One-Owner 1973 Chevrolet Suburban Super Cheyenne

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You can normally tell the sellers that are serious about selling their vehicles. They are the ones that provide a lot of good quality pictures. Of course, it sometimes indicates a dealership selling the vehicle, as in this case. This seller has provided 124 detailed high-resolution pictures, so make sure when you click the link, that you scroll all the way down to view all of them. This is a 1973 Chevrolet Suburban Cheyenne Super 20 4WD for sale here on eBay in Portland, Oregon.

The year 1973 was the first time the Suburban was offered in a conventional 4 door style. The Suburban is finished in a Spanish Gold paint finish that really shines and still looks glossy, and is complemented by simulated wood grain siding. There is no rust anywhere. The Suburban has hubcaps rather than full wheel covers, maybe due to it being a four-wheel drive. The exterior also features drop-down tailgate with retractable window, chrome bumpers, and dual chrome mirrors.

The Saddle color vinyl interior looks wonderful, and the front seat has had seat covers over them since new. I don’t know if the carpeting has been covered with something, but I can’t find any soiled areas anywhere. I don’t think this one has ever seen service carrying around several kids. The four-wheel-drive shifter is located on the center transmission hump, no convenient buttons on the dash for that. This Suburban has air conditioning but does not appear to have a separate unit for the rear. Features found inside are deluxe steering wheel with wood trim inserts, AM radio, thick nylon blend carpeting, a full length molded plastic headliner, simulated wood grain paneling on the dash and door panels, and a gauge cluster that only lacks a tachometer.

The engine is a 350 cubic inch V-8 with 4 barrel carburetor mated with a Turbo-Hydramatic 3-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle only has 67,387 miles. This Suburban has power steering and power front disc/rear drum brakes. A 24-gallon tank will help to get a little further range.

This Suburban has been owned by only one family since new. It was never abused or carried off the road. If you’re in the market for one of the boxy Suburbans of 1973 to 1991, then here is a very nice one. It would be hard to find another one of this vintage in this condition.

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  1. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    I saw a 1972 K5 Blazer sell for $88 K yesterday at Mecum. I hope this seller was not watching.

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    • Superdessucke

      Some people have too much money on their hands!

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    Amazing shape!

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  3. TimS

    That thing looks like it was ripped right out of a brochure.

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    • local_sheriff

      You’re darn right! Considering how ‘dated’ this must have looked through the 80s and 90s with its colors, woodgrain and overall ‘old’ look it’s nothing but IMPRESSIVE it has survived without someone being tempted to alter it!

      I love every bit of it – perhaps not the price. 10 years ago such a Sub would be a parts car…well, things have changed… I’d absolutely LOVE to own it !

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  4. ChebbyMember

    Nearly every vehicle this seller lists belonged to “Grandpa”. His ratings are good though.

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    • Dave W.

      My Dad factory ordered a ’73 C10 Suburban….Lime green with woodgrain and the Cheyenne Super package….The interior was same color and style as the one in this article.

      The sad thing about it is that it started rusting at 3 years old and had large rust holes and rotted out rocker panels by the time it was 6 years old…..It lasted 12 years but by that time, it was full of bondo and the body was beyond repair due to extensive rust.

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  5. 8banger Dave MikaMember

    Grandpa or not, this thing looks pretty spiffy!

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  6. Thomas K Kolde

    Nice, but not enuff horses to pull itself out of a mud puddle.

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  7. Kevin

    My uncle had one in that metallic lime green with wood. 454 4×4

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  8. James Haviland

    Needs Barn Doors, otherwise great.

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  9. Camaro Joe

    That’s a beautiful truck. I’d like to have it, but it’s too nice to drive in the winters we have in northwestern PA. I had an 82 very similar to this one that came from Richmond VA. With some decent care it lasted 7 PA winters before road salt got to it and it needed serious body work.

    With 4.10:1 gears and no overdrive it isn’t a high speed cruiser. It will pull anything with no problem, but if you get over 68 MPH the gas mileage drops like a rock. If I was going to bid on it, I’d have to plan on installing a 4L80 overdrive transmission.

    The 95 Suburban that I replaced the 82 with had a TBI 350, overdrive and 3.73:1 gears and got 17.5 MPG towing a 63 Impala convertible on a 16′ steel deck trailer between Erie PA and Syracuse NY. With a few reversible (but not real cheap) changes you could make this one a good cruiser.

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  10. Mark

    Beautiful, but wondering, were all oil caps on engine painted same color as engine?

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    • Carl

      No. It should be dulled metal gray or black.. with chips of paint missing if it ever had an oil change. It seems obvious to me it’s been cleaned up a lot. The block should not have orange heads… oh well still very nice.

