Numbers-Matching 409: 1963 Chevy Impala Sport Coupe

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I’m going to refrain from referencing certain lyrics of a certain song from a certain Southern California rock group that sang about cars, surfing, and fun-in-the-sun in the 1960’s. But speaking of California, here’s a fine-looking, numbers-matching 1963 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe that has spent its entire 60 years in the Golden State. It rolled off Chevrolet’s Los Angeles plant (with a 409 under the hood), was purchased new at Lew Williams Chevrolet in Sacramento, and has always been a “Sac Valley” car according to the seller. It’s still in the Sacramento area, Citrus Heights to be exact, and is for sale here on craigslist for $59,500. Kudos again to super-spotter T.J. for sending this impressive Impala our way.

Growing up in a Ford family, I’m more partial to the blue oval, but to be honest, I think Chevrolets of the 1960’s decade had better styling and the ’63 model has always been a favorite of mine. Even at 60 years old, this Impala still looks great from every angle. Not a lot of history is shared about the Impala other than it was “lovingly restored by the previous 36-year owner.” And from what I’m seeing, that previous owner really did love this Impala and it shows in the quality of the restoration. Fifteen color options were available in 1963 and this Impala is wearing Ermine White which I think accentuates the crisp lines of Chevrolet’s new “Jet Smooth” styling. I’ve always dug the pointy “V” shaped front and rear fenders and especially the engine-turned aluminum rear taillight panel (surrounded by a chrome border) that houses the triple taillights. To me, it’s one of the best rear end styling treatments ever to come out of Detroit. Based on the supplied photos, the paint shines, the panels look laser straight, there’s no rust in sight, and the chrome bumpers, trim, badging, and glass all look great. The Impala is currently wearing non-original shoes in the form of new Torque Thrust gray mag wheels and T/A tires.

Talk about blue bowtie heaven, this Impala has been treated to a new blue interior and it is simply stunning. Chevrolet described their Impala interiors as “rich, roomy, and fashionably finished.” Amen to that. I really like how the attractive upholstery pattern is continued onto the door panels. I also like cars of the era with rear seat speaker grilles.

The stylish jet-age instrument panel looks great and this Impala also has a padded dash and a cool-looking mounted tachometer. Oil and water gauges have been added under the dash and the the white knobbed 4-on-the-floor shifter accentuates the luxury/performance image of these gorgeous full-sized Chevys.

There’s no surprise that the engine bay is as clean and tidy as the rest of this immaculate Impala. Although a 230-cubic inch Turbo Thrift six cylinder was standard, the vast majority of Impalas (87%) have a Turbo-Fire V8 under the hood. For 1963, you could choose cubic-inch displacements of 283, 327, or 409. The seller describes the beautiful engine you see in the photo as “a numbers-matching 409 Big Block with dual Carter AFB Carburetors and a Muncie M21 4-speed manual transmission.” The seller also says it runs and drives excellent. To me, the 1963 Impala with a 409 under the hood offered beauty and brawn in one stylish package. And I’d bet that 60 years from now it’s still going to look great from any angle.

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  1. Gypsy

    Make it a Low Rider

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    • Lori

      Don’t forget the hydraulics and a hula girl bobblehead.

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    • Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember


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    • Greg GustafsonMember

      Add dingle balls and a fuzzy mirror muff to complete the package.

      Like 3
    • tom h

      In high school (1976, yes Im old) I had the same model and these rims. Alas, only a 283 and 3 on the tree. The lowriders would let all the air out my my Highjackers and tell me it was much better now! Still think they had one of the nicest dashboards ever.

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    • Mark396


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    • Macario T

      Hell yeah! I’m building my 63 SS 409 as a Lowrider, 3 wheel and all

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  2. Tim

    “I also like cars of the era with rear seat speaker grilles.” I don’t think those were ever speaker grills. Strictly decor.

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    • Big Bear 🇺🇸

      This is a fine ride. The rims are great on this. I would say the price is a tad high but look what you get. This is a great cruising machine. I would love to put electronic dumps on the exhaust and have this 409 scream. Beach Boys music And of course the fuzzy dice!! 😂🐻🇺🇸

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    • John

      Yes, they were the cover for the optional rear speaker, if so equipped, for several years in the 60’s

      Like 7
      • Tim

        Not so sure, John, with all due respect. For a rear speaker option, they’d punch a pre-cut hole out of the parcel shelf. Mount the speaker. Maybe finish it off with a grill.

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      • Thomas W Chisler

        I’ve got a 63 SS convertible and I can assure you that the backseat center speaker is fully functional..

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    • Jeff F.

