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Nomad With No Name: 1955 Chevrolet Nomad

In the desert of New Mexico, a Nomad no longer wanders, but sits tired and waiting for another traveler to come along and take it on its next journey. This fine 1955 Chevy Nomad is simply resting in Bosque Farms, having no mileage listed of its previous travels. If you are looking for a partner to get out on the open road, for $55,000, this is it. Thank you, Michael, for the tip. You can view the listing on Craigslist.

This seasoned traveler moves about using a straight 6 cylinder engine with a 3 on the tree manual transmission. It is claimed that this is a barn find, so there is no true clarification if runs and drives. There is also no indication of whether or not it is all original or if there has been some sort of restoration at some point. In true fashion with age and traveling, there are probably many stories to go with this car.

The clothes of this Nomad show the wear and tear of enduring the open road for long periods of time. The seats look to be a little torn up, but it is incredibly hard to tell based on the pictures. The best view is shown above. The headliner, dash, and other visible interior pieces seem to be in good condition. There might be some floorboard rust, but the previous travel buddy of this car certainly took care of it.

This car is a somewhat of a mystery, certainly living up to its name, traveling about and collecting untold stories, some of which might or might not be known. Certainly, at the asking price that is stated, something must be incredibly worthwhile. One would hope that the seller is not just trying to humiliate this non-sedentary named car. They say they have another 55 two door friend for it to keep it company.


  1. RayT Member

    The seller is asking what I’d consider to be All the Money in the World for this car. I suppose die-hard Nomad fans would disagree, though.

    If it goes for anything near the ask, I’d expect to see it get a total resto and, at a minimum, a 283 under the hood. That’s not what I’d do: restoration, yes, but I’d keep the “six” and probably paint the roof panel white (personal preference, and it could be changed back). Otherwise, no changes.

    Love the looks of the Nomad!

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  2. healeydays

    Ok, I’m a bit confused. I thought the Nomad was only available with the V8. Anyone with a bit more knowledge know for sure?

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    • Will Fox

      No, it wasn’t. All Chevys of `55 were avail. standard with the stovebolt 6. Usually the base, no-frills models had that engine, while Chevy’s new 265 V8 in `55 was all the rage, and ordered 3 to 1 over the inline six. Me? I’d source a 265 V8 to drop in, along with the 2-speed powerglide automatic

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  3. flmikey

    They are asking 65K, not 55K…that’s perfect condition V-8 money….and this car is nowhere near that…

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    • Randy

      I totally agree this car is not worth anywhere near 55k and for sure not 65k! Those people need to watch some auctions! If anybody gives them that much certainly has more money than brains!

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    • Will Fox

      At that price, either a total baffoon with more money than brains will buy it, or this seller will be stuck with it for who-knows how much longer. They need to be realistic and re-price the car. At most, I’d say $22K in this condition. The serious plus on this `55 is, nearly everything you will need is being reproduced today, including the salmon/gray interior items.
      So many Chevy seller price their cars at a ludicrous level simply because it’s a Chevy. I’m sorry but the sun does NOT rise & set on this make.

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      • Mountainwoodie

        There are lots of bufoons out there…..check out any BJ auction…………more money than sense………that said the bronze dash throws me………..I think its bronze. Anybody know if the dash color was special order? My ’56 4 door had a black dash and was canary yellow……

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  4. Bobby

    This car at best 30 thousand. Co-worker sold his with a late model drive train new paint and interior for 35000. This seller is dreaming big.

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    • Will Fox

      This seller has brown eyes for a reason!

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      • Leman

        Yeah, Will Fox, it’s called FOS

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  5. nrg8

    Doesn’t leave me feeling that this is a turn key on a trailer. Should be at that cabbage.

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  6. Shawn Fox Firth

    I worked at a thru-way muffler shop back in ’85 when I was 18 and the owner Brian Sophe had the same color ’55 Nomad and a matching Hard-top , he’d let me take them on liquor store runs for him …

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  7. Rudy

    I am seeing this almost daily, I will guess this guy transports cars for a living. His monthly insurance and gas costs are high and he decided he would start flipping classics! Heck look at all those $100k cars at Barrett Jackson, this nomad that he picked up for $5000 should be worth at least $50k! Hahahaha

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  8. Ian McLennan

    Probably not the original engine. There are what look to be original V-8 badges below the taillights, but there’s a 6-cylinder under the hood.

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    • bob

      Need a look at the radiator core support . I don’t think a 6 will fit behind a V8 support . Has it been changed , modified ,or ?

