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NASCAR Special: 1984 Buick Grand National

1984 Buick Grand National

I’ve never really thought the ’80s Buick Grand Nationals were particularly handsome cars. Every time I see one, I first think it’s a little old lady car, mostly because I knew an elderly couple that drove a Regal of this vintage as a child and I guess that image just stuck. But if you get past the looks, which aren’t terrible for the time period, they are actually really great machines! The turbo charged V6 was a masterpiece of performance in a time of restrictive emissions equipment, low grade fuel and low compression engines. In my opinion, it managed to keep the idea of the muscle car alive until technology was advanced enough for V8s to make a comeback. This example isn’t just one of the 2k GNs built in ’84, but also one of 500 offered with the NASCAR Series option! Find it here on eBay in Saint Johns, Florida with a BIN of $12,500 and the option to make an offer.

1984 Buick Grand National Turbo Engine

The 3.8 liter turbo V6 really is a great little engine. Strapping a blow dryer to Buick’s V6 brought horsepower up over 200, but best of all, it brought torque up into the 300 pound range. Add an intercooler and you had a car that could keep up with pre-emission muscle cars all day long! As you can see, this examples engine looks to be in great shape and all original. All that wiring and plumbing could be intimidating for some, but as long as all the electronics are working correctly, it really shouldn’t be much of an issue to work on it. And on the upside, if you know how to use an ohm meter, you can diagnose most issues easily.

1984 Buick Grand National Interior

Overall, this car looks good, but the seller admits it has a few issues. The inside looks great, but there is one tear on the driver’s seat and some of the trim is showing sun fade. There is also rust in the doors that will need to be addressed. Seeing as this is just a Regal, the easiest route will be to just find replacement doors. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to find a clean set already painted black and faded a similar amount. You’d have to find new NASCAR graphics, but you should be able to use the originals as a pattern.

1984 Buick Regal GN

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really come to appreciate these cars! I even grown to like their looks. I’m not too sure about the NASCAR graphics or interior trim pieces. It’s a great reminder of the GN’s racing success, but it really doesn’t add an value to me. I’d be just as happy with a regular GN, but for fans of the Grand National series and Richard Petty, this option might be worth spending some extra money just for the memories! So would you make this GN your daily driver, would you keep it safely tucked away in your garage or would you take it racing?


  1. Avatar photo mike

    Only post 70’s domestic car I have ever pined for is a turbo buick. Would trade my audi urq for a gnx in a second. Something about g bodies I like. Probably the boxy lines? Dunno can’t put a finger on it

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  2. Avatar photo BradL


    Never liked them, never will.

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  3. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    Big master cylinder – ‘ spose they expected them to get thrashed

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  4. Avatar photo Tirefriar

    I really like these cars but the timing hasn’t been right so far. Be very, very careful buying these as they are very deceptive when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. This not your typical commuter six banger. If you are in the market for one, do your research. Start with something like this:

    I would not risk buying a Turbo Regal sight unseen and doing a proper PPi at a specialist will pay back in spades.

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  5. Avatar photo randy

    These cars grew on me, I’d like to have one. I think the price is right as well.

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  6. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    I can’t imagine any 1980’s car worth anywhere near $12,500.

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    • Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

      Ummmm really? Do you mean American made?

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  7. Avatar photo randy

    These are the exception, not the rule. These will be among the very few 80’s cars that retain their value.

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  8. Avatar photo Kevin

    I like it

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  9. Avatar photo Mark S

    I remember well working on these and the turbo T/A’s the 79 model with the Qjet carb next to it. My biggest gripe was the under hood high temperatures, and customers with no patience, I worked in a tune up shop back when there were plenty of these and the T/A’s around and working on these was no picnic, I have my share of burn scars an scrapped knuckles to show for it. This was the Eco booste in its infancy, the one thing that I didn’t get is why There wasn’t more of a push towards super chargers IMHO they would be the better way to go, there probably more expensive to build so weren’t considered. I wouldn’t want this car simply because I’d be the poor sap working on it.

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  10. Avatar photo Jason

    IIRC, the 84s were the last year for the older turbo setup. 85 was the year they went to the MAF SEFI with an intercooler and a dual exhaust. It was the 1986 model that kicked the Vette’s butt.

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    • Avatar photo 87 GN

      Wrong, it was the 86 that went to the intercooler and the 87 that was quicker than the 87 vette.

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    • Avatar photo PAUL

      NICE car BUT there was NEVER nascar buick grand national NEVER .. IN 1984 THEY MADE 2000 buick grand nationals 2000 only .. not inter cooled even in 1985 either until 1986/87. THE CAR IS WORTH 8 grand -10 g AT MOST…

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  11. Avatar photo piper62j

    I like it, but don’t understand the all the hooplah!
    Body style is typical 80’s box car and except for the turbo, just another v6…

    Looks great though..

