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One Owner Rag Top: 1967 Chevelle


At first glance this Chevelle Convertible looks like a golden find, but it has more issues than you can see in this photo. We’ll get to that shortly, but let’s look at what’s good about it! Besides being a convertible Chevelle, it’s packing a V8 (what looks to be a 327 to me), it’s also equipped with the center console and bucket seats. You can take a closer look at this one owner rag top here on eBay with a current bid of $3k.


Here’s the V8, which looks like a 327 to me. In ’67 the Chevelle was offered with a range of motors, but the Malibu convertible was only offered with the 283 or one of two 327s. I doubt this one is the 325 horsepower version, but you won’t know until you check the numbers. Can any Chevy experts weigh in here on which engine this is?


The interior is complete, but it’s in rough shape. And this isn’t even the worst of the car’s issues. Clearly it has been sitting somewhere very wet. It’s located in West Creek, New Jersey, so it has likely seen road salt and its fair share of rainy days. As a result, most of the underside is rusted out. The floors will need work, the trunk needs replaced and the rockers are about gone. I’m sure the next owner will find even more rust when they start digging into it.


1967 Chevelle Convertibles are desirable, they only built about 12k of them, but this one is going to be a massive project to undertake. If the engine does turn out to be the 325 horse 327, than I’m sure someone would be willing to invest the money into it. I hope someone saves it, or at the very least uses it to save another one. So do you think someone will save this Chevelle?


  1. Joey

    For sure the Chevelle has 283 cylinder heads based upon the single centered pyramid shape on the front of the heads.


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  2. 68 custom

    that’s a 283 with a two barrel under the hood, since both V8s had four barrels. still a nice car to restore being a vert with buckets and console! plus 67 have the dual circuit brakes and other safety features.

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  3. Tommy

    oh yes, and about those brakes, the master cylinder is ….gone.

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    • 68 custom

      don’t have to take the old one off when you convert it to disc brakes! :)

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    • Jeffro

      Is that shift linkage on steering column?

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      • ACZ

        Yes, look at the under hood end of the column.

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  4. Robert White

    It’s a 283 bare bones ragtop chevelle, where the original radio is missing and there is no picture of the dash gages to indicate whether or not there is a factory tach in the tach hole that the SS 396 version sports. Moreover, this is a frame off restoration type project that will eat every dollar on the list of dollars that will be needed to restore it. Bottom line is that I, for one, say that this is a parts car at best because it needs everything from a new ragtop to floorpans & a trunk pan, and rockers both sides. Being a ragtop the integrity of the factory spec on the body has likely been compromised by the floorpans & rockers being rotted out. My opinion on this type of car is that one would want to start with an unadulterated piece of Southern tin for a frameoff on a 68 chevelle. It’s a parts car without a doubt whatsoever. And I used to drive a 67 396 12 bolt pozi back in 1976/77. This ain’t the car for a frameoff.


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  5. CapNemo

    The trunk needs to be replaced.

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    • Ck

      I’m with you Robert White ,its to easy to get in to deep on this one.You would be better off to start with somthing in better shape than try to bring this one back.

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  6. Ric Parrish

    That exhaust manifold has the cast section and even the bolts for a Corvette aluminum overflow tank, wonder why?

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  7. Jay M

    But, but, it’s a 1 one owner car so that means it’s in mint condition, pampered, and worth top dollar!
    Never understood the whole “1 owner hype”

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  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    looks like a 1965 console…..

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  9. JCW Jr. Member

    To restore this you jack the radiator cap up then replace everything under it. Then when done replace radiator cap.

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