Jalopnik NPOCP vote.

  10. Moparman Member

    This car was listed on B.A.T. back in August with a 100K price listing!

  11. SFM5S

    Most of whatever “collector value” this car may have had disappeared when they partially resto-modded it. So now it is too stock to be considered a true resto-mod, yet not original with the upgrades to the interior, the engine bay and who knows what else was messed with. Had the owner restored this back to completely original (ie: pony interior, engine bay, undercarriage, etc.) they would get the maximum money for this car, but I still don’t think it would fetch anywhere near the seller’s current asking price. IMHO.

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  12. Christopher Maloney

    Looks like a great build to me, thought out and well executed. I can’t say as to the value of the resto mods but this thing SHOULD be driven and as safely as possible. As to the price..well, value is in the eye of the buyer.

  13. Sam Sharp

    Imagine the drifting and burnouts you could do with the RanchMust-O. The lack of weight bias along the longitudinal axis (ya’ like that one?) aft of the datum line could demonstrate divergent dynamic stability. Kids would love it. Put nitrous on it.

    Only deep pockets like Leno, museums like the Henry Ford or Peterson could justify the price for historical preservation. At least Leno and his staff would drive it.

  14. John

    I’m pretty sure I know that car. Maybe 10 or so years ago it was owned by a local guy who was “improving” it as he owned it and he showed up at local cruise nights. It’s pretty neat if you are a Mustang and Ranchero fan as I am. (I currently own a 68 Fastback and 67 Ranchero) But $89k???

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  15. Dolphin Member

    At least they used a hardtop and not a convertible or fastback.

  16. Felix Farrugia

    I saw that Mustero or very similar to it as I was at Charlotte Carolina in the Big 50 in 2014, it was exactly the same colour and everything the same could be the same one, it was the first time that I saw a Mustero. (Felix Farrugia Mustang Club Malta President).

  17. JohnD

    This rampant prescription writing needs to be stopped. . .

    • Sam Sharp


      I’m not a doctor, nor do I portray one on tv.

      However; Sig 500mg demerol 10x daily prn. If that doesn’t work, Fentanyl 100mg patch applied to the forehead should help.

      I always follow my own advice; “no brain, no headache.”

  18. Nrg8

    So much personal flavor and asking Pebble Beach money. Not really a cruck cause no tailgate. Maybe a 15k car. Body lines and gaps are off, lots of bed liner on the underbody and engine compartment to smooth that blistered and pockmarked thinning factory steel. Nice assortment of non specific repop parts and chrome strategically placed to draw eyes away from questionable areas. Cup holders ? Pinstripes? This to me anyway is a 15-20k car. Then have suspension, brakes modernized say with a fuel injected V8 and a 6speed and new axle. Only then you would have a dependable car for tooling around or even a power tour car with room for the ball and chain. Oh and pallet original parts and store them in case the Smithsonian should call and wish to exhibit said cruck.

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  19. Maurice Mentens

    I absolutely like the thought behind this project but it’s execution was (as previous comments already state) quick and cheap. There was little time spent on getting gaps correct and overspray on the door locks proves this car never even had it’s door emptied out for paint. Great car but way overpriced for at best driver quality condition.

  20. Terry J

    That’s not the one I wished they’d made. Ford came out with the full sized Ranchero in ’57 and caught GM napping. In ’59 GM finally answered with a full sized version in time to see Ford changing the rules to the compact Ranchero on the Falcon in ’60. Finally GM got in the “one upmanship” game in ’64 with the Chevelle version, making Ford answer in ’66 with the Fairlane Ranchero. And on and on. The missing one is the one I’d like to have seen from GM off the Chevy 2/Nova line, not a Mustang/Camaro truck. :-) Terry J

  21. Jim Sartor

    Yep, there was a black one in Leisure Village Ocean Hills around 1990 or 91. Talked to owner who said it was being left to his kids when he passed.

  22. Mark S

    Interesting car I’d loose the the tounno cover and rails in favor of a trunk lid. I admit it would be a long one but it would not need to go all the way to the back glass. These open back conversions are nothing more than water traps. A two seater mustang coupe with an early t bird flavour would be very cool. And this thing is almost there. As for the 90k HA!!! What a laugh.

