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Mystery Collection in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona Spain Find

While sorting through old emails, we came across an email that we somehow missed. It contained photos of a large collection of dusty old cars. The only information provided in the email was that this warehouse is located in the heart of Barcelona, Spain and that none of these cars have moved in over 30 years. We have readers all over the world, so we thought we would see if someone out there knows more about this collection and would be willing to share! If you have more information, please share in the comment section below. Just be sure to not disclose the exact location in order to protect the privacy of the owner. A special thanks to Francesc for sending these photos in!

Barcelona Mystery Find


Barcelona Find

Can you identify all the cars?


  1. L.M.K.

    Looks relatively well thought out and dry too. I hope someone out there knows more about this collection of sleeping classics….

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  2. RayT Member

    Looks like a candy store for people like me! I’d happily have several of these — minus the dust, rotted tires and general signs of disuse, I hope — in my garage.

    When confronted with “collections” like this, I always wonder what motivated the owner to assemble such a group. These are not cars at the top of most collector’s lists. The majority strike me as cars to enjoy on the road rather than stand and stare….

    Of course I also suspect everyone here would look askance at my own “Top Ten” list!

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    • BradL

      “These are not cars at the top of most collector’s lists.”

      I believe the 1967-72 Aston Martin DBS in the third photo would be fairly high on most anyone’s list, including mine.

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      • Mark E

        Okay, and I’ll gladly have the ’56 T-bird and also that old WW-I vintage Renault please. Now, who wants what appears to be a Cushman golf cart??

        Oh and PS: I’d love to know the logistics of how you get the cars up & down from the upper level… (I may want to raise the roof on my garage a few feet!) ^_^

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    • Horse Radish

      I guess not the very top of the list like Düsenberg, Delahaye etc, but pretty darn close.
      I’d say top 30 %.
      I see a Jaguar Mark2, a W 111 convertible, a w180/w128 convertible, a couple more Mercedes Aston Martin Vantage and a mid 50ies T-bird.
      All these cars together are worth 2-300,000 $US .
      Not too shabby.
      Just gotta know a little about old cars, no ?

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    • Mike D

      Ray, I agree with you as some of these cars seem ” ordinary” to me also. , my thanks to the others who point out the ” better ” ones , and Mark E , I believe these bi level storage ramps crank up and down, you’d have to pull the lower one out,, to get to the upper one , I for one would like to see more pics of this ” collection, tho!

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  3. neekamv8

    The second picture is the most interesting to me cos that’s unquestionably an Aston Martin DBS ( 6 cylinder version cos it’s got wires on it? ) parked between an old Mercedes and a Sunbeam of some sort or another.

    The first picture has a Rover TC in it. Not sure about the rest in that pic??

    The third pic has a mini, a Jag MK II ,a Merc of some sort or another and a rather nice looking Ford Thunderbird I think.. My neighbour has an absolutely mint one..


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  4. Bernardo Heller

    I’ll take the 1948 Packard Convertible on the second photo, a Super 8, I believe! :D

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  5. Another Bob

    I’d wash and wax all those cars for free!. Of course being given the Mini as a tip would be appreciated.

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  6. Wiley Robinson

    I think the car that someone referred to as a Cushman golf cart is actually a Pinzgauer, which has a pretty good following. Other than the damage that comes from not using them and the unrestored Renault they look like they are in pretty good shape.

    The only one in the group that might be “ordinary” is the white one next to the Land Rover. Not sure what it is, either some sort of 70s Austin or a Rover.

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    • B and A

      My guess for the off road vehicle would be an early Unimog, not Pinzgauer.
      The car next to the Land Rover appears to be Fiat 124 at first glance.
      But since the warehouse is in Spain, i´d say it´s a licensed product built by spanish manufacturer SEAT.

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  7. RickyM

    I’ll have the 2 Minis please ! My godson has one and it is tremendous fun. Oh, and the Land Rover for winter time……..

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  8. Guillaume

    Could it be possible that they were stored there during the time that Franko ruled spain? my aunt had a mustang, one of the first of spain but she had to give it up because it wasn’t a spansih car and Franko wanted to promote spanish industry. so maybe Franko stored al of those cars?

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