Mystery 911 Porsche Part 1

I am always amazed by how our readers can spot the tiniest of clues in a photo or fallacies and omissions in a description provided by a seller. This Porsche was just unearthed after hibernating since 1998. It must have been wrapped up like a Christmas present to come out so clean and that is exactly the case. A friend of mine first spotted this car peeking out from a garage about five
years ago. The owner’s husband had passed away quite a few years earlier and the garage doors just happened to be open as my friend was driving by.

The widow owner wasn’t ready to sell but my buddies Tom Cotter-style persistence and friendliness finally won out five years later. My friend was able to buy this mystery Porsche and drag it home. Here’s the question…. What is it? Is it a rare Porsche or something else? I would like to hear what you think. OK, I may already have an idea as to what the answer to this riddle is, but I would like to get some readers speculations. Give it your best shot in the comment section and I will have more details tomorrow.


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  1. AF

    How much did he pay for it?

    • Dean

      I’m afraid to ask

      • T.C.

        What’s your fiend’s name, number, address and bank details and when can I come pick it up after the cash is transferred, ‘price’?, who cares !

    • Sid Member

      I tried prying it out of him but his lips are sealed for fear of ridicule.

  2. Aleix

    As the car is a 964 cabriolet, but looking it puts Roadster, I think is one of the America Roadster series. Not easy to fine and after the special Speedster, you can find this rare unit. It was only possible to buy in USA.

  3. J Paul Member

    Looks to be a 1992 or 1993 Porsche 911 America Roadster.

    “Like the 356 America Roadster it was named after, the Type 964 America Roadster was a limited-edition, driver-focused convertible destined for the American market. Production for the America Roadster was limited at only 250 examples, and the model was only produced in 1992 and 1993. Its engine was a standard unit making 250 horsepower, but the special edition had the wide fender flares, suspension, brakes, and 17-inch Porsche Cup wheels of the 911 Turbo. The small rear seats were replaced with a parcel shelf with storage compartments underneath, adding to the sporting nature of the car. The wide Turbo-style body and lack of a rear spoiler gave the America Roadster an aggressive but sleek look.”

    • Mike

      Spot on…

    • Sid Member

      J Paul
      You nailed it except I didn’t know American Roadsters didn’t have a rear seat, similar to an RS America I suppose.
      This one has a rear seat

  4. alan

    Euro model by appearance of front fender side signal amps. Add on side rocker trim. This may not be as the car was originally built. Rear bumper is for USA spec plate. Only a VIN will tell for sure.

  5. Rodent

    964 America Roadster. Rare? Yes.

    • john chump

      Overpriced? Yes

  6. Cary A Gay

    Yeah, in the 90’s, Porsche made a two seater 911 convertible that they called ” Roadster “. It was in the 964 body style and made them in limited supply. I don’t know how many, but I do know that they are as rear as hen teeth. Your boy stumbled upon a trust fund!

    • J Paul Member

      They made 250 of them over 1992 and 1993, from what I read.

    • Sid Member

      You will find out tomorrow

  7. alan

    Euro spec America Roadster or were the front fenders retrofitted or is it a replica?

  8. Carter

    either a ’92 or ’93 911 America Roadster. One of 250 total, they’re more rare than the Speedster by a factor of about 4. Looks to be Speed Yellow, which will be quite rare since it was not a standard color, so this one is likely Paint To Sample (only 8 solid colors were done like that). They had Turbo flares, suspension, wheels and brakes. One sold at Gooding for 123K recently. We had one at GCFSB for “only” $70,000, but it had 145,000 miles:

    Good info here:

  9. Jim Culp

    Looks like a legitimate 964 America Roadster with aftermarket wheels. 250 made in ’92 and ’93 Depending on condition, could be worth $85-90k maybe more.

    • DonC

      Hey Jim, we share the same last name. Any chance you’re related to Culps in the Youngstown or Cleveland area?

  10. eccentrico

    A dead ringer for the famous “floating Porsche” until Alan pointed out the side marker lights.

  11. Dean

    This had Josh’s by-line on it initially, now a Sid Cannon..what’s up with that?

    • Sid Member

      I am an occasional contributor.

      • Simon

        Porsche started stamping all cases beginning with #930,,,in 1978 so could correspond with correct 3 liter SC engine,and with Webern this could be a nice strong motor.
        Ps,in my experience looking at the interior will tell you quickly which era the car is from.

    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Sid wrote this story up and when I reviewed it for him the system switch it from his name to mine and didn’t notice until after it published it. I then corrected the error to make sure Sid gets credit for his work.

  12. Jeff treece

    Is this the one that was in Boise?

    • Sid Member

      I think Jeff is on the right trail.
      Don’t spoil it.

  13. Dolphin Member

    Yes a 964 America Roadster.

    IIRC it didn’t come with the big rubber-edged rear spoiler, but it does have the smaller spoiler that’s on top of the air intake and raises up once the car reaches a certain speed. It looks like it has been raised on this yellow car, maybe being tested, or fixed?

    The latest (2018) SCM Guide says there were only 52 America roadsters made in ’92-’93, and I don’t know whether that’s correct or whether the 250 number that a couple of people have mentioned here is correct.

