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One Of One: 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible

I’ve always been amazed by the detailed records that Ford has kept of each car they’ve built over the years. Request a Marti Report on just about any 1967 to 2012 Ford, Mercury, or Lincoln and they can tell you every option and feature of your car as well as when it was built and even the day it was sold. It really is impressive and makes owning something like this 1967 Mustang Convertible that much more fun! If you take a look at the Marti Report on it, you’ll discover that it is the only ’67 Convertible optioned the way this one is. It might boil down to things like AC, colors, and stripes, but statistically, it is one of one! You can find this Mustang here on eBay in Wylie, Texas with a BIN of $18,800.

While Wimbledon White is my favorite color for Mustangs, it’s a major bummer that this one has been repainted. It originally left the factory in Lime Gold with an Ivy Gold interior, someone had it repainted white and changed out the interior to tan. They also covered up the black stripes, which happens to be what makes it one of one. Thankfully, it’s a Mustang so you can get every nut, bolt, graphic, stripe, and paint color to make this Pony correct.

If you are going to restore a car, few cars are as easy to restore as a Mustang. Parts are easy to find and relatively cheap, plus there’s an incredible amount of information about them available online. While it’s a bummer that the original Ivy Gold interior is missing, $900 will buy you a complete kit with every piece needed to return it to its original color and make it like new. I’d love to have a closer look at the current interior to see if they actually changed it out or if they painted/dyed the original parts, as you might actually be able to restore many of the parts back to their original color.

When it comes to Mustangs, everyone wants a V8 and this one delivers on that front. This 289-2V sadly isn’t one of the high output versions but is instead the 200 horsepower C-code V8. It’s still a great engine though and would keep things lively for top-down drives. The seller states that it currently runs and drives fine, but they’ve only driven it around at low speeds. It will likely need a tune-up, but that shouldn’t be a major issue. Looking the Marti Report over, this Mustang is equipped with the Sport Sprint Package with the functional hood scoops. Does anyone know if the cooler air increases horsepower or is it more cosmetic than anything else?

I’m a huge fan of the Mustang, especially the ones built in the late ’60s. They are fun to drive, easy to work on and look fantastic! Prices have gotten a little steep for Fastbacks and to a lesser extent, convertibles, but if you’ve driven one on twisty mountain road it’s easy to see why so many people love these cars. This one is going to need some work, but if you are looking for a project that you can work on slowly as time and money permits, it might be worth a look! I know I’m tempted, but how about you?


  1. JimmyJ

    This “one of one” is getting pretty old.
    I wonder if my pickup is “ one of one” after all it has a slider window and factory am radio?
    Looks like a 67 mustang ragtop to me….

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    • SAM61

      Yes, one of one is a bit boring. The majority of 60’s could be one of one given the myriad of options.

      It’s only original once. Half the ask is more than fair if you plan to restore back to the original paint scheme.

      I think I’ll run down to the Mitsubishi dealer and order a big engine micro box with crank windows, manual, no air, leather, 13 inch wheels and plastic hubcaps…wait 30 years and ask $50 large.

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  2. Steve R

    This is being sold by Dennis from Fast and Loud fame. I like him, but don’t like the 1 of 1, that may matter if it’s a an odd combination of high performance options. Generally if it’s just trim and color options, who really cares, at that point the claims are made to drive the price higher.

    Steve R

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  3. Craig Walker

    I wish we UK ford owners had the luxury of Marti reports & factory back up.
    There’s total disinterest bordering on rudeness over here when it comes to thier history the only interest is in exploiting it to shift new stock.

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  4. Dolphin Member

    What I find unfortunate about this car is that the one-of-one claim has been mostly negated by the fact that it has been repainted, and in a non-original color, and also lost the stripes that made it special.

    That’s probably a hit to its value. It would be a hit to how I valued the car if I was buying and the seller still thought it’s worth big $$ because of the one-of-one when it left the factory.

    Yes you could repaint in the original lime gold and ad stripes, but then it won’t have its original paint and stripes, so valued less by people who might otherwise pay up for a completely original car.

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  5. angliagt angliagt Member

    I had a ’64 Ford Corsair GT – 2 door, LHD,1500 Kent.
    It was “1 of 24”,which,to me,was just an interesting fact.
    Could you PLEASE stop posting those “1 of XXX”
    in the postings?.

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  6. Retired Sti

    I won’t go on at length, because it’s well covered in previous posts, but the whole “1 of (place number here)” thing is mostly silly. All sorts of strange, or downright ugly options make a ‘1 of’ car, but so what? Most are still basically ordinary cars.
    As to cold air induction, yes it works. It doesn’t make millions of extra horsepower, but cold dense charges create better combustion. Look at the considerable effort and expense put into F-1 or drag cars to create fresh air induction. It also lowers under hood temperature, very important with high compression engines.
    That said, for your averages Detroit product of the golden age of muscle cars: almost totally cosmetic. Way cool. But no huge advantage.

