One Big Project: 1950 Chevrolet 3600

I recently got a call from my Dad asking me if I knew much about 1950 Chevrolet 3600 3/4 ton trucks. I had to admit that all I really knew about them was that they were powered by a big inline six, featured Chevy’s Advance-Design and that they were extremely well built. I also admitted that I was a little curious to know why he was asking and that’s when he admitted that he had just found and purchased a project truck and it just happened to be one of these big old rigs. He picked this project up for just $200 which included the complete front clip and two complete engines!

While we live 12 hours from him, he plans on keeping us posted as he works on putting his truck back together. He has some big plans for it, including an engine swap. For the past 10 or so years he has been looking for something to put the Chevy 350 V8 that’s been taking up space in his garage into. It’s a crate engine that he had me and a friend install for him in a rusty old work truck, but when the truck was replaced just a few short months later by a brand new truck, he had the engine pulled back out and the truck scrapped. So it would seem he’s finally found something to put the engine in!

He’s going to go over the frame and treat any surface rust, the suspension and brakes are going to be rebuilt and install the V8 with a newer transmission. After that work is done he is planning on finding a new bed and having it and the cab repainted in a factory color, but possibly with a light metallic flake added. Jesse and I have been trying to convenience him to let us come and attempt to polish the original paint first to see if it would clean up, but at this point getting it put back together is probably of greater concern.

He’s incredibly excited about his new project and he is excited about sharing it with us and all of you! Whatever he decides to do with it, we will be cheering him on along the way and there are already plans underway to make the long journey to Wyoming to help him work on it! Also, after buying the truck, the previous owner showed him another car he is wanting to get rid of. In his excitement about his new project, my dad wasn’t paying very close attention and only remembers the insane asking price of $30,000! I can’t tell for sure, but it looks to be a 1940 Plymouth Coupe and while they are great looking cars, there’s no way this project is worth that kind of money. Are there any ’40s Mopar experts out there that can say exactly what year and model it is?

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  1. Ron

    Nice! I wish I could find something like that nearby.

  2. Stephen

    Awesome! Help Dad out all you can! Do a resto-. , looks original on the outside and updated on the running side.

  3. Chuck Cobb

    Have him check out Chassis Engineering in West Branch, Iowa for chassis components. Replacement bed available online too.

  4. healeydays

    Since it’s your Dad, we expect continuous updates as it comes back to life.

  5. Don H

    I tried telling them danged hipsters that the little house craze ant nothing new ,we used to call them sheds ­čŹ║

  6. David Frank David Frank Member

    It will be great to see updates as the project moves along. It’s going to add a new dimension to barnfinds to see a find go from barn to hi-way.

  7. Bob

    He was lucky to get that much truck for $200. Even though there is a lot of work ahead, it helps when most of the vehicle is intact. Swapping a 350 into the truck will work well, but because of the 4.57:1 gears in the rearend, he will need to use an overdrive transmission like a 700r4 to get reasonable driveability.
    I wish him well on the project.
    On the Plymouth or Dodge coupe, I can’t see that being worth what the owner is asking. Something like that will normally go for between $2500 and $5000 depending on condition.

  8. ben dobreuenaski

    do a rear end change too or he will need a bigger gas tank.

  9. packrat

    That truck is the style and original color of my dad’s ’51 that I wish I had. As for that 30,000.00 Plymouth, that picture might make for good wallpaper, but that price only works out if he’d take that 30k in Mexican Pesos.

  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    I wish him luck on the project. While that wouldn’t be the route I would take I still applaud the efforts taken by individuals to build/restore their projects their way. Like others have said, I’d love to see photos of the work in progress.

  11. Greg Mason

    Great project. I wish him luck on his truck. I had alot of fun helping my dad restore his 54 chevy pickup back in 1968. I wish i lived closer to your dad I’d go over and help him just for the fun and memories.

  12. Tyler

    There has been a real resurgence in the building of these AD series trucks thanks to the plethora of swap kits for use with a S10 frame.

    A friend had a 51 on a S10 frame that was his daily driver for a couple of years. He used a 5.7 tbi engine & 700r4 from a 90 Suburban along with the S10 tilt column & Vintage Air. He sold it to a man that chased him down & made him an offer for it he couldn’t refuse.

    Keep us updated on the progress!

  13. Kiwi Glen

    CB radio down low due to not having a hands free kit. Don’t want to get a ticket / citation from the five o / fuzz / police

  14. Mountainwoodie

    That’s the kind of Dad to have! Good luck! Get to work!

  15. ruxvette

    I had a friend with a ’48 on a ’57 Chev wagon frame. Course this was back in the early ’70’s…
    Find a modern frame with the correct measurements and go for it.

  16. Tommy

    Beaker Breaker 19…..

  17. BMW4RunninTundra

    Considering the size staff you guys now have. Considering the amount of projects that all totaled, your team has. I would think that you guys could add a new “section” weekly (?) bi weekly (?) monthly (?) that would gives us updates on each and all the “work in progress” projects?! I think there are like, a BMW, Subaru, old style Toyota van, and more that I know I’m forgetting, that I/we wonder what’s going on with them?!
    As for this one, I am definitely stoked to watch the progression!!!! It looks like a train wreck right now!! My favorite, to watch, “resto”!!!!!

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