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Oklahoma Field of Dreams

1974 MGC GT

I recently wrote a story about the large number of classic cars that seem to be hiding in the state of Oklahoma. Well Jim S has sent in even more evidence to support the claims that it is home to a treasure trove of classics in need of saving. Jim sent me a link to an MGC GT, which can be found here on eBay, with the suggestion that I look at the seller’s other auctions and the background of their photos. I’m not sure if the seller ran a salvage yard or if this is their own personal collection, but one thing is for sure, they have a lot of interesting cars in need of saving!

Mercedes 280 Coupe

If I had to guess the story behind these cars, I would assume the owner ran a wrecking business and picked up most of these cars when they were abandoned, broke down, or wrecked. Their conditions and the lack of information and titles would support that theory. Hopefully some of the more complete cars still have their titles. To see the seller’s other listings, view the rest of them here on eBay.

Jensen Interceptor

Whatever the story is behind this collection it is clear that the owner had a preference for European cars. The vast majority of the cars are British, although there are plenty of German, Italian, Asian, and American cars in the mix. When I picture classic cars in the Heartland of America, a field full of foreign cars is certainly the last thing that would come to mind.

Alfa Romeo GTV

The more I study these pictures the more rare cars I spot, it’s almost like I’m looking at my childhood favorite Where’s Waldo, except there are hundreds of Waldos and they are all hiding in a field of Waldos. I’m not sure how many of these cars will ever see the road again, but I see at least a few that are definitely worth saving and plenty that would make for great parts cars. I will be sure to keep an eye on this seller and if they list more cars I’ll make sure to update the post! It seems Oklahoma is shaping up to be the place to go to find a project car. So what rare or interesting cars can you spot hiding in the backgrounds of these photos?


  1. Avatar photo Rancho Bella

    Who the heck leaves these furrin’ beauties in the weather, they are probably rotted………..gawd……….where’s my S+W 686

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    • Avatar photo Rustowner

      I’d hedge a bet that they weren’t too nice when they got there. When you have alot of cars, it gets hard to keep track of them after a while, especially the ones that are intended for parts and/or are rough when they come in. BTW, shooting junkyard owners, car “horders” and/or salvage folk is illegal in many states, FYI.

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      • Avatar photo Rancho Bella

        What really amazes me, as Viking and DRV point out……….a 356, Landcrusier and the up and coming P1800. I don’t know if that is an Alfa GTA, GTC or what?
        Like all animals……..I also want to save these visitors to our shores…..or is it, between our shores.

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  2. Avatar photo VIKING

    We have a Volvo p1800 to the left , behind the MGC.

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  3. Avatar photo DRV

    The FJ , 1800, and 356 look like a start…

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  4. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    For me there’s too much work to be done on this ‘C’ to make it right. I’d rather pay up and get a better car at the start. Something about a dirty, nasty interior and underhood that makes a car seem real bad. That, and hints of hidden rust. At least the seller started the auction off right with a low open bid and no reserve. Let the market decide what it’s worth.

    These aren’t that scarce and they come up for sale pretty regularly. A while back I had to pass up a good deal on a big lot of three MGCs, two of them driver roadsters that ran well, plus a giant pile of new & used parts. I was hauling a car home at the time and just didn’t have the time or energy to look at them on the way home.

    Besides, there were too many of them. Like I said, they aren’t that scarce.

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  5. Avatar photo Scott Allison

    OK is a great place to find projects!
    My daughter and I found a 49 F-3 pickup north of Ada OK on craigslist for $800.00. The truck was only missing the ashtray. I searched Texas for months and found junk starting around $2500.00 and up. On our way to get the truck, I saw plenty of project cars and trucks sitting in fields just waiting for someone to come and rescue them.

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  6. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    I recently passed on a ’62 T-Bird like the one this guy’s got. It was rust-free, extra nice underneath, ran well, and had decent paint, for around $5000. This bird is a parts car at best, worth maybe $500.

    Same goes for the 1800, unless some how it’s not rusted in all the usual places. And the MGC looks really shaggy too…probably 20K to put that car back on the road. Pass again on all of these wrecks.

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  7. Avatar photo AbarthBill

    eBay listing has one ‘Feedback’ for the seller – Negative – “Scammer”

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  8. Avatar photo james

    WHAT…….I cant belive no one spotted the Datsun 240z

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  9. Avatar photo Chuck F (55chevy)

    The 356 is the money car. I see a 60s Jag Type S also.

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  10. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    The maximum did was $1500, then the auction was stopped, with this message appearing:

    “This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing”

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      I’m guess a deal was made offline, but who knows?

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