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One of Six: 1970 Ford Torino GT 429 Convertible

1970 Ford Torino Gt Convertible Front Corner

When this car was found in the original owner’s barn in 2005, we doubt anyone realized how rare this Torino GT Convertible really was. There were only six Torino GT 429 Convertibles ever built and only two painted black. This rare Torino can be found here on eBay with a BIN right under $35,000 and a current bid of $17,900

1970 Ford Torino Gt Convertible Rear Corner

The Torino was the car that filled in the gaps for Ford; it came in every shape from 4-door sedan to 2-door muscle car. The Torino could be had with a wide variety of engines and options. This car is loaded with the big 429 Thunderjet and the Cruise-O-Matic transmission.

1970 Ford Torino Gt Convertible Engine

Here is the heart of this beast, the 429 Thunderjet. This 7.0 liter giant is rated at an impressive 360 hp and 480 lbs. of torque. The seller says the engine runs and pulls great. We would love to take this beast out for a spin.

1970 Ford Torino Gt Convertible Interior

This car is really clean and mostly original. But a few pieces are in need of attention. The dash pad has several cracks in it and needs to be replaced. Also, the hideaway lamps need to have the vacuum hoses hooked back up, as they had been removed at some point and never reassembled.

1970 Ford Torino Gt Convertible Side

This car has had a few things messed with on it, but most if not all of the original pieces are with the car and it’s only had 3 owners, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get a complete history. This Torino maybe one of the rarest of them all and it’s in excellent shape. We would love to go out in this with the top down just to hear the roar of that big V8.


  1. Barn Finds

    Well it looks like the seller removed the BIN, so you may have missed out on that deal. Anyone here going to try to get this one? Seems like a bargain compared to similar muscle cars.

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  2. James L. Sell

    Would like to sell it and if so was you bottom line? Your high back seats are like mine. I have a 1970 convertibile in very good shape 302. On your seats can you get covers anywhere order of course. I you can help me I would appreicate. Call 517-937-7918 or e please. Your car stands tall and looks very very nice saving history is a nice thing to do. More pictures if you would. James

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  3. James L. Sell

    In detail High Back one pc seats covers is what I am looking for. If you have not sold the car please call me. Nice if you could give the place to buy front one pc buck seat backs and cushions. Could have a trim guy do it but I would like to do some of the restoration my self cars are my hobby have 6 driver classics no show nice looks and drivers. James

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  4. Lungs_of_Steel

    They made over 200 GT ragtops with the TJ. Not sure why the owner thinks it’s 1 of 6.

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  5. Dan

    If I remember serves, there were 6 Cobra Jets and/or Super Cobra Jet convertibles. The Thunderjet is pretty common.

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    • JP

      There were no SCJ Torino convertibles in 1970 or 1971. By my estimation and experience with Marti reports I would say there were at least 400 N-code, 200 C-code (CJ) and 51 J-code (CJ ram air) Torino convertibles made in 1970 out of the 3939 produced.

      N-code 429 Torino’s are nice but not that desirable, I myself would prefer an M-code 351-4V for a convertible; I myself have an H-code 2V convertible built to M-code specs.

      Wish people would at least do a little research before selling and misleading the buying public.

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      • Trey

        Actually, there were SCJ ragtops in 1970. Off the top of my head, 19 had the Drag Pack. Most were J-codes, and more J-codes were built in total than C-codes.

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  6. dale powers

    not that rare of vehicle …and parts missing? have the same vehicle sitting in my garage…has been for 18 years…150 miles on it …I need to burn the carbon out of it but I merely bought it because I was bored at the auction it sold at…sickening story on my end but I drive and build gm so I have lost interest in my gt convertible..will be putting it up on e-bay motors soon..all matching numbers with Marti report…needs an interior, mainly dash as they seem to crack no matter where you store them…nice car but at the time they were not that popular and many got crushed or just rusted away…I agree with lungs of steel on this one..but it doesn’t matter that much…they are a nice vehicle if you want a convertible at a fairly reasonable price…70 was a good year for torino as it was designed by a different party…

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  7. JP

    Show me a Marti report. You are thinking of the 19 4-speed J code cars that were made. You also have that backwards, there were only 19 + 32 auto J code convertibles made and there were definitely more non-ram air CJ convertibles made (C code).

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    • Trey

      64 J-codes, 30 C-codes

      Out of those, 19 had the Drag Pack

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      • Danno

        I’ve seen 4 of the SCJ convertibles over the years. One was Calypso Coral, one Grabber Blue, one gold and one that Maroon car. If I had $100K+ I would buy one of them.

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  8. Guy

    Very nice example of a rare big block torino convertible! Its nice to see rare muscle cars that are still intact!

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