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No Reserve: 1969 Ford F-250 Ranger Camper Special

Camper Trucks became more mainstream (no pun intended) in the mid-1950’s and were good options for the outdoorsman type, especially fishermen, who could pull a boat and camp off-road in their slide-in camper without roughing it. They’re still being manufactured some 70 years later and can match RV’s in such creature comforts as refrigerators, stoves, furnaces, ovens, microwaves, bathrooms, showers, and some even have movable exterior walls that slide out for a dinette. Probably the most famous truck camper was owned by author John Steinbeck who wrote a travelogue of his tour around America in a 1960 GMC (along with his dog, Charlie). Steinbeck’s camper truck is actually on display at the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas, California. I’m not sure if any dogs named Charlie ever rode in this 1969 Ford F-250 Ranger Camper Special, or how much of America it has seen, but it appears to be a solid survivor that’s in good shape for a 54-year-old pickup truck. Currently residing in Bellevue, Nebraska, it’s for sale here on eBay at No Reserve. As I’m writing this, the F-250 has generated 20 bids with the highest being $5,100.

The seller is very scant on descriptions and the truck’s history and say’s “it’s definitely a barn find. Original parts,” but doesn’t go into details about those claims. Based on the photos, it looks like a good, solid, old unmolested truck. I’m not sure, but that could be the original two-tone paint (I believe it’s Caribbean Turquoise and Wimbledon White) and it looks presentable. You can spot some surface rust, chips, and other imperfections but nothing major. It has the tool stowage box for the 8-ft. Styleside and the western-type mirrors, and the Ranger-level trim looks good as does the glass, tires, and bumpers. The front grill is nice but the headlight surrounds have a Max Scherzer-effect as one surround is black and the other is a rust brown in color. There were no photos included of the pickup’s bed.

By the late 60’s, pickups were far from the utilitarian vehicles of the previous decade. Ford advertised their Ranger trim level as having “high-styled interiors with woodgrain inserts in the instrument cluster and door panels, bright-metal instrument panel molding, pleated vinyl door trim, and deep-foam seat cushions.” The driver’s seat cushion is definitely showing wear and the black leather wrapped steering wheel over could be masking cracks, but the dash is crack-free and, overall, the interior looks clean and in good shape.

Like the rest of this truck, the engine and engine bay area is clean. The seller lists the mileage as 120,000 and says that the pickup “runs and drives good.” The seller isn’t specific on the engine size, but two V8’s were offered in 1969: a 360 and a 390-cubic inch. The truck also came from the factory with a Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission. So, on the surface, this looks like unmolested pickup that still has more miles and camping adventures ahead of it. Happy bidding!


  1. BigDaddyBonz

    Looks good, but I think the wife would want a camper with more room and lots of amenities. Have to pass on this one, but it looks like someone will get a functional and good looking truck. Btw, lots of Ford trucks in the family over the years and all tough as nails!

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  2. Ashtray

    This is a good looking truck, considering it’s age. I would hope the engine is a 390? The 360 seemed to have more issues?
    I had a 1970 and I remember the clogged oil return holes, gas guzzling etc.
    This truck has a good appearance. It just needs one of those big awkward looking campers that went with it?
    I’m sure someone has been waiting to buy one of these?
    Just my oponion!

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      I don’t know why a 360 would have more problems than a 390. Same basic engine just a different crank shaft, different stroke.

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  3. Dennis Stoeser

    This truck will still be going when your new today 60k dollar new truck that is a computer controlled you can’t fix it is it long dead. So what if it gets 5mpg. Pencil it out; the old F250 is a better buy for sure.

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  4. John

    Guy I worked for in 71 had one of these but it was the yellow/gold color with the white. Nice riding thick on the highway, but we used to joke that it would get stuck on dry ground!

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  5. John


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  6. D.cox

    Followed one of these onto the Borman Expressway on the way home from work one Saturday. Rusted out piece of junk. Shed pieces with every expansion joint. First bump it hit must’ve flexed that “Ford Tough” body. The whole hood flipped over the cab. Landed on the road in front of me at 60mph. Guy never even slowed down.

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  7. D. Cox

    More: early 1979. I know it was a Camper Edition those storage bin doors had apparantly rusted off. They were gone.

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  8. 4spdBernie 4spdBernie

    Great old truck with Ford FE power! Just like my good friend’s rig here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hcnxh0r9Pks

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  9. Gary Beard

    My dad had one just like this, same color and all, except it was a ’71 with 360. He didn’t have a camper but he hauled a lot of heavy loads of hog feed. The truck never failed him. He traded it off when he got too old to raise hogs.

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  10. Ford guy 69

    We had the 2wd 1/2 ton short-bed version for over 30 years, same colors. Miss it every day.

    Colors appear to be Reef Aqua and Wimbledon white.

    Great truck!

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  11. Yblocker

    Another fine example of a great truck, there’s been a lot of them coming out of hiding lately. This one has a 360, the 390s had 390 badging on the lower front fenders. The engine may have had some work done, the blue paint is lighter than original, later model air cleaner too. Very nice truck

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