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One Owner 1964 Ford Galaxie XL!


Thanks to reader Larry D for sending us a link to this wonderful looking 1964 Galaxie 500 XL for sale here on craigslist in Chicopee, Massachusetts. This car is a real “garage find” – it has been in storage for at least ten years and has not run during that time.


This two door fastback was officially known as a Club Victoria model. Ford made over 1.4 million full size cars that year, out of which 58,306 were the XL 500 Galaxie two door models, like this one. So it’s not exactly rare, but by now that it’s more than 50 years old, you won’t see one everyday.


It’s equipped with the optional 390 cid engine, automatic floor shifting transmission, and dual exhausts. In 1964, the XL 500 Galaxie was the top of the line trim for Ford. The XL featured all components of the 500, including bucket seats and a floor mounted transmission shifter.


At least from the photos supplied, it is very solid looking, though without seeing the the lower body, floors and frame, it’s impossible to judge whether this Ford has potential to be brought back to life or will end up as a parts car. With its tight quarters, the seller can’t take pictures that show what we need to see, and it will be difficult to inspect in person without moving it out of the garage where it’s sat for so long. Even if it’s not too rusty, you can plan on doing quite a bit of work just to make it a driver again.


The evident rust through in the rear bumper is not promising, however. After all, this is a northeastern car, and we salt our roads in winter pretty heavily.


The interior looks amazingly good. Hopefully, the garage it’s in has been dry enough that there isn’t any mildew in the carpets or seats.


Trim pieces both inside and out appear to be all there as well.


While this Ford is located in Chicopee, near Springfield, Massachusetts, the car has old Connecticut plates that appear to be from the sixties (I grew up and still live in Connecticut so they look very familiar). I checked out this great website that documents Connecticut license plates and it looks to me that this Ford might be wearing its original 1964 plates!


Mileage is claimed be be only 77,201 and the car’s overall condition supports that claim. The seller’s ad headline says the car is a “one owner” vehicle, but this last set of pictures shows a young boy and girl with the car, one of whom one might suspect is the present owner of the car. So maybe it’s a one family owned car, which is still pretty cool 52 years after the car was new.


With an asking price of $3,500, despite needing to be towed out of storage, and probably being pretty badly rusted, this car really looks good to me. What do you think of it? If I were to buy it, would someone here want to help me get it back on the road?


  1. Avatar photo David Wilk Member

    Already gone from CL; I bet someone bought it already.

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  2. Avatar photo Marty Member

    Way cool. One of my favorite Ford body styles. The family photos of it over the years really made it even better.

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  3. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    One of my favorite Ford’s, as well. Top of the line, I believe, the “XL” was. A childhood friend’s brother came home one day with a new ’64 Ford XL “R” code, 427, 2, 4 barrels, 4 speed. I remember it was a beast, and for a 9 year old kid, it was the fastest car I had ever been in. ( much faster than the old man’s Mercury) I think Connecticut used those style plates into the ’70’s ( and beyond?) so I doubt those are the original plates. If it IS a 1 family car, for shame for letting it get to this point. I’d expect a car that has been in the same family would deserve better. Still, a lot of work, but not many left today. They were nice cars.

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  4. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    “Club Victoria” was not a Ford line of cars after 1962. Although the monikers date to the 1930s, they were retired in 1963, and the basic 2- and 4-door hardtop and 2- and 4-door sedan nomenclature took over.

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  5. Avatar photo Derik Lattig

    Derik Lattig days yeep, already gone.

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  6. Avatar photo Ray Hazer

    Love the Galaxie car line . Recently sold a Country Sedan Wagon and wish I had it back . As far as rear bumper on this car they are usually all bad . You can buy a repop for around 450.00 . I know a bit pricey but it only fits 64 . Supply And demand dictates the market . If it was near me I would be all over it .

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  7. Avatar photo ben

    not bad but like u said iam from ct born rasied and that’s not a org 64 plate I have a wall full even made a coffee table from ct plates not so rare I had a 631/2 first year for the fast back roof line mine was a 406 4 speed wish I still had it sold it to my cus who let it rot into the ground behind his dads house might still be there old Yankees never got rid of anything used to be a 37 Packard there to fot a cat house the father just passed a few years ago like 90 somthing

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  8. Avatar photo RoughDiamond

    Loved that styling. Hopefully somebody found their dream car. All I kept thinking of was hoping all those gas cans sitting on the shelves were empty.

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  9. Avatar photo Jim Marshall

    This roof line came out in the 63.5 models in the Galaxie 500 and 500 XL’s and Ford named it Sports hard top and it quickly out sold the formal roof models. In 64 they apparently renamed it Club Hard top and no longer offered the formal roof line in the 2 dr hard top.

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