No Reserve Survivor: 1984 Porsche 928 S 5-Speed

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The front-engine Porsche 928 was meant to replace the aging 911, but thankfully that didn’t happen. Instead, sports car fans got to keep their 911 and were introduced to a new V8-powered Porsche. People didn’t love an appreciate them as much as their rear-engined brethren though so nice ones, like this one found here on eBay, are getting harder to find.

One blip of the throttle on the 4.7 liter V8 and you’ll hear the sound of Porsche magic. This one is backed by a manual five-speed, which should make anyone want to immediately take it to a windy canyon road. The 300 or so horses produced here certainly wouldn’t make it a slouch. The seller claims that this one only has 56,000 miles and it looks like it as well.

So many of the interiors on these cars have grown crusty over the years but this one looks to be in decent shape for its age. I’m not so sure color is the most inviting but that could be easily overlooked just to be running around in such a cool German sports car.

Overall, this one looks to be true to the mileage and appears to have all the factory pieces neatly intact. The paint looks great and makes this car a great candidate for preserving while at the same time enjoying when the weather’s nice. 928’s in rough condition can be had for pretty cheap and really nice examples like this one can really command some money. With a current bid under $6,000, what might this one end up going for?

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  1. Ralph

    Its already at $11,000…..

    Nice car, like the color combo and the benefit of it being and S and a manual makes this a desirable 928.

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  2. mlm

    The 928 the only Porsche that I have actually fell in love with.Sweet looking car

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  3. DolphinMember

    I can remember when Porsche brought the 928 out as the modern replacement for the 911 line.

    But a water cooled, front engined GT car didn’t sit well with The Faithful, who were outraged that the company would dump the air cooled (therefore noisy and forever limited to 2-valve technology), rear engined (therefore tail-heavy) 911 line.

    Altho the various 928 models were good to great performers, depending on the engine/transmission they were fitted with, they just weren’t a proper Porsche.

    So the 928 line was eventually terminated, and Porsche is still making rear-engine sportscars, now water cooled….so not so noisy, and with the trailing throttle oversteer mostly controlled, altho physics being what it is, IIRC that last part was heavily dependent on very wide rear tires. But I digress…..

    I would really like to have a 928, preferably a 928 GT, but that probably won’t happen. Too many cars, so little time.

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  4. Gay Car Nut

    Beautiful looking Porsche. I’ve always found the 928 quite attractive.

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  5. nessy

    I love all 928s but I’ll take this ultra super rare Minerva blue first year 78 928 5 speed Euro car, with the crazy opt art checkered cloth interior. Dusty from long term storage but still the ultimate 928. The 928s are finally starting to climb in value.

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    • Danno

      I believe that interior is known as “Pasha”.

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  6. Bruce

    I have one in Kiln Red sitting in my garage. I would suggest that the new owner plan on replacing all of the seat switches and window switches as even with no use they tend to corrode and stop working. You can fix them but are really a pain. And figure you will need to replace about 10 – 25% of the relays at the same time.

    Be extremely careful about antifreeze solutions and I would suggest you pull the plugs and rotate the engine for a few minutes to get the cylinder walls in shape before trying to start it. This is unless it has had regular starting and operations over the years.

    These are more intimate cars then you might expect from the exterior. They are smaller as well. They look big but that is somewhat of an optical illusion. Most dismiss the back seat but while in grade school and junior high my two daughters sat in the back all the time without problem.

    One of the fun things about owning one now days is almost nobody knows what they are and it is often mistaken for a Ferrari. LOL. This is one of the better colors and one of the less common colors as well. There is a good club and parts sources for almost everything but it is not always cheap. WRONG. It is a Porsche so it is never cheap, but good luck.

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  7. A.J.

    Kinda surprised at the bidding. My indy shop had one on their lot the last time I took the BMW in for an oil change, also a 5 speed, in nice shape. Asking price was $5995. Didn’t last long!

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  8. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    At the bottom of my retirement project list is a Euro 1982 5 speed, above 3 rusty Mustangs, I should probably sell it as well.

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  9. Uncle al

    wow! you can have my unrestored1995 BMW 840CI with 93,000 miles at that price!

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  10. Nate

    Solid 9 out of 10 on the interior? I think not. Leather is worn and scratched. Back of the driver’s seat is scratched. Pad print is worn off the switches on the console. If the seller rates that interior as 9 of 10, I question all of the other ratings on the car.

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  11. TJsBeer

    Caveat Emptor on this one. This seller is notorious among the 928 community.

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  12. exbenzotech

    Had a customer with one of these when I had my shop.
    I think all the repairs we did on it paid for my daughters college.

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  13. BobinBexley Bob in BexleyMember

    Have you seen the price of parts ?

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    • Dick AMember

      I don’t own a Porsche of any kind right now, but always kind of looking. I still have kept in close touch with my former Porsche mechanic and his beautiful Germanized repair shop. I have learned long back to stop even considering a 928 Porsche, by HIS suggestion. The cars cost a fortune for parts and repair. One of the main reasons these 928’s have not kept up with other Porsche’s meteoric price increases.

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    Love these cars…but only the S4s from the end of the line in 1993-94.
    Those sleds had the horsepower and a sleeker more evolved look. Anything before that often found itself with a SBC transplant.(where I lived)

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  15. JohnU

    No S4s in 93-95. They were the GTS model

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      Yep…my bad.

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