      I owned a 1963 Impala in high school. There was a speaker in the backseat. They were not “ornamental”

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      • Tim

        Well then I stand down, John and Jeff. Speaker it is. 👍

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    • Maggy

      Yes they are 100%.They stopped using them in 68 on b bodies. Take one out .There is a speaker behind it whether Caprice or Impala.I’ve had over a dozen 65thru 67 chevy b bodys.Wagons with the rear speaker option have them in the back cargo area.Those are kinda rare.

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    • Lloyd house

      No, my 62 Impala Convertible had this speaker and it was functional.

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    • Chuck Dickinson

      I guess you must be young and never owned a GM 2dr ht or convert from the late 50s-late 60s. THAT IS INDEED the rear speaker (if it has one) behind that grille. Chevy, Pont, etc., it didn’t matter. That was NOT simply decoration.

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      • Cdice

        My mother’s 65 Catalina had the speaker grille in back seat but no speaker. I looked.

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    • Bill

      They were speaker grills

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    • Doug

      Hi Tim,

      You have a point:

      Most of the early 60’s 2 door Impala’s were not equipped with a speaker behind the grill centered in the rear seat. This option requires a fader switch on the mono am radio with a rare wiring harness, in addition to a 10 ohm rear speaker.Installation of this option-has been one of my challenges during restoration of a 1963 Impala ss. However, even greater challenges are repairs of the rare tilt steering column and the factory 4 seasons air conditioning system.

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  3. Michael Weise

    “She’s real fine, my 409…”
    I personally like the ’62 body style better, but this one would work.

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  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Where the heck are all these 63 409’s coming from? In my early teens I had a chance to ride in one and it planted you into the seat.
    This one looks good from what I can see but outside of my price range.

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  5. Cisco

    I think this car is perfect I wouldn’t change a thing, I’m sure it would be a blast to drive and the price is right on, of course I would try to get it a little cheaper, awesome car!

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  6. Camaro Joe

    I have a 63 Impala that was 100% original, never touched, when I got in in 1991. It has the rear seat speaker in the grill, not in the parcel shelf.

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    • Steve

      Pontiac did the same thing ,I remember my uncle had a 1963 Gran Prix and that’s where its rear speaker was.

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  7. Maggy

    My dad lived in Citrus heights on Sandalwood Drive.It’s right next to Rancho Cordova where all the industrial and wrecking yards were.There were some cool junkyards there.This is a really cool beautiful car.I think it’s worth it for sure if it looks like what it is especially being the 425 hp 409 and a #’s car.glwts.

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  8. Cobraboy

    Holy smokes! What a sled? I expected the price to be much higher!

    She’s real fine, that 409! That 4…0…9…

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  9. Homer

    I would pull my ball cap down real low and nobody would know it was a bald headed old man driving!!

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  10. ACZ

    Absolutely beautiful!!

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  11. Scott L.

    Looks bad-ass with those Torq Thrust wheels.

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  12. Terry Shanahan

    409’s are Turbo Jet not Turbo Fire.

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  13. bigbird

    This one fine car. The price is right in there. The prices go up from here if you add the options, SS, 409/425 HP(4-speed only) motor, and a convertible. There are some other options that would bump it some more, rear end P-case posi and maybe some power options like p/windows.
    You will not lose $ on this car….if it stays at 59K.

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  14. Gary L Albright

    409, bench seat, 4 speed with the built in factory tac and a set of gauges under the dash with Torq thrust wheels this near perfection. Mine in 1969 was red with black interior that would be perfect.

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  15. Chuck Dickinson

    No one noticed that the interior is totally incorrect for a 2 dr ht. Chevy did not offer an all-vinyl interior except in SSs, wagons and converts. EVERY other Impala, including this one, came ONLY w/a cloth & vinyl combination. This interior emulates that of a convert.

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  16. Mike Wren

    Worth every penny.

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  17. Stu Neilson

    Had a 63 Belaire. Not so fine. 4 dr. 6 cyl. The AM radio played thru a speaker in the dash, speaker blared thru slots in the dash that conveniently held dimes (ya, 10 cent coins – remember them?) perfectly.
    Want a ride?
    Put a dime in the slot! Gas was 29 cents a gallon. Those were the days.
    Clock? Nope. That was extra. Had ta wait for the DJ to announce the time.

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  18. R J

    Yes, my ’66 marina Blue Super Sport had a functional speaker between the back seats…of course it also had three sets of amplified Craig Power Play speakers with the matching 8 track player! Boston, Kansas, Bachman-Turner, Rush, etc… what fun!

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  19. Bob Zinger

    I had a 1960 Impala with the rear seat speaker and grille. The speaker was in the rear seat facing the front of car.

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  20. 59Poncho

    I still have some Lew Williams lic. plate frames on my 69Z
    That is cars look is perfect, one body style i’ve never owned……….

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