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One-Owner 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible Barn Find!

Reader Robert H recently found a one owner Mustang Convertible barn find and the incredible part is that it had been hiding in a family member’s garage without him even knowing it! His Father’s cousin purchased this Mustang brand new for his wife to drive back in 1965. She drove it up until 1984 and that’s where it stayed until just last night! His dad knew that his cousin had owned it, but assumed they had sold it years ago. Thankfully, they decided to stop by and ask if the Mustang was still around. I’ll let Robert tell the rest of the story below!

From Robert – So, I have been looking for a Mustang to restore for a while now. My dad and I were driving around and he decided to stop by his cousin Chik’s house. He didn’t even know if the car was still there, figuring he had gotten rid of it years ago. He went up and asked Chik if he still had the car and he said, “I might have it somewhere”. So we walked out to this raggedy old barn and I figured they had to be messing with me, there couldn’t be a Mustang sitting in there.

And when he opened the door, there it was! A dusty 1965 Convertible Mustang sitting there with a license plate dated 1985. Chik bought this for his wife brand new. I didn’t even know it was there! I asked if he wanted to sell it and he said to the right person, yes, so I threw an offer out. He said, “well I would like a little more he said that”. He wanted $2,500 and I didn’t even question it. I bought it!

It turns out, his wife drove it from when it was new in 1965 till 1984 and then it got parked. I towed it home last night and have already started working on it. I figured, “well let’s pour some gas in the carb” and it fired right up. The only places it has rust are at the bottom of the fenders and the quarters. The trunk pan and back of the back seat are clean with no rust! Even the convertible top rolls up and down!

What a great find! It might not be worth crazy money, but the fact that it has been in the family since new makes this such an amazing find. To think, Robert had been hunting for a Mustang and there was one sitting right under his nose the whole time. I’m glad that it is going to stay in the family and that he is already working to get it back on the road. Hopefully, he will keep us posted with his progress! I want to thank Robert for sharing his find with us and wish him the best of luck with it.

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  1. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    What a great find!!!!! Good to see someone keeping a piece of family history alive.
    Please keep us all in the loop on its return to the road!

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  2. bobk

    Going to start calling all my relatives NOW!

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    • Mike

      No luck with my relatives. A couple of Hyundais, a beater 90’s Honda and 3 mini vans (2 working).

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  3. don

    If I read the fender badges correctly , thats a 260 V8 car which would make it an early model Mustang -Maybe a 64 1/2 ? I would get the Vin checked out, if its a real low number survivor the value will be much higher !

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    • Angrymike

      You have a hell of an eye, looks like 260 to me !

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    • grant

      Sigh… There’s nothing such thing as a 1964 1/2 Mustang. The Mustang people started saying that to differentiate between early production 65’s. They’re titled as 1965’s. Apropos of nothing, just a pet peeves.

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    • connbackroads

      I owned a 64-1/2 many years ago. If I’m not mistaken, back-up lights were not available, and there were “lips” on the front edges of the hood, above the fake vent slots (between the headlights and the grill).

      I’m also thinking single-port master cylinder, frame-mounted horns, generator, not alternator, and real slots in the radiator support in front of the battery. 260 was 64-1/2 and 289 was 65.

      Fantastic find—enjoy :-)

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      • bruce baker

        I believe you, and grant may be right. But my memory of the first Mustang i ever laid my eyes on, is way different. My back yard neighbors back in 1964 set out one day to “buy a brand new VW bug”. But came home with “a 1964 an a half 289 V8 candy apple red ( it seemed metallic red to me) Ford Mustang”. The SoCal Ford dealer told them to “watch TV” at a certain time, & channel the following night to “see the very first Mustang Commercial ever”. I watched it at their house. Their car wasn’t even a fastback or a convertible but it definitely had the 289 badges plus on the air cleaner too. My dad was impressed with their new car even though he had recommended the Bug to them.

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      • grant

        Everything you’ve said is absolutely correct. Early production 65’s had all of those variations.

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  4. OhU8one2

    Looks to be a V-8 car and a fairly rare color to boot. Before you even tear into it, do yourself a favor and grab all documentation your family member has for the car. Get a Marti Report. Reason being, if the car does get sold someday, outside the family. The history you have on this car will probably help it to sell. How many original owner Mustang’s are left in this world? Not many.

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    • Miguel

      There are no Marti reports on anything before 1967.

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  5. J C

    Ok ok ill give ya $500 for it cash lol
    Tgx great car great find seems like a great guy found it ‘ all well in Barn find land! 👍😎j-

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  6. JC

    Ok how about $3500? Thx john best of Blessings !

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  7. Robert

    Thank you all I will keep you posted and thanks tho John

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  8. JDS66

    Marti Reports are not available for any year Mustang before 1966 unfort.

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    • NEIL

      So you lowballed your Dad’s cousin, and then settled on only $2,500. Lol

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      • Richard Dail

        You practically stole it!

