One Of A Kind Z: V8 Powered Sports Car

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Is it a Corvette, is it a 260Z or is it a Dodge Viper? Your guess is as good as mine but it is unique. This custom-built sports car is located in San Diego, California, and is being sold by the original owner. The car is listed for sale here on craigslist for $35,000. The ad was posted 3 days ago and says that it is built around a 1974 Datsun 260Z body. However, this car has a little of everything from other designs. At first glance, the body lines reminded me of a C2 Corvette. The interior and rear spoiler reminds me of a Dodge Viper and the rear end boasts that it is a Chevrolet. It is claimed to be smog exempt in the State of California.

The rear of the car is as custom as the rest of the car with a wide-body look and air deflectors under the rear bumper. The large whale tail spoiler looks adjustable and is surely not car wash-friendly! The owner states that all the improvements and modifications were done by him or her. That would be an impressive set of skills. We appreciate Rex M for bringing this car to our attention.

The interior is completely custom too with carbon fiber panels and tan seats and dash. I doubt I could fit between the lumbar supports on those seats. The car looks like it has full instrumentation and is shifted by a 6-speed manual transmission. The car appears to have power windows but I don’t see air conditioning. The power steering is electronically assisted and the seller states that no expense was spared during the build.

Under the massive tilt hood is a 400 cubic inch small block Chevrolet V8 purchased from Blueprint engines. The engine has a Holley fuel injection system and is claimed to produce 470 horsepower. The engine compartment is clean as the rest of the car and shows very few miles. The seller states that he or she is selling the car for health reasons. The car is stopped by Wilwood disc brakes on all four corners.

The paint job on the car is amazing and matches the outlandish look of the rest of the car. The hood includes air vents framed by a custom eagle hood that looks like it is tearing through the metal hood to get out! The quality of this build looks well done, even if you don’t like the style.

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  1. sir_mike

    Only in Calif.I guess

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  2. Raymond

    Kill it with fire…..

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    • Valentine

      Considering all the potential for electrical sparks immediately adjacent to the fuel cell, it may commit suicide in just such a manner.

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      • Steve R

        Not really. This is how many race cars are set up. This would pass tech at an NHRA event as long as the vent has a one way check valve and the addition of an external battery shutoff. The trunk is sealed off from the passenger compartment with a metal partition the fuel cell and battery are properly secured, the trunk lid even has large louvres. You may not like it and it is tacky, but like it or not, safety was factored into this area of the build.

        Steve R

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  3. Valentine

    Sometimes, one of a kind is one too many.

    He should’ve spared some expense, because that money is never coming back.

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  4. That Guy

    “no expense was spared during the build.”

    Except on the styling.

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    • That Girl

      Hey, you funny…

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  5. mike b

    Power windows? What windows?

    An abomination, but at least it’s unique enough that we don’t have to feel sorry for a specific donor car (eg. the C2 Corvette the other day).

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  6. KC JohnMember

    Selling for health reasons. Yeah, Everytime I look at it I feel sick too.

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    • Gerard Frederick

      THAT comment is cold!

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    • Will Irby

      My first thought exactly; you beat me to it!

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  7. Scott T

    Agreed …take off and nuke it from orbit
    ..only way to make sure!

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  8. Rosko

    The universal fit turn signal mechanism is priceless. No, wait. Its $29.00 on Amazon.

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    • JoeBob

      The last time I saw one of those turn signal assemblies was in my mom’s 47 Chevy. It’s reassuring to know that despite the passage of time, such a classic automotive accessory is still available.

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  9. CCFisher

    I respect the builder’s vision, dedication, and skills, but the only way I would be seen in this is if someone drugs me and straps me into the passenger seat.

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  10. Racer-x


    Who else spotted the 120VAC?

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  11. Cattoo CattooMember

    I’m not sure which is worse. The Monkees GTO abomination or this one. At least this one will get away from its own shadow. That Monkee Goat I’m not too sure about. The monkee car can be seen on Lou Costabile you tube channel that aired August 9th.

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    • Kevin Kendall

      Like many Barris builds in my opinion,cheesy as the state of Wisconsin

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  12. Sam Shive


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  13. Steveo

    Someone apparently loved this very much. I’d like to meet that person. I bet they have stories to tell. Blood curdling stories…

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  14. S Craig MacDonald

    Haters gonna hate.
    We praise the guy who built a one-off custom rod back in the ’60s but rag on this guy. How many of the present critics could pull off any one of the design/build tasks of this car? This guy had a vision and carried it out with a high degree of skill, as evidenced by the under-body pics. If you don’t like his car, fine. But give him props for a complex build done to a high quality in every area. Isn’t the car hobby supposed to be about personal expression? Whether I like his final product doesn’t matter, I’m impressed with what he’s done.

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  15. PaulG

    When asked how this should look the builder answered: “Too much is not enough…”

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  16. markb

    i look at stuff like this and think .. could it be fixed. I think the answer is maybe. Swap the front end back to stock and add proper race style bolt on flares, ditch the fake side pipes. Replace the roll bar thingy with two single loops that are closer to the lowered roof line. Get rid of the tacky rear panel and go with a black out panel Not sure how to address the rear quarter panels. Also: boat gas tank? really?

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  17. Jeffrey Davis

    I am not a fan of the car. With that being said, I am impressed with the owners abilities and vision and commitment to this build. Only wish I had the time talent and space to build something that I want to build

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  18. Steve Clinton

    “Is it a Corvette, is it a 260Z or is it a Dodge Viper? Your guess is as good as mine but it is unique.”
    “Unique” is putting it nicely.

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  19. Dave Peterson

    The above commentary echoes what I heard in 1964 from my Dad and his friends when seeing Ed Roth’s creations.

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  20. Phillip Reith

    From a Z-car guy, it’s definitely a Datsun S30, but I wish it wasn’t…

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    • Melton Mooney

      I’m seeing Z car in there too.

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  21. Howie Mueler

    This is the first time when less photos would be better.

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  22. BR

    I see a lot of people haven’t had their morning coffee yet………..

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  23. Skid

    @ Bruce Johnson for future reference I’m fairly sure those are diffusers, not deflectors, under the rear bumper. Though based on everything that’s been done to this wild car, I’m not sure about anything!

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  24. Daryl Nelson

    The one thing you can absolutely count on in Barn finds comments, It ‘What a abomination or Overpriced etc…’ No matter what it is.

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  25. bobhess bobhessMember

    I agree on the fuel cell comment. Should have put the cell into an aluminum can for a bit more crash protection. Designwise I’d redraw the front end plans with a sleeker and more aerodynamic look. Rest of the car holds up all right and I like the build quality.

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  26. Timothy Phaff

    I would love to take it for a ride and I bet it hauls as., and is built to his dreams, dreams that many people are too scared to announce with a build like this. This person has skills.

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  27. Jim in FLMember

    “…by him or her…”. I’m confused!

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  28. Jim in FLMember

    “…by him or her…”…”He or She”…
    I’m confused!

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    • Will Irby

      Both “him or her” in the first sentence and “he or she” in the second sentence are correct, which is an extreme rarity for this site.

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      • BR

        Agreed. The grammar police would have a field day here. It’s amazing how many functional illiterates there are in this world. The real sad part is that they don’t care and leave the burden of understanding to the other person “You know what I mean”.

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  29. Big Al

    cable ties and fuel lines do not mix,…anyone else see that sh** ??!!!!

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  30. jerry z

    Captain America’s personal car?

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  31. DN

    No expense spared and neither was any sense.

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  32. Joe

    look at meeeee!!!

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  33. Will Irby

    The bird on the hood should be a turkey.

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