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1971 Shala Vette Revisited

1971 Shala Vette

Back in June I featured this odd Shala Vette here that was part of the Lemay collection. At that time it was sitting in a field and was being offered without much information or many photos. The new owner has done more research on the car and even contacted the creator Dick Dean’s son for more information. It doesn’t appear that any work has been done to it, but additional information and detailed photos is always a plus. The current owner has decided to move it along to someone who will get it running and driving, so if that person is you, you can find this custom here on eBay in Thurman, Ohio with a $5,800 BIN.

1971 Shala Vette Engine

While it is amazing to have more information, both about this car and about how Dean came up with the Shala Vette, I’m not sure the added information justifies the $2,200 price increase over what the seller paid for it. I they did have to have it transported from California to Ohio though and I’m sure that wasn’t cheap. It seems the VW engine is seized, so I’m guessing that’s why this seller decided to put it back on the market instead of making it a driver, but at least they are being honest about it! It is amazing to know the story behind it, according to Keith Dean, this is a one off creation with working doors and the Aero Roof. Apparently, Keith’s mother proposed that it needed doors that allowed a lady to get in and out with grace, so this was the design that Dean came up with!

1971 Shala Vette Interior

Having worked on Jesse’s VW, I’m not sure why the seller hasn’t already replaced the engine. Removing it and installing a new engine really shouldn’t be much of an issue and the whole swap could be done in a day. You might even be able to rebuild this engine, or at the very least use the performance parts off of it to properly upgrade a new engine! I think it would be a blast to have this custom creation, although it is going to take a fair amount of work to get back on the road. It really does deserve to be saved though and its next owner will have something really unique to be proud of! If you’ve always been curious about the story behind the Shala Vette, I would highly recommend reading the information that the seller got from Dean’s son. So, do you think the information and photos are worth the price increase?


  1. Avatar photo GeeBee

    You could own a decent, running Corvette for less than you’d have in this glorified Beetle.

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  2. Avatar photo A.J.

    I’m sure it has the build quality of a tuna can and loses some of its luster when the engine is started but otherwise it is cooler than the cookie cutter vettes you can get for 6k.

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  3. Avatar photo MountainMan

    I may be the only one who likes it but I do like this. Anything one off is at least interesting and this appears to have been put together pretty well. The design looks cool and with almost cartoonish lines it just brings a smile. Air cooled Vdubs are easy to work on and can make plenty of power when done right. Although the seller has tacked on a couple grand it still is cheaper than many other vehicles that we see for sale and is in decent condition overall. Too bad it’s been hauled farther away from me , kinda wish I would’ve taken a closer look when it was featured before

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  4. Avatar photo randy

    Put a 911 engine up under it and have a blast. You are not going to lose any money on this one if you drive it for a few years.

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  5. Avatar photo Ron

    One thing that confuses me is that it is a 71 but was worked on in late 60s ???

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  6. Avatar photo Mark S

    I lIke the body styling, I think it looks like a Tonka toy. The thing to do with this is to fit a flat 6 cylinder engine with twin carbs and transaxle from a Corvair ( Monza spider ) Under the hood. I’ll bet it would eat up the road pretty good. And you’d have fun doing it. It would even be a fun project to work on.

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  7. Avatar photo Kevin

    i think it looks neat

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  8. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    Corvair Spyder har 1 carb and a turbocharger.

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    • Avatar photo Mark S

      Thanks for the correction learned something today

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  9. Avatar photo Rick

    Being a kit guy for years, this is one of those oddballs you’d only purchase for the provenance.. and even then it’s only ‘worth it’ to the enthusiasts of the breed. These kits always looked odd to me with the huge rear overhang. It’s a tiny car – adding a roof and doors guarantees twisted vertebrae getting in and out of the seat. Six cylinders are a poor idea – too large and too much weight in the back. rebuild the engine with the already installed speed goodies and you’d have a fairly quick little car.

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  10. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    Am I having a flashback or is that a persons hand trying to claw its way out of the tach? I hope it is not Mr. Dean.

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  11. Avatar photo randy

    This seller also has the old Camaro that was listed here for sale on ebay.

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  12. Avatar photo Blindmarc

    Can’t believe it didn’t sell, again! Wish I had the money. A Subaru wrx flat 6 would make this thing fly.

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    • Avatar photo randy

      And pull great wheelies!!

      I bet this “flipper” is flippin’ out!!

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  13. Avatar photo Blindmarc

    Me too Randy!

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