Napco 4WD: 1960 Chevrolet K-10

This one ticks all the boxes for me. We appreciate Ikey Heyman for sharing this tip with us. This is a factory 4WD Chevrolet K-10 Pickup that is for sale here on Craigslist in the San Francisco Bay Area for $13,000. The truck is fitted with its correct 305 cubic inch V6 engine and 4 speed transmission.

A lot of people don’t like the hood on the 1960-1962 Chevrolet Pickups but they have grown on me over the years. Fitted with a massive front bumper and winch, this truck is ready to be driven and used. I don’t if you consider this a survivor or not but it looks like it to me. The new tires and 16″ wheels really give the truck an aggressive stance. The ad states that the truck is fitted with NAPCO running gear.

Many enthusiasts are unfamiliar with the 305 cubic inch V6 engine that was used in four wheel drive GM trucks in the 1960’s. When fitted with a 1 barrel carburetor, the engine produced 150 horsepower and 260 ft lbs of torque. The transmission in this truck likely has a granny gear for a low first gear. The speedometer is not functional and needs a new cable.

The interior looks fairly standard and the seat was recently recovered. The seller has a clear California title but that doesn’t guarantee the truck is rust free. The seller states that their is rust on the passenger side cab corner and door corners. So, would you restore this truck or drive it?


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  1. Howard A Member

    Nah, I don’t think so on the NAPCO. I read, 1960 was the 1st year for all GM running gear. Regardless, it’s a great find. I say this over and over, unless you’ve spent any time in one of these, you’re in for a rude awakening. The V6 was one of the best gas motors made, the “Thunder V12”, not so much. I recognize that shift knob. It’s off a semi with an old Road Ranger 10 speed. Cool find, price? Up to you, I suppose.

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    • ScrooLoose

      I also recognize the blinker knob. “Irwin Tools” I believe.
      Phillips or straight is up in the air. Just funny.
      Good eye on the shift knob.
      Were these full time 4WD? Also what is the red can leading to coolant outlet?

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      • Howard A Member

        These were equipped with hub lockouts. There’s another one, “get out and lock the hubs? Get your mamma to lock the hubs”,,,kidding, but we have gotten soft on just pushing a button for that. The “red can” is a coolant heater.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    This one is a rarity for sure. A local farmer had a ’60 Ford 4×4 and another had a ’61 Chevy. Both were LWB. I never saw a ’60 Chevy 4×4 but I do question the GMC engine. All I ever saw in a ’60 Chevy pickup was a 235 six or a 283 V8. GMC was one size fits all: the 305 V6. Of course there were the Canadian GMCs that were designed to confuse EVERYONE. They had Chevy engines. The guy in our neighborhood with the ’61 Chevy 4×4 ran a 283 in his.

    I would love to have this one at my place. I can never get enough of an Eye-Brow hood. Of course a ’61 would be a lot nicer (to me). Going to give a choppy ride with that short wheelbase but a set of radials should fix that. Drive it, fix it, and drive it some more. And get rid of that screwdriver/turn signal arm…

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  3. AZD

    1960 would have been the first year for factory-built four wheel drive. The move to independent front suspension ont he 2WD chassis effectively eliminated the bolt-on 4X4 conversion. Did they still use the NAPCO axles? I don’t know, but the front axle doesn’t look like the one used on 55-59 trucks.

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  4. Comet

    I love this truck. I remember my father going on and on about the virtues of these GMC V6’s.

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  5. angliagt angliagt Member

    Now that’s a real truck! If I got it,I’d leave it
    as-is,except for putting on smaller wheels/tires.
    Hopefully doesn’t get turned into a trailer queen.

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  6. Dave Richard

    Nice truck. I have a ’60 K10, first year for factory 4WD. It does not have a Napco axle, rather a Spicer, as used then and in succeeding years(til ’66). It does have a similar to-the-Napco Rockwell transfer case.

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  7. sodly

    That engine is not factory to any Chevy pickup. That’s a GMC-only engine.

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  8. Queequeg

    Writers! Please do not use hackneyed phrases such as “ticks all the boxes”. You are better than that.

    Thank you.

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    • Howard A Member

      Doesn’t bother me. By that logic, calling it a “granny low”, instead of a “compound low”, probably grinds your gears too. We don’t have to be that politically correct here, it’s for fun.

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  9. Chris Chandler

    I have a 60 short box 4×4 virtually identical to the one pictured. It originally had the 235 six which I switched out with a small block V8, the 6 was shot. It was my daily driver for nearly twenty years which included several long distance trips. Never missed a beat. Still has original transmission, transfer case (Rockwell Rockcrusher), axles, brakes, etc. Don’t use it much anymore but can’t bear to part with it. It’s a tank and I love it.

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  10. Steveland Member

    I tried to ask this earlier but no luck – isn’t the steering wheel upside down?

  11. CCFisher

    The 1960 Chevy truck brochure lists the 235 six and the 283 V8 as engines for K-series trucks. Not sure where this one picked up a GMC V-6, but it doesn’t appear to be original.

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    • Howard A Member

      Good catch, you know, when writing about the NAPCO, I noticed the V6( and wrote about it) and had to recheck the listing. I wonder if the “new” 4×4 had the V6 as an option. I highly doubt it, as it wasn’t until later that the 2 divisions shared mechanicals. Also not mentioned is the PTO driven cable winch. Very handy,,,

  12. TimM

    I had that motor in a C-60 dump truck!! It was bad a$$ just like this truck!! Love it!!!

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