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      • David Ulrey the detailed part I completely agree with you but not necessarily the part about the oil cap. Recently I owned a 73 C20 very stock except for the wheels, a 73 K10, and a few years back a 73 short bed C10 with a 454. The K10 and C20 Suburban had the 350 and was orange and yes somewhat scuffed and dirty but the oil caps on mine were indeed orange. The C10 with the 454, well that was a horse of a different color because it already had chrome aftermarket valve covers and a chrome oil cap when I bought it.

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      • Jay

        I would have to disagree, ill have to post a pic of it. My 75 C10 has orange heads, block, oil cap, & i believe valve cover also. All original, with all the grime from over the years. Now sports 49k on it

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      • geomechs geomechsMember

        All Chevy engines were corporate orange from ‘67 to well into ‘77. That included oil filler caps. I saw chrome valve covers on some SS units but not all. 1977 was the year GM switched to GM Corporate Blue on EVERYTHING. That was also when the General started phasing out the individual divisions’ engines in favor of the Chevy. Of course that set off a few wars with some customers…

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  11. Camaro Joe

    Mark, I’m sure the selling dealer did some rattle can engine detailing. There’s no way it looks that good after 45 years and 67,000 miles, even in a nice climate. It’s still impressive though not exactly correct.

    James is right, barn doors are the way to go. If you find a time machine, go back to 1973 and tell Grandpa that. After the clowns at work smashed the roll down tailgate window out of my 82 Suburban loading a skid of parts I asked a body man about changing from a tailgate to barn doors, he said it’s not impossible, but not easy (as in expensive). Speaking of expensive, replacing that deep tint rear window cost the company almost $700 in the early 1990’s. You don’t want to know what it costs today.

    Another thing missing on this one is power windows and locks. If you decide to put the windows down to get some air or lock the doors, plan on walking for a while. Even the rear window is a crank up. That didn’t bother me in the 1980’s, the “Chinese fire drill” at a red light to adjust windows or turn the hubs in was normal. Now that I’m over 65 it’s not that much fun.

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  12. geomechs geomechsMember

    This is very nice. I don’t think I would want anything more except the rear A-C. We sold a lot of Burbs back in the day but we sold very few 4x4s. Not very economical; with 4.10 gears and an auto you could expect (read: hope?) 10 or less. Very lean carb settings and the advance curve was retarded. We modified a lot of them and they could finally be driven a reasonable distance without having to refuel. I didn’t like the early version of the NP203 transfer case; the chain tended to stretch. They came out with a much better chain by late ‘76. Now for this truck: I love it! I probably wouldn’t do much to it except for the aforementioned tuneup. I’d prefer 3:73 gears but I doubt if I could be persuaded to change them, for the miles I’d be putting on it…

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  13. Dave

    Oh, for the days when an hour of work at the minimum wage bought ten gallons of gas.

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  14. bob

    Way over detailed. Brake boosters and master cylinders were never painted. They might have pulled the engine just to paint it or were very careful. There is a company that makes an overdrive that would fit it but it’s about 3k and that doesn’t include install or at least one new driveshaft. I had a 74 and liked it but the mileage sucked and this would be no different. If purchased at a reasonable price an LS swap would sure help on power and MPG.

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  15. David

    Gosh. Just amazing – kinda glad it’s a 350 too

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  16. Maestro1

    If I had the room i’d buy it in a minute.

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  17. Kevin

    Nice truck for sure and would love to have it. Too bad it has a small dent in the left passenger door.

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  18. Derek

    Absolutely beautiful….Love the color and interior. Gorgeous vehicle.

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  19. Scott

    I see the radio is not AM as stated on the spid. I also think that it has had paint work done. At least below the wood grain trim. Inner tailgate is beat-up (normal wear)and tear but oddly no paint missing like on the inner cargo area (inner qt. panels) All-in-all a nice rig but i wouldn’t bid without looking this one over closely lots of rattle can work.

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  20. Superdessucke

    Comparing this to the Honda City really puts some cultural differences into perspective!

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  21. Gay Car Nut

    Lovely looking Chevy Suburban. I remember when the Chevy/GMC Suburban looked like this. It’s crazy how long GM kept the appearance before they totally restyled the Suburban.

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  22. kelly g

    I learned to drive in a 74. it had an unusual full time 4wd system that used some sort of center differential. It got 9 mpg no matter how you drove it.

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  23. Bruce Fischer

    I wouldn’t mind the gas mileage and rather have it than a new car or truck because you can still work on it your self ! Bruce.

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      Yes these are very easy to work on. As a professional mechanic I’m seeing a trend moving backwards; people are getting fed up with almost requiring an engineering degree just to change your own oil…

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    • theswede

      Bruce – that’s a good one, it isn’t all about the gas mileage…

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  24. Camaro Joe

    It sold for $16K. In case you wanted it but didn’t get it, here’s a link to an 87 3/4 ton 4X4 that’s for sale in Victorville CA on Craig’s List for $5K.×4-k20/6792152200.html

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