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Not Just Any “Old Mustang”

Garage find Mach 1

From Chase V – A co-worker of mine from Minnesota mentioned that he had a cousin who was considering selling his “old Mustang”. I asked several questions and my co-worker (not a car guy) only knew that it was an “old Mustang”.  I asked if he could get me some additional information and photos & he said he would do so. Several weeks passed and I received an e-mail with a photo. It was a 1969 Mach 1! I replied with a request for more pix and additional information. After receiving more photos I asked if I could look at the car.


I live in Michigan and was going to be in Minnesota on business soon, so we set up a time to look at the car.  I arrived one evening in the rain, the car was sitting where it has been for the last 14 years. Using my phone flashlight, I gave it a good once over.

351 Windsor

It is a 2 owner car, with 44,000 original miles. It was his first car and he has owned it since 1977. The car has not been started or driven since 2000.  It has the original 351W 2bbl & original 4 speed! The only modifications that I could see were the Hurst shifter (original shifter & linkage were in the trunk), headers (original manifolds in the trunk), AM/FM Cassette player (original AM radio in the trunk) & traction bars.  Everything else appears to be original and complete. The original spare tire and jack are even still in the trunk!

Junk in the trunk

We struck a deal and I picked up the car a week ago and brought it to Michigan over the weekend. With the exception of some rust over both rear wheel wells, the body is in very nice solid condition. The interior is in excellent condition. Any part that was not on the car when I first saw it was included in the deal. It is complete.

Cleaned up

My goals are simple. The carb is out being rebuilt, the gas tank is soon to be dropped and cleaned and all new brake components are on their way.  I intend on getting it fired up and back on the road “as is”… for now.


  1. Mark Lawson

    Excellent find! I hope you post updates as you get it back on the road. Enjoy your new toy!

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  2. Blindmarc

    Nice catch! Hopefully a four barrel intake and carb are in its future.

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    • Chase V

      Blindmarc… I picked up an original 4bbl intake & am contemplating going with the MSD Atomic EFI.

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      • JW

        Chase if you do go with the MSD Atomic EFI post your results as far as ease of installation and how well it performs as I’ve been thinking the same thing for my 351C in my 70 Mach1.

        Thanks, Jimmy

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  3. sir mike

    great find and story..keep us posted and best of luck.

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  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    Excellent find! Hope you have a lot of fun with that. I’d like to see some pictures on your project as it evolves.

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  5. Mike D

    Excellent find! Enjoy it

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  6. Robert R. Member

    Great find. It appears you will be having lots of fun with this project.
    Cheers, Robert

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  7. JW

    Nice barn find and a beautiful color/

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  8. Artist

    LOOKS like a great deal…
    Can you tell us the purchase price??

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    • Chase V

      Artist. It was a very fair deal for each of us. I don’t kiss & tell, but we were both happy with the price. The car is a great driver, but will need paint & a bit of rust repair before it could become a show car.

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  9. Dolphin Member

    Out of a rainy night and a cellphone flashlight comes this Mach 1. Proves that persistence and maybe a little luck with co-workers and their cousins can get the job done. Congrats!

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    • Chase V

      Dolphin… no doubt that persistence & some luck played into this deal. Thanks.

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  10. Mark 'cuda man

    Here’s a picture of my ’69 60k mile Fastback I bought 6 months ago from the 70’s year old owners who bought it new. Only thing not original is the one respray of yellow over the beautiful dark jade green back in 1983. It was put in a warehouse from ’83 till four years ago. I wish it was a Mach I like the one in this story. I’m just a little jealous!!!!!!!

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  11. Livermoron

    Great story/find – but without the price paid its like not reading the last page of a mystery novel.

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  12. RoughDiamond

    Congratulations! Always nice to hear about an average guy being in the right place at the right time and scoring big. Hope the car gives you many years of enjoyment.

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  13. Danger Dan

    69 Rules! Awesome score! Body is sweet

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  14. Tricky

    Lucky Bugger!! Would love to find that in someones garage, or barn! Great score!

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  15. Chase V

    Hi all. I wanted to post an updated photo of the car now that it is in Michigan and back on the road. It was a great find for sure & I have become friends with the previous owner. For those who are curious, here is what we did to it to get it where it is today:
    – Rebuilt carb
    – New engine gaskets
    – New fuel pump
    – Cleaned gas tank & lines
    – Complete new exhaust (headers to tips – Magnaflow)
    – Blacked out the hood (per Marti Report)
    – Moved the Mustang emblem back to its original location on front grille
    – Re-installed front bumper
    – Buffed paint
    – All new brakes
    – Replaced points with Pertronix ignition
    – New spark plugs & wires

    I have put about 500 miles on it thus far & it runs very well. It has no power steering or power brakes, so it is a true driving experience, but it is a blast!

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Thanks for the update Chase! The car looks great!

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    • Mark Lawson

      Looks great Chase! Enjoy it on those wonderful Michigan routes this summer. You’ve got some fantastic drives up there!

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  16. JW

    Looks great Chase and Mark that 69 looks pretty sharp in yellow but I like the Jade Green as well.

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  17. Corvette Dan

    Sounds and looks like a great find!!!

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  18. RickyM

    The car looks excellent – great find ! Enjoy it.

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  19. Cody

    Enjoy That! It looks in very well condition!

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  20. Rocco

    Chase V,
    I’ve had many Mustangs through the years. That is a great find. Those 351W eng. are great. That looks like a “rim blow” steering wheel. I think it’s kinda rare. Since it’s a 4-speed, does it also have staggered shocks in the rear?
    Can’t wait to hear more, as you go, info on this site.

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