One Owner 1968 Pontiac GTO

1968 Pontiac GTO

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This Goat might be a bit rough, but it’s all original and still owned by the original owner! At 70, the owner just can’t take on a restoration, so they want to find a new home for it. It’s powered by it’s original 400 V8 and 4 speed transmission. While it has its issues, this one looks like a fun project and whether you leave the exterior alone or perform a full restoration, you will have one sweet muscle car! Find this GTO here on eBay in Milligan College, Tennessee with a current bid of $6,500 and no reserve. So would you take on this project?

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  1. Paul R

    400cu, close ratio 4 speed and a 3:90 posi. Those options will make you smile when you mash the Go pedal!

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    • racer99

      However, turning and stopping might be a whole lot more challenging.

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  2. paul

    My opinion only, this ad is sad!! its bleeding corrosion, seams to be more recent damage not on my plus column own a few pontiacs, a 20$ tarp?

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  3. Luke Fitzgerald

    Have you read the questions – a good laff – like every old bastard I’ve ever dealt with – gold

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  4. Luke Fitzgerald

    Btw – this heap will go off – watch

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  5. piper62j

    Big ticket item.. Already over 7k. The seller is a bit misleading on the body and overall condition.. There is rot and possible collision damage to deal with. Parts are available and if done right, this car would be a blast to drive..

    I helped a neighbor restore his 69 GTO (same body) in his house garage.. It was a rot box and he has turned down 25k offers. There is something to be said for these GM “A” bodies.

    Good find and a classic car.. Call your banker..

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  6. racer99

    Ordered with no power options, no a/c, manual steering and brakes. The only one’s I’ve seen done that way were going straight to the dragstrip. Bottom of the car looks beat-up and even the exhaust is rusted off. Have no doubt that it will go for big $$ but I would have lots of questions.

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  7. redwagon

    flood victim?

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    Unique find. The car tells a story of how life as well as priorities change. Amazing is that he was able to hang on to it throughout kids,divorce and most likely some financial hardship. Not a luxury many have had.

    The interior although will need replaced for a total restoration it is in fantastic shape. Testimony that he did take pride in it. Also the fact that going through the 1970’s wearing its steel wheels and dog dish hubcaps. He resisted buying a set of Cragars or even a used set of Pontiac Ralleys that seemingly every GTO had

    The real benefit here is that the original owner is selling you the car and not taking ownership to the grave with him. More often a car like this would be purchased at an estate sale. The premium paid may be worth it just to be able to spend time and ask questions.

    My hat goes off to him. Very hard thing to do and what we will all eventually face….many sooner then later.

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    • Rocco

      I agree with everything you said. Great find.

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  9. Steve

    There is a feature in this months Hemmings Muscle Machines about a similar 68 gto. Original owner dark green car. Two brothers each bought Two dark green 68 gto’s new. No me tion what happened to other car. Unfortunately, in the “need for speed” the guy swapped the original engine for an LS6 454 crate motor and sold original to his cousin who ran it a while in another car then sold it again. Lost track of it. Now it has a non matching 400 pontiac again. Im sure that the gto owner is still kicking himself for that! This car will probably go for $10k+. I would be afraid of hidden rust. It looks good on the surface, but i have to wonder… I like the part about being in storage (inside or outside). Uh…all cars meet that criteria…why bother me tioning that, Captain Obvious?

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  10. PaulG

    I like this car, and Fred’s comments in the Q & A section.
    I’d get it running, put an exhaust on it, check all the important stuff, straighten out the front valance, and show up at a Pontiac meet. Trust me, the car would be a crowd pleaser…

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  11. R Baker

    I don’t think the car cover is going to help at this point

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  12. Tim McDonald jr

    Not a fan of clear coating patina but i’d restore this diamond in the rough to it’s former glory. Some period correct mags with white letter tires would look great on this as well in my opinion.

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  13. Yosemite Sam

    Fred not taking calls from sight unseen buyers is a big red flag for me. Scared of providing a phone number via private message is tantamount to being a scam. As a self proclaimed old timer I want to look and if I cant look I definitely want to talk.
    -Yosemite Sam

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  14. Car Guy

    A little too rusty for a desert rat like me. I often wonder why someone would order a stripper GTO with dog dish hubcaps, and then spend the money for the optional Hide A Way headlamps……..

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    • St. Ramone de V8

      ‘Cause hide aways rock! Then and now.

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  15. Joe Muzy

    It was last registered in 1979. That would make the old guy 33 when he parked it. Makes me wonder why you would wait 37 years to decide to restore a classic goat

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  16. Steve

    Methinks there is more rust (cancer) in that old goat than the owner wants to acknowledge. It’s a shame we’ll never know what’s truly underneath that rusty paint.

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  17. pappy2d

    If the goal is a restored to original 68 GTO, think 25-30K and 2 years of fairly focused effort. At 30K, you’ll be doing the majority of the work. If you’re good with that, find a 60’s car this general size with manual steering, brakes and tràns, and drive it where you would drive this one. Then decide if that GTO trim is worth the $.

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  18. Prowler

    I understand a lot happens to people in life…job changes…
    But how do you watch you’re once brand new GTO…you have been the one and only owner since it came off the car carrier and you watch it slowly turn into the Roach coach
    At some point you care enough to buy a car cover but it has never been out of the box

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  19. stillrunners

    like was said….let’s just do the mechanical’s – drive train – and go have some fun a the shows….without options this would not be a high return car…. or is that no return car ?

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  20. Woodie Man

    Damn shame. Looks like the rear end sat in water……..its disintegrating as it sits there

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  21. andy

    Ooh. I could build a Jake Doyle replica. I just need a set of redlines and Newfie plates!

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      LOL don’t think many will get that reference. Heck I didn’t, only got curious because of the Newfie reference.

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  22. Steve hagebusch

    Ive always had a soft spot for stripped factory racers….421 pontiacs 409 biscaynes and the 406 fords but the stripped (no option) cars weight less which is what you want in a street racer……for me its the perfect combo for a street killer dog dishes ad alland yes the only option worth adding is in my opinion the hide away lights because yes they do look better then with out……course coming from some one who ones 10 pontiacs from 50 to 79 including a 66 8 lug tripower prix with only ps pb and a 62 cat ms mb mt heater radio reverse light delete 389 dual quads with a 4spd posi pie crusts and a bench seat….hows that for no options……to me its more about the long skinny pedal on the right then fancy crap like ac and pw

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