Nailhead Donor: 1959 Buick LeSabre

1959 Buick LeSabre

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This big Buick LeSabre sedan is pretty rough and the engine is currently sitting in pieces, but it might be worth buying. I’m not sure it’s worth restoring, although it wouldn’t be impossible to fix it. I think the best use for this one would be as a parts donor. That 364 Nailhead V8 sure would go great in a period hot rod or in another Buick LeSabre. The previous owner pulled the engine apart, so it’s ready for a rebuild. The body actually doesn’t look too bad, but the seller notes that there is a lot of rust in the frame. Take a closer look at this big old Buick here on eBay in Swartz Creek, Michigan with an opening bid of $500. So what would you do with this find?

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  1. Rich

    Love the lines on this car. Looks like those rockers are pretty rough, but I’ve saved worse cars. I know it’s not worth alot but I would save this old girl.

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  2. Woodie Man

    Nice interior

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  3. Bob_s

    Great looking car when it done but may not be worth saving.

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  4. Rick

    Always loved the design of the ’59 Buick, the canted headlites looked so custom (similar to Lincoln and Chryslers of than era) especially in the early ’60s when I was a child, since I was car freak from day one. Anyhow, looks like this one will cost way more to repair than it will ever be worth, even if you did all the work yourself, because if you’re a welder, which you would have to be to fix this, your time as welder is worth $$$. I say sell the motor and part the rest it out, lots of nice pieces for somebody out there

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    • Eric Dashman

      I agree, Rick. I’ve always loved the 59, particularly in the convertible version. In 60 they rounded the lines off, but the 59 had those sharp edges that were cool. We had a 59 Catalina convertible that was gorgeous (first of the ‘wide tracks’). GM’s 59 year was a really great year for Buick, Cadillac, and Pontiac. Even the Chevy’s horizontal wings were interesting. I don’t think that the Olds fared quite as well. Compared to Chrysler’s, Ford’s, Nash, and Studebaker’s offerings, the GMs designs were superior in my opinion, stark changes from their 58 models unlike the others which were more of the same.

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  5. Pete Koehler

    How about making a couch out of the rear trunk/bumper bits? As an art object it might be worth more than the rusty relic from whence it came?

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  6. Dave

    With a fist size hole in the frame, the question is how far back do you have to go to find something solid to weld to ? Judging from the other frame pic it looks like this old Buick spent a long time sitting in a field or some other damp environment. Probably a body off then when you see what you have you would likely be looking for another frame. A lot of work, I really like the look of these old Buicks, but you’d have to really love them to take this on !!

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  7. Alan (Michigan)

    Auction ended….

    Love the styling of this generation Buick.

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