One Dusty Pony: 1965 Mustang Fastback

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

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This is one dusty Mustang, with plenty of cobwebs to boot! It appears that someone started restoring it years ago, but never finished. There was rust in floors, so the interior was removed but repairs were never completed. Rust repair is always a major task, but the Mustang is one of the easiest classics to repair from a parts availability standpoint, with every panel being reproduced. Fixing this one up will be a big task, but V8 Fastbacks are in demand and this one deserves to be saved! If you are up for the challenge, you can find this Mustang here on eBay in West Creek, New Jersey with a current bid of $4,550.

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  1. racer99

    Seems honestly presented and in decent shape so it looks like a solid starting spot for a restoration or something you could drive while fixing it up (gotta do the driver’s floor first). Looks like it might be an original rally-pac car and the front disc brakes and 4 speed will make this go and stop pretty well (although the brake package looks like it might be an update). I thought the gold colored motors were only in 1964-1/2 cars. Won’t go cheap.

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    • Rocco

      Gold motors through ’65. ’66 started blue motors.
      Somebody added the power brake unit, if it has disc brakes.

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  2. piper62j

    Great find. This one will be worth some $$ when finished.. It has all the great Mustang rot areas and easily repaired. The serious restorer will need to get down and dirty on this one and it’s a fun car to drive.
    If memory serves me (sometimes it doesn’t) the bronze painted engines lasted partway into 1966, when they were finished in Ford blue..

    What’s with the picture of the fan???

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    • JW454

      If you look very closely at the fan picture, you’ll see the feature car sitting behind it in a very dusty garage. The picture is taken a bit sideways. I think it’s the “As Found” picture. It’s sitting under a 4 post lift with a 1957 Chevrolet Belair on top.

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  3. Mark H

    I just posted that picture at the Facebook site – noticed behind the fan that on the rack above the Mustang is a ’57 Chev – maybe a good project car for a Gasser?

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  4. Glen

    Some pictures of it cleaned-up a bit would be nice.

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    • racer99

      Agreed but at least this one has a pretty thorough set of engine and underside pics so you know what you’re getting.

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      • Rocco

        The VIN# indicates a 289 2V carb, and the air cleaner just say’s 289 instead of 289 with 4V Premium Fuel printed under it. I’ve seen several just like this, with the BW T-10 4-speed instead of the more desirable Ford Toploader 4-speed. Weaker trans for less HP. Just something to think about if you’re an interested buyer. Someone added the power booster and GM single master cylinder(?).

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  5. JW

    Very desirable car, worth restoring and I’ve seen worse restored to showroom condition. Just takes skill / patients / $$$.

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  6. phishbum

    I dig the Cougar styled steel wheels on it. This will be very sharp once restored.

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  7. DolphinMember

    Already up to $7,300 after just a few hours.

    I’m guessing this car will sell for more than it should compared to a decent driver that doesn’t need restoring because it looks like a real garage find, these are appreciating while a lot of expensive ’60s collector cars have already peaked, and these look better than a lot of the other cars anyway.

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  8. Doc

    Wow! not to bad for east coast

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  9. Blindmarc

    A 5 Twinkie fastback,My favorite ford beside the 63 Galaxy .

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  10. G.P.Member

    I lived in a small town of 375 population for over 40 years. I go in and out sometimes 4 times a day. Well on Sunday 7/24/16 I saw the door open on a pole barn shed for the first time ever. Inside I saw boxes, air compressors, mowers, all kinds of things. In the middle, side by side, I seen three 1970 Mustang fastbacks!! One red, one gold/bronze, one blue. All I saw was the back side, don’t know anything else.

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    • gregg

      what does this mean?

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      • G.P.Member

        I am so surprised that I have been to my post office a thousand times and 100 feet away are 3 fastbacks I never new about. I did find out who owns the building. Now I need to find out what he drinks..ha ha

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  11. piper62j

    Stay on it GP… Keep us in the loop if you find out anything.. :)

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  12. stillrunners

    Phishbum is correct – don’t be fooled by those red centers……sold my 65 2+2 with factory paint with much better body – a driver – about 2003 with a factory stock 1969 351/290hp Winsor hooked up to the stock three speed it came with….included in the sell was a Granda disk brake set up…top loader 4 speed and a 8″ posi……$9500 was what I got….it had been stolen twice and it funded what I really wanted….

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