    • Gene

      They have a back seat

      • Cloudfeather

        The authentic Mustero has no back seat…the roof was cut and the back moved up about 8″ I’m told, to accomodate the Ranchero bed and eliminating the back seat. There is a space saver spare mounted behind the seats with a tonneau cover over it, I’m told.

  23. R.hernandez

    This isn’t the same old codger that was selling that super rare caprice is he!?

    By the way does anybody know if he actually sold the 102 options caprice???

  24. Metoo

    Nice, unique, and interesting. But Was way overpriced.

  25. Wayne

    I like it. Would prefer a manual transmission.
    The price is out of the realm of believable.

  26. Eddie

    WoW ! What A Car, Very Nice !!!

  27. Pat A

    There was a guy selling a DIY kit to do this, back in the ’80’s. I think I saw it in Hot Rod,

    • Cloudfeather

      The authentic Mustero had two key features I’m told by an expert: Lexan door windows and steel plate bed…plus, the proportions were not the same on the kits I’m told…I’m no expert, just relaying what I was told.

  28. MrBlueOval 57

    I just love Stangs and Chero’s and I’d be a player for maybe $12K (that’s all I could afford) but $89K is out of this world and I’m sure that’s where it’s gonna stay at that asking price. Some people just think they have a diamond when they really only have cubic zirconium. I’d love to have one and give it the Squire “woody” treatment Anyway, Here’s a neat German site dedicated to all the crazy Mustang Mutations including a ’67 Mustero and a sharp red ’68 wagon that was on EBay about 10 years ago among many station wagon and ‘Chero photos.

    • Cloudfeather

      I have an eyewitness account from a sailor who saw my Mustero parked beside this wagon in Norfolk, VA around 67-68 near the naval base where he was stationed…Barney Clark and Bob Cumberford designed the Mustang wagon and had the prototype made in Italy. …assuming this is the real mccoy pictured on your post.

  29. Dave W

    Another seller really on the ball.
    Ask 80 something thousand for something probably not worth half that.
    And too lazy to clean the bird crap off the windshield.

    Could be nice but I would prefer original not messed with and looking like they are trying to hide rust with undercoat bed liner material.

  30. Edward J Beers

    My my my. No lack of internet experts here. All that judgement on a vehicles worth or lack thereof from 5 pictures and some from at least 15 feet away. Anyone who would either accept or reject this vehicle or the workmanship of the “restorer” based on these pictures alone is a fool. The price is the only thing thats worth an opinion and its way too high. Give me a Boss 302!

  31. Rustytech Member

    If this was a rare factory built car ( concept car ) that had been spared from the crusher, and was 100% original, then it might be worth near this asking price. But it’s not! It’s a dealerships or body shop creation that’s been modified. It is a interesting car, and a conversation starter, but not worth anything near the asking price IMHO of course.

    • Cloudfeather

      I’ve heard of some selling in Europe for six digits…can’t confirm it, but was told that. Of the 50 authentic Musteros, reportedly, 35 were shipped to Europe and only 15 remained Stateside and now, it’s believed only 4 still remain in the USA…not sure about how many remain in Europe.

  32. ACZ

    The car is really interesting. The price is just insulting.

  33. Sebtown

    I’m questioning the whole story of 50 built by Beverly Hills Mustang. Can somebody direct me to a published article?

    • Cloudfeather

      Google “Beverly Hills Mustero” and you’ll see a few articles. I’ve researched it fairly extensively and there are some good articles out there that I’ve read. Beverly Hills Mustang, LTD closed years ago and Jay Brunk was the owner. The building is still there I read, but has since been renovated into something else. The mysterious Mustero is a fascinating automotive story. It’s a half breed pony that will someday be extinct. I have one but it’s tucked safely away awaiting restoration and resurrection.

  34. Lee

    If the guys who built this almost pickup could see this price they may go back in business using restored coupes / Lee

  35. healeydays

    Back in 2011 there was one “fully restored” on Ebay for a Buy It Now price of $32,500. That one had three-speed manual gearbox. Manual steering and brakes so it was supposed to be the right parts.

    If these guys didn’t butcher the car when they put those pieces in, it can be rolled back to stock parts as they are available, but not at $90K…

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