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One Of One: 1969 Mustang Mach 1

While I appreciate knowing the option based production numbers provided by a Marti Report as much as the next person, I think the seller of this Mustang Mach 1 is over playing their hand a bit here. They state that this car is one of one produced in 1969. So what is the option that makes it one of one? The optional intermittent window wipers. Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but I don’t see variable speed wipers being a huge selling point over other ’69 Mach 1s. It seems like the 390-4V V8, close ratio 4-speed and the fact that it’s been parked for the past 47 years are going to be of more interest to collectors, but I guess it’s fun to say you own one of one. You can find this Mustang here on eBay in Boiling Springs, South Carolina with a BIN of $45k and a current bid of $20k.

The seller’s first photo in their ad is of the Marti Report showing how the options line up to make this car one of one. The shortest way to sum it up is that this is the only Acapulco Blue 1969 Mustang Mach 1 with this engine, transmission, bucket seats, AM/8-track, air conditioning and intermittent wipers. As cool as it is to say it’s the only one built this way, Ford built quite a few Mach 1s with the 390.

Speaking of the 390, this one looks complete and is said to be the original. I have to admit, the combination of Shaker Hood and air conditioning is rather odd. Whoever ordered it wanted a fast car, but clearly didn’t want to be uncomfortable on hot summer days. If the seller is correct that it was parked 47 years ago, it means someone put 51k miles on it in 2 years or less. With 320 horsepower being routed through that close ratio 4-speed, it has to be fun to drive, so it really isn’t a surprise that someone put that many miles on it in such a short time period. What is surprising is that they then parked it and forgot about it.

The seller states that other than an old repaint, this car is all original. It looks to be in nice shape, but it definitely needs a complete detail. As much as we all love seeing cars in their as found state, this isn’t a $1,500 project, it’s a big block Mustang survivor. Even just washing it off in the drive way and vacuuming the interior out would help in evaluating it’s condition. As long as there isn’t any rust hiding underneath and the engine is in working order, it seems like it should be worth close to the seller’s asking price. But what do you think?


  1. Clint

    Why would it be repainted if it was stored?

    1) Buy the car in 1969 and drive 51K miles until 1970 or so….

    2) pull the car out in the 80’s or 90’s and paint

    3) Put back in storage?

    This is some serious fuzzy math, IMO.

    Very sexy car, but I’d like to know the truth if I was going to drop the coin.

    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Agreed Clint! I wish the seller would have given a little more of the car’s history. Are they the original owner? If so, they should know why it was painted. Even if they are the second or third owner, you’d think they’d know a little bit of the car’s history.

    • Rocco

      @Clint, Josh,
      Sometimes cars get scratched in garage. He had to paint the hood. Maybe all at the same time?

  2. Darrun

    His ad says that he has the “original hood and the Shaker Hood”. so maybe it wasn’t a Factory option to have both, A/C and Shaker Hood.

  3. BiggYinn

    Yeah something doesn’t quite add up …theres got to be more of a story here

  4. jw454

    Concerning the 47 years of storage, I think he’s only saying it was used through the years but, garage kept. Meaning never sat outside at night. Additionally, the last 25 were spent in a climate controlled space.

    • LastCJ

      Agreed. The ad never says it was stored/parked sitting for 47 years. Basically, he’s saying it has been garaged the whole time.

      Great looking car though. Interior looks pretty fresh.

  5. House of Hotrods

    If we really want to split hairs, every car or truck is one of one, produced with its individual VIN #, and not another EXACTLY like it. Just food for thought.

  6. rdc

    AC is not that odd. In 1970 I ordered a 351c 4 barrel, with AC on a 1970 Mustang fastback. However, I did order it with an automatic and 3.0 traction-lock differential and competition suspension. I sort of wanted a “grand tourer”, not a drag car.

  7. Sparkster

    rdc what color was your 70 ? My favorite year of Mustang and on my bucket list

    • rdc

      Medium Blue Metallic. Looked almost like the same color as the 69 in this post. I think my photo is a bit dark. However, this 69 could be Bright Blue Metallic.

      • rdc

        I just looked up my Marti Report. My1970 color code is 6 which is Medium Bright Blue Metallic Ford #3077-A

      • John Newell

        That doesn’t look like a 69 to me. Looks like a 70. All the 69s I ever saw had the rear quarter fake brake vents.
        As for the suspicious storage that’s roughly the same schedule my car followed. Changes happen in life and plans can go on hold at a moment’s notice or no notice.

        My Mach I came with the fake scoop with the signal lights in it. I was going buy a shaker hood for it so I would have ended up with two hoods too. I’m sure lots of people did. I didn’t because after 2 months I was fed up with what a pile of junk it was. I needed a car that could spend some time on the road instead of in the shop having warranty work done on it for most of the time I owned it with no end in sight.

      • Rocco

        This is a ’70.

  8. 68 custom

    intermittent wipers is a nice option and rare on any car back in the late 60s but while it may make it a one of one I doubt that option is going to make this a truly sought after car like say the boss 429 option would. Still be a sweet car with the 390/4 speed combo and A/C. 69 mustang mach one are greatlookers! there is a movie with Jeff Bridges which basically says that ford stole the idea for intermittent wipers from an employee of ford.

    • Alexander

      Every British sports car owner knows that Lucas was the inventor of the intermittent wipers.

      Inadvertently, mind you…….

      • Tricky

        Ahh yes, the Prince of Darkness strikes again!!