    The SCM Guide has these as selling for a median price of $98K at auction in excellent condition, so they are pricey. BTW, the same year Turbo has been selling for $135K at auction despite being available in much greater numbers (more than 5K made), so it looks like the Turbo is still king.

    • Dean

      “My friend was able to buy this mystery Porsche and drag it home”..the question remains for most all of us..what did he buy it for? Or is that for another column?

  14. Cary A Gay

    Because it’s a future trust fund!

  15. Carrera51

    The rear bumper cover isn’t stock. Factory 964 rear bumper covers were three piece. And the dual out muffler tips look like a B&B. They made those either for the stock exhaust, or you could get it with B&B headers, with or without heat. Wheels aren’t stock. Is this a real America Roadster, or a regular 964 cabriolet that the previous owner had a wide body conversion done to? Check the option code sticker on the inside of the front trunk lid if it is still present. That will tell the story. If it is an America Roadster, your buddy really scored. Even if not, then he still got a nice 964 to enjoy.

    • Sid Member

      Now that’s what I am talking about!!
      Carrera51 is zooming in on the photos and picking up clues.

  16. Roger Maggio

    Looks like possibly a much older 911 with a body kit. Something just isn’t right with it.

  17. Drive-em Member

    More information will be interesting. My brother had one of these (he sold it too soon for too little).
    There are some oddities here; wrong wheels, euro front fenders (or signals at least), U.S. rear bumper but with non factory dual exhaust cut outs, not a standard available color.
    Could have been altered by the owner or could be a “tribute”.

  18. Roy

    Its either an America Roadster or someone placed wide fenders on a NB from gosh, any year

  19. JLS

    Well, I love its banana color, and bustier ways. Just drive it.

  20. John Holden

    Porsche 964 911 America Roadster

  21. Steve

    If this is a real 1992 or 1993 RS America the Speed yellow makes it an even more rare car because that color was a special order and only several were made.

  22. 86_Vette_Convertible

    No Porsche knowledge here, but it is a good looking car based on the couple of pictures.

  23. UK Paul

    Anyone else seen a reference pic with twin exhaust like this one?

  24. Jack Quantrill

    Possible fake barn find to enhance interest and price?

    • Sid Member

      Definitely not the case.
      Interest yes
      Price no.

    • Metoo

      My thoughts exactly. That beautiful shiny car, surrounded by leaves, dirt, and grubble, but it looks like it just rolled out of Jay Leno’s garage and does not have so much as a mouse turd after being stored in that shed? Seems fishy.

      • Sid Member

        I thought the same thing until I got the details.
        The car was really wrapped up like a Christmas package to keep it clean.
        No mouse poop but lots of spider nests and still a lot cleaning required.
        The photos are twenty footers
        Under the hood not so nice.

  25. Dan

    So THAT’S what a Porsche looks like with paint on it and all the metal still there! Not a bad looking ride.

  26. Cary A Gay

    To arthenticly alter a car like that would cost twice what the car is worth. Look closely at the car. It’s not a chop job. Check out the VIN numbers, that will tell you everything you need to know.

  27. alan

    Where is the VIN so this can be properly identified rather than spending endless hours guessing about something that is probably a replica.

  28. alan

    As others have noted too many inconsistencies in the details.

  29. R.J.

    I have a 73 Porsche targa 911E. Sixty thousand miles and hasn’t seen the sunlight since 1986. Not that clean but sure draws a crowd. A fellow from Australia told me ask and you shall receive. I think I paid $6500 for it but now sure.

  30. Dean
  31. Cary A Gay

    Start off with the bottom left of the windshield, once you get that number, go through the rest of the car. All the numbers should match the VIN in the windshield. The engine, the engine bay, hell look it up. Google it, and you will find that Porsche put serial numbers on the wheels. That’s if your serious about automobiles. Or if you really want to know. That’s what I do.

  32. UK Paul

    Vin is in centre bulkhead of front boot and on sticker in drivers door jam.
    It does look a little odd to me this one.
    Yellow not the most flattering of colours though. The exhaust tips i mentioned plus bumper. Gaps look large maybe? (That could be colour thing)
    So many fakes about its easy to default to the negative.
    The wheels non original as well is an odd decision on a rare car. Most would want to keep it factory spec unless it was a Toyota Supra?

  33. Frank

    I thought every old 911 featured on the site was required to be rusted out.

  34. Joey Kelley

    I’m guessing that because we’re not seeing the front – something is significant about the front. I’m going full on conspiracy theory here and saying this is a body kit on something completely non-Porsche to make it look like one. Not a Porsche person so I cannot be certain of this – but I’m guessing here.

  35. Sergio

    Porsche never used “Roadster” nameplate in Euro-specs 911s. If it has rear seats it can´t be an real a 964 America Roadster…

    Non stock wheels and one-piece rear bumper…mmmhhh

  36. Derek S

    its a kit look at the uprights the rear grill tail lights, I know I’m late on the reply but its a kit.

  37. Derek S

    plus the body gap lines are terrible Porsche would never do that, and look at the gaps on the rear grill both sides

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