One Owner 1969 Pontiac Catalina Ventura

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Depending on what price this car ends up at, this 1969 Pontiac Catalina Ventura is a great car to end up with and have something from a brand that no longer exists. Currently, the price sits at $325 and the reserve is not yet met. The car is located in Frankford, Delaware. It is a one owner, numbers matching, all original car. A VIN is listed and the title is clear. You can view more on eBay.

Helping this car rumble down the road is a 6 liter, 389 cubic inch V8, connected to a 4-speed automatic transmission. The car does run according to the listing. There is a large list of parts that have been installed such as a radiator, brake booster, brake lines, and a fuel pump. All of this is documented with original paperwork and maintenance records.

Inside is a plush, dull brownish yellow interior that is unique to the Ventura badge. It really only needs to be cleaned and, if anything, it is certainly iconic of the age, defining the start of the 1970s. An honest 214,000 miles are listed as the numbers on the odometer. As old as this car is, that probably doesn’t really matter, but it is still a kind thing to note and is astonishing, to say the least.

The car does have some rust spots around the windows and the vinyl top.  It does appear to have had some body work done, at least to the hood because it is not painted. There are some snow tires in the trunk, it would be interesting to see if that is included. Whatever the bid price gets to, hopefully, the reserve is met and this car can go to a good home.

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  1. Rhett

    That car would be a 400/Th400 as opposed to a 389 4 spd. Cool car, I’ve often considered the 69’s almost as handsome as the 65-66 big Pontiacs, and I love that roofline on the 2 dr hardtop. The Ventura package is icing on the cake. Unfortunately, that rust is terminal from an economic standpoint. Go find the same car in New Mexico, Colorado or CA and now you’re talking..

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    • Don

      I laughed about the comment numbers matching with a 389 which was discontinued after 1966 when the 400 became the base engine

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  2. local_sheriff

    At first it looked like a great barn find and I like this era of Pontiacs as they are great alternatives for those in the market for same era Impalas.This seems to be some little ol’ lady’s car and could’ve been a great under-the-radar vehicle.
    However, I must agree with you Rhett, that rust where the quarter meets the c-pillar truly disturbs me – I’m afraid there’s more lurking under the vinyl top. I’d believe they like salt in Delaware too…
    Anyone know of repop sheetmetal for this generation…?Just curious…

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  3. Kenneth Carney

    Up to $510 right now, but if the car is that
    rusty, it wouldn’t be worth it. I’d check the
    underside of the car for frame rot if I were
    buying it. Almost all the cars made by
    Ford and GM suffered from some form of
    frame rot that could literally cause the
    frame to break in two. As for Pontiac,
    these cars were large, powerful cruisers
    that ferried their owners around in
    comfort and style. Even the low-end
    models like the Catalina had a very
    comfortable ride. I found this to be
    true in the ’69 wagon I owned in the
    late ’70’s. Got it for $125 to replace
    the ’68 Plymouth Satellite 2-door HT
    I had just sold. The only thing that I
    needed to do was to install a new
    clip as the car had been damaged in
    an accident before I bought it. The
    front clip I bought for my wagon was
    the same as this car–of course the
    frame of the donor car was rusted in two.
    The car ran great ’til my ex-wife blew the
    tranny–just because she didn’t like the
    color green! Should’ve ditched her and
    kept the car instead!

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  4. Ken

    I don’t know what Pontiac was thinking with those hideous late ’60s pointy grilles. I hate ’em.

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  5. Del

    I find the whole thing a bit bloated.

    Over 200,000miles ?

    Anything over salvage cash he should take it and run. 😣

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  6. Bowtie brigade

    Had a 69 Catalina 4dr hard top. I loved that car!!! Added a edelbrock performer a holley 600 and dual exhaust. While it wasn’t the highest performance engine available, that 290 hp 400 had tug boat torque and would cruise at 70 effortlessly. Bought mine after a relative passed away. $500 for a 56000 mile one owner car!!! All the other family passed on it because they thought it was a gas hog. If Drove it easy 18 mpg wasn’t hard to do on the freeway.

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  7. Clark griswold

    I love the pointy bumpers of that generation of Pontiac. Symbolic pointed bumper is like large tail fins on a late 50’s early 60′ s Cadillacs , fantastic !! The Pontiac bumper always reminded me of the ” Pontiac Chiefs ” nose standing out at you as the chief’s hood ornament. I own the last of the Pontiacs 09 G8 GT. Has Pontiac insignia at center grille Pontiacs just where they were placed on the pointy bumper. GM guy throughout but mad GM killed Pontiac and gave a slow death to Oldsmobile , shame on you GM….

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