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On The Hunt For This Charger

1969 Dodge Charger RT

Reader Michael C needs our help! Back in the ’70s, Michael’s dad owned this 1969 Charger R/T. This copper brown Mopar was a part of the family until his dad sold it in the ’80s. Sadly, his father passed away a few years back. To this day, the car holds a special place in his family’s memories. He has been trying to hunt the car down, but all he has to go off are a few old photos. The one photo holds his only hope of finding the car, the license plate number. The car was licensed in Wisconsin and with any luck it stayed in state. He is hoping you guys can give him some advice on how to track down his dad’s car. We know it’s a long shot, but we would love to see him and his family reunited with this Charger. If any of you recognize the car or have advice on the process of tracking it down, please share!

Charger RT

Michael is hoping he can look up the license plate number and find the car’s VIN and possibly even previous owners. I’m not sure if the Wisconsin DMV keeps records going that far back or if they would be willing to give out any of that information. Does anyone here know how far back DMV records tend to go or if they would give him any information? I wonder if he could track down the insurance company that insured it for his father and if they would have records on it? It seems like they would be more likely to give out the car’s VIN number. So what route would you recommend he take to find his dad’s old Charger?


  1. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    I wish Michael the best of luck, I don’t believe Wisconsin has any motor vehicle records back that far. A few years back, I wanted to see if I could find all the vehicles I registered over the years, and came up blank. Without a VIN # it’s going to be tough. Chargers like this are hot now, and who knows, it could have been made into a Dukes of Hazzard car by now. ( or more likely, coming from Wis., is long rusted and gone) Perhaps Galen Govier can help. I think he knows where every Mopar in the world is. http://galengovier.com/

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    • Avatar photo kevin

      I don’t think galen knows where all mopars are I know where there is a 71 challenger rt plum crazy purple 340 4 speed white interior white top and white strip is . the little old lady had after high school she still not sold it

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  2. Avatar photo Toast54

    Perhaps he’s funding a fast-food franchise?

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  3. Avatar photo Jeff Staff

    Find a Mopar message board / web forum. Post up any and all details, along with location. You’d be surprised how some enthusiasts know every car within a 50 mile radius…

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    • Avatar photo Rspcharger

      Agreed, try dodgecharger.com and the Dodge Charger Registry on Facebook.

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  4. Avatar photo John S

    There was one that color on graveyard cars recently. All the best.

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  5. Avatar photo Frankie Paige

    I’m sure your dad insured it, call the insurance company and get the vin that way, then contact Galen govier and check with b body clubs and websites.

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    • Avatar photo isaiah stokes

      hey i just saw a copper colored one on facebook just like the one yor talking about but i dont see the plate number which means i can try to talk to the guy and see what he has to say because of the different state he would have to have a differnt plate

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  6. Avatar photo Frankie Paige

    There’ s one on eBay right now.

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  7. Avatar photo Steve

    There are many good Mopar groups on Facebok, I’d start there. But to be honest it will be very tough without a VIN unless it was a Hemi or 440+6 car. Insurance records are a good idea, perhaps bank lien records also. But that was a long time ago- and given the extreme popularity of these now, as well as their propensity for rust and redneck wrenchin’ back in the day, will be long odds

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  8. Avatar photo Chad O.

    http://www.wisconsin dot.gov form MV2896. Download of the website and send it in..could be very helpful. A lot of the old records were archived.

    I called them and they were very helpful.

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