    • PaulbZ3

      Greg Kinnear in “Flash of Genius” was the movie that told the story of Ford “stealing” Robert Kearns invention of intermittent wipers. I believe that most of the major car companies eventually had to pay damages to his family and they may still receive royalties on the patent he filed. Interesting modern story of David v. Goliath. Worth the few dollars to rent the movie.

  9. Fran

    I have a 67 Mustang Friday fastback K code that marti says is a on of car also! Big whippy dip.

  10. Tony

    That car is rare but the shaker is not original to the car. It is very difficult to find a factory 4 speed car, 390 engine with AC. It’s a rare find and I believe the guy will get what he is asking or very close to it.

    • john from ct

      Tony, I agree with you. This is a cool car and the price isn’t out of line.

      However, if one is looking for a ’69 that will likely keep its value , sadly only the 428 CJ and 428 SCJ fit that category for $75K, or the 429 at more than $200K. 390’s are in the lost middle and don’t have as strong a demand. So, this is a driver and nothing wtong with that.

  11. Jim C

    A friend of mine had the same Mustang with a 429 SCJ, 4 speed. At the time the (70’s)he was one of the fastest cars on Long Island, NY. The only car I remember beating him was a Hemi Cuda from New Jersey. I wish I had photo’s of that car.

    • Rocco

      Had to be a ’71-’72.

      • Jim C

        It was a 69′ 428 SCJ , my mistake. didn’t double check what I wrote.

  12. Doug from AK

    Are those wheels and tires correct? Why wouldn’t the replacement tires have been the Goodyear Polyglas GT tires like my (former)69 Boss 302? Maybe a late replacement?

    • Bruno

      Well, I am the owner of this car now. And they are the factory wheels, but yes…the tires obviously aren’t original. They were Goodyear. The spare is still original. The Firestone tires on the car were manufactured on the 33rd week of 2014. But they are fiberglass belted Wide Oval Super Sports. The car now has 15″ Magnum 500’s with F60 15 Firestone Wide Oval Coker reproductions.

      The description on the Ebay listing was all true. I’m having fun adding and replacing things on this true SURVIVOR. The engine has never been out of the car and not ONE SPOT OF RUST ON THE FLOOR OR TORQUE BOXES. One lucky find. And I drive it twice a week.

  13. Tom S.

    It has traction bars! I remember those things from high school in the ’70s. Just the ticket for doing the big smokey burnouts that everyone loves.

    BTW, ’69 Mach 1 is about my favorite car of all time. Beautiful profile.

  14. JW

    Owning a 70 Mach1 I can say his asking price is pretty spot on, the intermittent wipers mean nothing, but 69’s are a hot ticket and the 4 speed helps and even if shaker isn’t original but he has the original air cleaner and hood it’s close to worth his price. IMHO.

  15. Troy S

    I really like everything about this mach 1, everything except for the 390. Hey, if you want big block power, I mean real power, shoulda gone for the 428 cobra jet, otherwise a 351W makes for a good cruiser, better in my opinion than a 390. Still, this is a great looking car.

    • Bruno

      It’s the torque. More than the 351W.

  16. rob hall

    The repaint is a huge flag! Also, The pics and description are funny too. One door is all bent up where the weather strip is????? Also, He says he has the original hood? Huh? Also, why is the hood just on the concrete without a pad? I would dare to say he is not much of a collector. I would never let a hood to such a car or any car just sit on the concrete!

    Smells fishy here!

  17. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Clint – with ya…………..never understand a low milage – garaged car – needing a re-paint.

  18. S. Brodie

    This is set up like a cruising car with the 3.00 rear end and why traction lock at that low a ratio. The 390 @ 320 HP is really a straight line car as the engines are very heavy and the tires wouldn’t be able to handle that on a twisty windy road yet the low ratio rear end. These came out with a 290HP 351 Windsor and the potential for a 4.30 rear end and those are the small block light weight engines capably driven at high speed around corners, and very quick to about 105mph. I agree with Troy, if your going to have a Big Block pay the extra cash and get the 428 Cobra Jet with lemans rods and all the goodies to 425HP and then it’s a drag car if you choose a higher ratio rear end and delete all the girly accessories.

  19. Rick Gaskill

    The BIN price is the Hagerty #3 Condition value. I think the odd combination of options will turn away more potential buyers than it attracts.

  20. EJB

    My favorite year for the Mach 1.

    I have always liked the shaker to the point I considered putting one on my 03′ GT.

  21. Tony

    They made less 390 Mach 1s in 1969 then they did 428CJ cars. Buyers paid the extra 200 bucks for the upgrade which makes the 390 an even more rare car than the 428CJ Mach 1. Would I prefer a 390 4 speed over a 428CJ automatic? You bet I would and living in SC makes the AC even more attractive. Unfortunately, I just bought a 351 M code Mach 1 recently and have to give it the attention it so deserves. If you own a 69, you can join my FB page here: I have owned about 15 plus Mustangs including 4 69 Mach1s/Sportsroofs. These cars aren’t doing anything but going up in value especially the 1967 fastback Mustangs. Acapulco Blue is a desirable color for any Mustang enthusiast. Let’s watch the auction and see where it goes…

  22. jwinters

    I always take a MARTI report with a grain of salt. anything can be a one of one car, if you break it down far enough. my 2007 Mustang GT is also a one of one. It’s the only one with wheel locks and satin aluminum dash appearance package……

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