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  7. Part Time


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  8. Dirk

    Classically, a “one of one”, or “one-off” car would have most likely referred to a car that was built with a one-of-a-kind, hand built body totally unlike any other car. Today, the “one of one” claim is way overused. Technically, no two cars anywhere are exactly alike, even if they came off of the same production line with the exact same build specs, there has to be some small differences someplace so, just because your car was ordered from the factory with a painted cigar lighter unlike everyone else’s chrome plated one doesn’t really make it all that special, or especially valuable.

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  9. Part Time

    Too bad they changed colors. I like lime gold. Check out the “behind the barn find ” on eBay. 69 Shelby GT350 parked in ’73. What a waste!

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  10. RoughDiamond

    Please keep in mind that Kevin Marti can work the production stats from paint, interior color, drivetrain and interior options, etc. on pretty much any Ford or Mercury for it to be “1 of 1”. My ’68 Cougar XR-7 GT is “1 of 1” because of all the Nordic Blue 390 equipped XR-7s with close ratio 4-speeds, black bucket seat interiors and GT Equipment Group, mine is the only one with the Tilt-Away steering wheel. That would probably not matter except to a future buyer and in the end, it sells Marti reports.

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  11. Stang1968

    The functional hood scoops really just draw heat out of the engine compartment. They are not connected to the air cleaner in any way, and actually have little hood blinkers recessed into them. They are a neat novelty that many people found amusing on my 68. The hood stripes come out of the scoops and run back to the windshield. MM ran an article about 2001 with the specs, width, color, etc for these stripes.

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  12. Crazyhawk

    One of one, but one of at least 20 similar Rustangs that show up at every car show. I’ll take a rude, crude, loud and beautiful Mopar over these.

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  13. RayZ

    I want to see a one of one mustang with a 427 side oiler, then you’ll have my attention

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  14. Jack Quantrill

    That green-gold was a hideous color! It later gained fame in “Vacation”, as metallic-pea, on the Family Truckster. Kia, revived it on the Soul, as Alien-green. Can’t blame him for painting it white.

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  15. Majik

    It’s so easy & increasingly common to find something to complain about. Picking apart someone’s statement doesn’t build you up or make you superior. Writers/producers try to highlight a “Wow Factor” while still hitting that median 3rd grade mentality/comprehension level. Yes, 1 of 1 is often technically correct, but a stretch at best. The changes made here obviously moved this car from the more unique column to the more mundane and pedestrian column. Positive comments on what it does have, or ideas/suggestions for returning it’s unique character would be ideal here. Ripping into what’s wrong with the car should be saved for price negotiations, if there was even genuine interest in it’s purchase. I know I have far greater issues to whine about than an over-used descriptive phrase.
    ~Keep on Keepin on.

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    • francis

      I know years ago I had a 67 350, a boss 302, boss 429, 68 gt500 convertible all at the same time! And I thought that they were just very cool cars. Period! Never thought more, I would go to my Friday night bar and it was so much fun and yes I was responsible. Then the 90s came and the Saleen boys came with all there one of ones with their floor mats that came in a white box with blue lettering! So it was the Saleen guys that started it! Then the marti report probably stated by the Barrett Jackson crowd! Uggggg!!!!

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    My 1 of 54 C4 Vette (paint color discontinued) is still just a C4 Vette. I don’t think it’s worth any more than any other C4, but it is interesting I guess. The subject Mustang looks like a fun car, and a decent driver. I wouldn’t kick it out of the garage. The price seems a bit optimistic, for the work it needs. The top alone is… a grand or so? I also don’t believe it’s 50K mile car, but could be I guess. It’s worth it if somebody pays it… well that really isn’t true. It’s worth the money to the 1 person willing to pay it. Hope they don’t get hurt to bad.

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  17. francis

    For all out there. I also have a one of Mustang. Mine is a 67 fastback gt with the hipo 289 K code. It has a few options and the last option that makes it a one of car is that it actually came with the steel style wheels! So the only real k code fastback gt you see with those wheels is mine! Nah nah nah!

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  18. 2cool2say

    “One-of-one” is worth mentioning only if the rare options are desirable. End of story.
    If this were the actual one-of-one 1967 Convertible Shelby Mustang… big bucks!
    But, if the one-of-one is achieved because of ugly/rare color schemes combined with other rare but undesirable little options (radio, smog pumps, hubcaps, etc), it is cute to know this, but adds little value to most of us.

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  19. francis

    Yes my point exactly. Every one can be considered a one of car lol. I got a Ford Taurus that had the left side second fender bolt tightened to 10 lbs per sq inch instead of 15. There it’s one of one!

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  20. James Myers

    interior is the wrong color, the seats are palomino but the door panels don’t match. because they didn’t make them that color .I had a spring time yellow 1967.

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  21. ctmphrs

    I don’t see any kind of hood scoop on this car, functional or not.

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