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  12. Avatar photo Ronniecarlo

    Take that car,put an intercooler on and you have a solid 13 second car.In ’86 the first year for the intercooler,these were the thing to have.The price us a tad high for a non-intercooled car but whatever. I wanted one when I bought my first G-body in ’85(Monte Carlo SS).The only reason I didn’t was because I had just ended an affair with an ’81 turbo recaroT/A NASCAR edition.Anyway does anybody remember how the Typhoon and the Cyclone with the turbo six spanked a ZR1?

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    • Avatar photo randy

      That’s what I wanted, but 25K was too rich for my blood. They were cheaper for just a few minutes. 0-60 4.3 seconds, that was screamin’.

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  13. Avatar photo Ronniecarlo

    By the way, my screen name tells my story. I am in my 33rd Monte Carlo. Not that it matters, but Gbodies have a place here in my garage in rust free central Texas.

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  14. Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle
  15. Avatar photo Hoby

    What is the deal with the luggage rack? Was that an option for the Nascar edition? I have never seen a GN with a luggage rack on it. Or to think about it Any Monte Cutlass or Regal with one on it. It looks very out of place and ugly as sin.

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    • Avatar photo randy

      I thought I had seen them on the GN before, but can not find any others. Maybe an option.

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  16. Avatar photo Ronniecarlo

    Let all morn the loss of another GN.Dallas Craig’s list.. Standard equipment?..another Audi owner creeps out..lol.sorry Randy..lol

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  17. Avatar photo Ronniecarlo

    Let all morn the loss of another GN.Dallas Craig’s list.. Standard equipment?..another Audi owner creeps out..lol.sorry Randy..lol.Monte cutlass?.. a triumph crasher says.. Lol sorry Hoby..lol

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  18. Avatar photo randy

    I think we all need to hit the hay and try again tomorrow morning! I would swear that I had seen other Regals with the luggage rack.

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  19. Avatar photo alfred

    I was always jealous of the grand national when I would pull up next to one in my monte carlo or low horse power iroc z .there are a few beautiful examples on the road down here in Tampa

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    • Avatar photo randy

      I wish you had not reminded me of the IROC-Z. That could have been so much more. The races were a complete let down too.

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  20. Avatar photo James Baurle

    I m a 1960/72 type of car buff. Yes ,most 80,s engines are very underpowered and unreliable. However this engine makes this car,the cyclone and typhoons very special vehicles. Any of the vehicles are worthy of meticulous restoration and art status(yes art status) in my eyes.

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    • Avatar photo randy

      James, I agree 100%. Even on the specified years of preferred cars. with a rare exception now and then. I might not be as meticulous as you though.

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  21. Avatar photo Ronniecarlo

    What are you talking about All red?I still drive Monte Carlo’s…lol

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  22. Avatar photo Keitho

    Obvious from the previous posts that some of this crowd doesn’t really know how rare a Buick GNX really is. The performance is outstanding! I think its undervalued

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    • Avatar photo Ronniecarlo

      You sure are right Kietho,I saw an article in Hemming’s that a low mileage GNX auctioned for around $55,000,That is right fourth five thousand dollars.That GN on here is priced right. Sometimes people can’t get pass the 80s cars ill fitting panels to see even the under powered SS is worth 4 to 5 grand.

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  23. Avatar photo Keitho

    Right on Ronniecarlo. I had a ’73 Vega GT that you could put a fist through the gap between the hood and the fender!
    She Started to burn oil right on cue at 29K. I lived near THE Motion Performsce shop, $450 for a repaired engine and $550 for cast iron sleeved, which is what I went with. That engine ran like s clock while the body literally rusted-away around it. :)

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  24. Avatar photo jeff

    In response to the luggage rack — I don’t remember ever seeing them also ….
    I had a 1985 Buick Regal Limited —- -OVERALL the smoothest driving , most comfortable seating car that I ever owned . Of Course being 6’3″ and 225 — was able to fit me comfortably —- I believe it cost $ 14,500 – 15,000 brand new .:)

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  25. Avatar photo CattooButt Member

    I like these Buicks. Personally I’d take every one I’ve seen advertised if only the numbers in the bank account were agreeable to the asking prices. Alas it is not to be so I’ll pine away and quietly covet those that have these screaming Regals. GSX or GNX letters say it all when it comes to muscle cars. Granted there are others I’d take in a hot second but the Buicks are top spot in my book. Bonus…The GS cars wear my initials.

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  26. Avatar photo John Taggart Member

    the one car I wish I had never sold my 87 GN had every option except auto dim headlight and t tops but did have sunroof fast beautiful deceiving a lot of others out there that put it down only saw the taillights after we left the light LOL Still have my signal red 69 GS 400 rag top with black interior white top and 4 spd all of 76209 miles this year owned since August July of 71 strong possibility it will be
    my casket with my ashes crushed inside LOL

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