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One Owner Signet Gold: 1967 Pontiac GTO

How often do we see the original owner of a 1967 Pontiac GTO put their completely restored car up for sale? This GTO was purchased new in October 1966 and was used as a daily driver until 1974 when it was relegated to the garage for the next 39 years. In 2012, the seller started a 6  year restoration to bring the car back to its former glory. The seller has described the car in great detail and its restoration in the description in the ad here on eBay. The car is located in Pelham, Alabama and has four days remaining in the auction. The GTO is currently bid to $45,100.

The black vinyl interior looks to be in excellent condition. The seller states that have the door and window weatherstripping and seals have been replaced. The seats and door panels are actually all original and in very good condition. New loop pile carpet was also installed along with an aftermarket front seat belt restraint system. The car is being sold with PHS documentation as well as the original owners manual and laminated copy of the window sticker. The automatic transmission is controlled via a Hurst His-N-Hers shifter mounted in the wood grain center console which was new for 1967. The car is equipped with factory air conditioning, power steering, AM radio and has less than 150 miles since the restoration was completed in 2018.

The GTO has had the front end suspension rebuilt along with the power steering and brake system. The Pontiac 400 cubic inch V8 engine was rebuilt during the restoration and was bored .030 over. The camshaft was replaced with an 068 hydraulic cam. A Pertronix rev limiter ignition system was added and all the engine accessories and components were replaced. The air conditioning system was completely rebuilt including the compressor and a modern more efficient compressor recycle system was installed. The Turbo Hydromatic 400 automatic transmission was also rebuilt and the rear end was treated to new bearings and seals. The seller notes that the gas tank and sending unit were replaced along with the drive shaft u-joints.

Look at the size of that trunk! The GTO was repainted in its original Signet Gold color which looks striking against the black interior and black vinyl top. The seller notes that there is a slight exhaust leak from one of the exhaust manifolds but is willing to negotiate they repair this item after the sale with the new buyer. It is rare to see such a nice car restored to this condition being sold by its original owner. The buyer will be fortunate to own this car.


  1. RoughDiamond

    Nice to see everything looking all Poncho under the hood especially the air cleaner assembly that often times ended up on Corvettes.

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    • 19sixty5 Member

      Just an FYI, the 60-62 Corvettes used this air cleaner on the single 4 barrel cars.

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  2. 19sixty5 Member

    Beautiful Goat. Plenty of attention to detail in this restoration. The fact this is literally a one owner car is amazing. The interior “chrome” plastics are excellent, the under hood details are are near perfect as well. Good luck to the owner, he will do well!

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    • Rodney Eldridge

      I was lucky enough to be the high bidder on this Stunning GTO. I drove 3 hours to the owners home and met him in person. Super nice and genuine gentleman. Honest and trustworthy. He had just gotten too old to enjoy it and didn’t want to leave it for his kids who had no appreciation for it. It now sits in my home shop alongside several other beautiful classics. The plan is to remove the original wheels and replace with YearOne Rally II. Don’t worry, the originals will be kept in a secure place.

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  3. Gary

    Time and expense to restore, then only 150 miles in 3 years? Wonder what the story is. Could be age and health (been there, done that, got the t-shirt), or cash needs (been there too), or another reason? I have had my old Dodge for 35 years and I also completed a resto in 2018. Haven’t driven it much since. Today I took her out for a hundred mile jaunt in the back woods hills. It was pleasant enough but something was lacking. I had forgotten how actually scary the Chrysler power steering is. It handled so so, and I got around 12 MPG. I slowly realized that I like driving my modern daily driver so much more. Is that sacrilege to say? I think we drive with rose colored glasses in these old cars. We remember being young, but when we were young it was all we had. I remember my late father sitting beside me on our drives in the Dodge. Boy do I wish he and I could just even for one hour, do that again. Memories are sometimes better then reality. I won’t sell my Dodge, as said, it has memories, and I love the styling, but I am never going to say it is superior to what we have offered to us now.

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    • Ralph

      Great points Gary. Rose colored glasses for sure. For a lot of the time it’s really hard for me to enjoy wringing out a car. (Ferrari)
      There are too many distracted, drugged, drunk, and imbecilic folks that you have to share the road with…makes it really tough to relax. My friend who has 3 Ferraris says the same thing.
      Yes it’s a blast to have something old and special, but like you said, at times the newer stuff seems a lot more comfortable. And the safety features help with the fear of some idiot killing you while they are texting at 50 mph. I learned that the hard way too. Makes me wish there were “no idiots” times where we all could get on the roads for a couple of hours of fun without fear. Would pay money for that opportunity.

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    • rmdunc

      Somewhat agree as I have a 71 Riviera and when I go back into my Acura RDX I almost put my wife through the windshield as the braking system is a slight bit better on an Acura. The pickup is quicker with fuel injection, but when I get to cruising the backroads or the highways with Deep Purple on the radio the 71 wins hands down. The torque and the floating on a cloud feeling of the Riviera says please drive me to California but at 9 miles to the gallon, it will have to stay in NC.

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  4. Robert White

    This car has provenance and it’s fully restored. Plus it’s pure hot rod 60s muscle car high performance @ 330 horse power, and all original too.

    If I had the dough to bid I would be bidding for this beauty for sure. I used to drive my brother’s 67 Beaumont Sport Deluxe 396CID 400-Turbo with 12 bolt-Posi. At 110 Mph these cars handle really well @ speed.


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  5. jnard90 jnard90 Member

    Not a big fan of the wire spoked hub caps, but otherwise perfection.

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    • Rick Rothermel

      Pontiacs years-long fixation with ‘tigers’ got on the nerves of GM brass by mid ’66 and a new advertising program wàs ordered.
      The mostly carryover ’67s rolled out billed as ‘THE GREAT ONE’, and the revisions to the model line helped the cars live up to the ad line. Nice car here, glad there are still some survivors.

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  6. Troy s

    That interior, man oh man it “pops” like a 60’s muscle car should! Pontiac really knew how to rope in the crowd of speed freaks didn’t they. Just sitting inside this car not running and its a special thing. Great ride.

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  7. Steve

    A truly stunning GTO … and very rare to have the opportunity to purchase from the original owner. Amazing.

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  8. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Consoles can be anything from bloated to cheesy looking.
    But this console is absolutely beautiful – along with the rest of the interior.

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  9. John B. Mc

    The air breather used on early corvettes was aluminum!

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  10. Mike

    This car brings back a lot of memories. My best friend in high school had a 67 GTO same color and interior only his must have been an early 67 because his had a 389 not a 400 and was a 4-speed with the wood grain console. What a fast and fun car to drive. His was stolen and never found.

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  11. Utes

    Belongs on Bring-A-Trailer site.

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  12. John Oliveri

    She’s a beautiful car, original owner, and really lacking nothing but power windows and 8 track tape deck, as far as rose colored glasses, I have a 73 Grand Prix SJ, 455 with every conceivable factory option including elec sunroof, and driving that, and then getting into my 18 E43 Mercedes, is a world of difference, mostly in the steering and electronics, but I prefer the Grand Prix on a summers night, except for the 8mpg with the a/c on

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    • 19sixty5 Member

      Good call John… I had a nice 67 convert, regimental red, red interior, white top, power everything, console, AM/FM, 8 track, power windows, seat, antenna, AC, PS/PB, even the reclining passenger seat with headrests, Safe-T-Track… and yes, 4 speed! I REALLY miss that car, it was pretty much loaded for back in the day.

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