One Family Owner: 1973 Ford Bronco Ranger

When it comes to first-generation Ford Broncos, this site has seemingly seen it all: total rot-buckets that somehow still get bought and restored, to pristine examples that sail into the six-figures. But there’s one constant, which is that well-equipped survivors that haven’t been restored and aren’t completely rotten will always drive a strong price. This 1973 model is a long-time one-family owned example that’s equipped with the Ranger package and has never been restored, nor does it have any significant rust. Find it here on eBay with bidding over $25,000 and the reserve unmet.

Despite there being a steady supply of vintage Broncos for sale at any given time, finding examples like this with original, uncut fenders and floors that are still largely in one piece truly is a significant find. Like any vintage vehicle that’s difficult to find in good condition, the Bronco was a workhorse, with many owners using it as a brute farm implement or for plowing local parking lots. No matter the intended use, these vintage SUVs were rarely used gently – but the one family owner of this truck clearly didn’t use it as a beater, as even all these years later, it’s just a gently used truck, and the seller believes the paint is original.

While the interior is in tatters, the honesty also gives you some comfort that this truck is exactly as advertised. The Bronco is loaded up with power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning. The floors are largely intact, but lifting up the carpeting on the passenger side floor will reveal a small soft spot of metal. The seller also mentions that the Bronco has “….the typical engine bay soft spots on each side,” but that he otherwise could not find any rot or holes. Minor cosmetics were recently replaced, including the carpeting and armrests. The Bronco is a mixed bag in terms of the work done, as you typically don’t see piecemeal improvements like those of a vehicle that hasn’t been completely restored.

But really, it doesn’t matter. This is a survivor truck through and through, and it even comes with the added bonus of being a runner. Not only that, it runs well with no signs of overheating and maintains good oil pressure. The seller has done the requisite servicing, which includes changing fluids, belts, and hoses, and new tires have been installed as well. The paint is obviously quite tired in places, but that worn-in look is still all the rage. Original details like the factory floor jack and engine bay stickers are still accounted for, and combined with the supposed factory paint, it’s of little surprise so many buyers are vying for the chance to own this unrestored Bronco.


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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Jeff has done his usual good job of placing this Bronco in context. A survivor ready for restoration, which would include a bit of rust repair, but nothing like the rust buckets we often see. Or maybe just putter around with it, fixing this and that along the way. Check out the ebay ad; kudos to the seller for hundreds of high-quality photos.

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  2. Todd Zuercher

    I like this one a lot more than most I see from a rust perspective. Not a lot to fix.

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  3. Mutt

    Put me in the drive it and fix as needed camp, this is awesome. Somebody with more money than brains is probably gonna bid really high, win it, then take it right over to ICON and wait 3 years for their complete high dollar resto. What a gorgeous, honest truck.

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  4. Luke Fitzgerald

    30 large and going north – I just don’t see it

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  5. ERIK

    As an owner of a bone stock ’69 Bronco it would be a shame to see this one not return to its stock glory via a mild restoration. If the buyer wants some beefed-up Bronco then go find a roached out one and start from there or wait until the all-new Bronco comes out and spend the money on that. It’s only stock once and stock never goes out of style.

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  6. chrlsful

    already w/some mods, I’d remove some and add others but one of the better ‘bases” to start with. These w/the ranger paint scheme seem to B getting the better prices (esp in grn).
    Keep it when done? If I sold mine I could never afford another
    8^ 0

  7. cmarv

    Listing canceled and re-listed @ 55K BIN . $80K for a nice resto . doesn’t sound quite as bad .

  8. Mark

    Give it a year when the economy tanks then prices of these and other luxury toys will fall like a rock.I’m guessing the seller is treating this lock stocks,buy low then sell high.

  9. TimM

    I have two Broncos and I’m thinking maybe it’s time to cash in!! It just seems crazy to me to pay these prices for a truck that the owner talks about soft spots in the metal and in need of restoration!! After all unless your like most of the guys here that do their own work it would be an easy 10K on top of the purchase price to weld in floors and remove the motor/transmission to do the firewall work!! Then there’s paint!!

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  10. t-bone BOB

    Ended: May 07, 2021 , 11:42AM
    Current bid:US $30,101.00
    [ 65 bids ]
    Reserve not met
    Item location:McKinney, Texas

    • Mark

      What, no one wanted to bid more than 30K for this? What’s wrong with you people? C’mon man!

  11. J Maxwell

    He wants 55k for it now hhahaha, well damn!

  12. t-bone bob

    Item has been relisted with a Buy It Now price of $55,000

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