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    • Camaro guy

      Your right Ian those are V8 emblems under the taillights so someone either blew up the original 265 or possibly yanked it for another project, and had a 6 laying around and dropped it in

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      • 427Turbojet 427Turbojet Member

        Or possibly drilled 4 holes and put V8 emblems on. Got to impress the drive-in crowd you know.

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    • Darrel

      Correct , also both 1/4s are rust interior is rough, apx $25k at most in that condition

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  9. Max

    Crazy Way Overpriced !!!

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  10. mike D

    nice, but not $65K nice I will let those with more knowledge than I to comment on the ” faults” It appears to me that it still needs a lot of work passenger side rust is keynote and I agree with healy, I thought they came only with the 8, I believe it was made for the family guy who wanted something sporty

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  11. Classic Steel

    Okay one million dollars sure sure sure..

    Good luck 🍀 with that ..

    Is the classic tires filled with rare antique air 🤡😜

    This car is going be there for a while trying to sell

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  12. Little_Cars Little Cars Member

    The 2dr parts car they show in the ad is priced at an ADDITIONAL $12k! Surely the mescaline or peyote must be primo in New Mexico. Never seen a Bowtie Stovebolt in a Nomad even at the national meet where all sorts of configurations where shown.

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  13. 71FXSuperGlide

    Love the color, but not the price. Wow.

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  14. Jack Quantrill

    What fools these mortals be! I sold my ‘57 Nomad for $750 in 1967 and thought I made out. 265 2 bbl white over yellow, and factory air.

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  15. skibum2

    Hahahahaha… gotta laugh at this one.. I paid $100.00 for this one from the original owner, yes, I worked in a body shop… took about a year to do this after hours..I will just watch now..advice is free too… Hahahahaha

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  16. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster 55chevy

    Nomads could be bought with a 6 cylinder, those V8 emblems on back were probably added. This is overpriced, but will probably sell to someone with more money than brains. I remember wanting a roller 55 Nomad for $1500 in the late 80s, got a 2dr ht for $250 instead, then sold it when I found a $900 57 Chevy convertible, those were the good old days. 2 years ago did find a 56 Nomad and 55 ht for $4500, got $4200 for the 56 on Ebay, kept the 55.

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  17. Uncle Bob

    The discrepancy between the $55k in the title and $65k in the ad body is probably because he’s run the ad before at the higher price and got bupkus. He’s now doing us all a favor by loping off a huge discount of $10k, but couldn’t work up the energy to edit the body of the ad. This would be what’s known as “chasing the market”………………..however, he’s doing it from his recliner.

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  18. Leman

    My brother-in-law has a 1956 NOMAD in pristine
    showroom condition that cost only
    $27K 5 years ago and it recently appraised for $45K so what is so special about this ratted out 55 NOMAD?

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  19. jw454

    The price on the Nomad is high but, the shocking thing is 12K for the 2 door sedan!!

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  20. Maestro1

    I will simply say to fellow Barn Finders the whole deal is ridiculous.

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  21. Kenneth Carney

    Uh oh! There goes that Barrett-Jackson
    Syndrome again! I want some of that
    crap he’s smokin’. It must be really good
    stuff to make him believe this car will
    fetch that kind of money. There’s some
    fool out there who’ll buy it and later
    regret it.

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  22. Chen Lee

    At $55 Gs this guy has to be sampling the local payote.

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  23. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Already suggested by Little Cars above (last week). And, just a nit, it’s spelled peyote.

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  24. Lawyer George

    I would normally not comment on an old ad, but this Nomad is worth no more than $6500.

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  25. treg forsyth

    Over priced car for sure…parts are getting pricey though, the chrome headlight brows, fender trim and door trim are all close to $1000 a piece, look around you’ll see, if you can find some, and even at that price the chrome won’t be mint, we finally found a half decent headlight brow for $ 800 USD NUTS. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1955-Chevrolet-Chevy-Nomad-Fender-Eyebrow-Left-Side-Rechromed-3717001/332812232410?epid=658233797&hash=item4d7d27a6da:g:bosAAOSwPkJafpjk

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  26. Little_Cars Little Cars Member

    In the 1970s I parted out a 55 Belair that was upside down in the woods near my house. No kidding, I sold one of the headlight brows in decent shape for 5 dollars at a local swap meet.

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  27. Martin

    Everyone’s right the guys on drugs ,I had a 57 nomad 40 years ago ,I saw it 2 yrs ago still in great shape ,Cal. car ,the guys askin ,50 OBO .Can. $ .

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