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      • Edward Bromley

        Better that than sitting another 10. No one seemed to care about the car…

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    • Ford Birth Cert

      Great find!
      You can try write (email) to Ford motor company with the vin number and ask for a birth certificate. They will provide the options and build date for free.
      They may have it as I have had the birth certificate sent for a 67 stang and a 66 t bird converts in the past .

      I know some were destroyed in a fire but the 65 could be avail …and it’s nice ford logo stationary ..

      No one of the built on a Sunday with a one off something something and rarer color BS we always see..

      But it’s free and nice to get the build details 👍👀

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  9. r s

    I think $2500 was a steal!

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  10. PaulG

    Great for you, your dad, and his Cousin!
    Looks like a great deal and it’ll stay in the family.
    Good luck with whatever you choose to do w/ the car. (personally I’d just clean it up and drive it…)

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  11. Gaspumpchas

    great story!! Good luck with your project!!!


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  12. r. j.

    Can do better no rust. Owned it since 1969 original California car stored in portable stable in San Diego County.

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  13. r. j.

    …and owned this since 1969 no rust. Original California car.

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    • Rob

      So you posting & saying that to sell it? Ill buy it or you messing with us? I been looking for a non rustbucket for a while now, I got some of those worthless ones other than for parts! email me if your real. rbtbenson@aol.com

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  14. Rock On

    Hey, if you can’t lowball your own family members who can you lowball? Just the 35 years of indoor storage is worth more than $2,500.00.

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    • Zorro

      When dealing with relatives or good friends, it’s not always about money! When my nephew attended school 600 miles away, I bought a good used car and gave it to him so that his parents didn’t have to travel back and forth to bring him home for holidays. When I bought a new truck recently I “gave” my old one to my son. I din’t feel either of them “took advantage” of me. I’m sure this man’s uncle knew just what he was doing.

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  15. Tom

    Now that’s a find! Good luck with it!

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  16. On and On On and On Member

    Want to triple your money? Cash is king and I’ll bring a bag of it! ………………………We’re all jealous. I’m trying to decide on a ’60s convertible to buy, this would have been perfect. Congrats. Drive it in good health.

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  17. TimM

    I have one that’s been redone and they really are great little cars!! It’s great to see another one getting back on the road and driving!! Good luck with it and keep it between the lines!!

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  18. John

    The guy who lives behind me has a 64-ish Mustang he bought new… was a straight six originally but not any more. I bought a 53 Arnolt from the original owner last November. They’re still out there.

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    • Jerry van Kalleveen

      Arnolt MG or Arnolt Bristol? I own an AC Ace Bristol and had the opportunity to buy an Arnolt Bristol from the same person who owned my AC in the past.

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  19. Larry S

    Great story Robert. I have an inkling that your Dad may have made a phone call or 2 to chik prior to engaging you to just drop by unexpectedly and say hello. After all, dads will always be looking out for their sons.

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  20. Scott

    So barns have roller doors lol ….ok… great “find” all the same

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    • bruce baker

      I wondered that too. Or that’s where the car is parked now, & they did an inaccurate reenactment for the photos maybe?

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  21. Rodney - GSM

    Nothing better than an old man opening an old door to reveal and old car…..

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  22. Brian L Weyeneth

    My Olds was a CL find of sorts. Advertised as a low mileage, one family owned Buick in a storage unit, covered with burlap bags and the stainless wheel discs were stuffed in Wonderbread bags with cedar chips in the trunk to cut down on the rot. $4500, new tires and a battery. The next weekend I took it to a show and brought home the Survivor trophy.

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  23. plwindish

    Nice story, great find! Good luck with the restoration and keeping it in the family!

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  24. Tort Member

    My mother in law was tired of seeing my young sister in law’s 66 Mustang convertible sitting in her driveway that didn’t run. Told me I could have it if I would come and get it. A couple months of asking me and me putting it off to go get it she called a tow service and there went my Mustang!

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    • bruce baker

      Oh dude, you can’t beat free. Unless you were actually waiting for her to pay you to remove it?
      Makes me think of the old Marlin side door ( Flipper TV show type boat) boat/Trailer that i really wanted but didn’t get because my city made another new dumb law. No parking non- daily drivers in front of your front door line even on your own property. The white boat was for sale for only $l00 but they only got a $1 for it as they were forced to sell it fast because of that law too i think? It reportedly “ran with a ruff miss”, plus it had a small newly made hole in the left rear bottom corner.

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  25. MB

    How often is one person luck enough to fine a car in the family that was the car type he was looking for. It looks like that is a great start, the car is in better shape than 95% of what we normally see on Barn Finds. Congratulations.

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  26. bruce baker

    If it started right up, why did she park it in 1984?
    Like maybe brakes or transmission or third member, Was the old battery still good now, ha, ha?

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  27. Ward William

    Very cool find. I’d like to see some photos after it has been cleaned up a bit.

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  28. Alan Robbins

    I have a 64 1/2 vert with the 260. The easiest early production “tell” is to jump in the driver’s seat and check out the fresh air vent pull – round knob under the dash. If it has an “A” on it (for air I assume) you have an early model.

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  29. Del

    Nice find😎

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