One Rare Duck: 1953 Allard K3

1953 Allard K3 Front Corner

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We’ve had the pleasure of featuring many Allards and have come across several Allard K2s and even a J2X, but we’ve never come across a K3 before. The K3 is both smaller and lighter than the K2, but is still powered by a big V8. To keep weight down, Allard crafted the body out of aluminum and then mounted it to a lightweight tube chassis. They then slid the De Dion rear suspension from the K2 under it and added coil springs up front. This very rare K3 is being offered here on eBay, with bidding starting at $43,000.

1953 Allard K3 Side

After the great success of the K2, Allard decided it needed to build a serious touring car. The new design was more elegant and advanced then anything Allard had ever built before. The K3 proved to be a wonderfully balanced car and easily out performed most of its competition. Amazingly Allard was able to achieve a near perfect 50/50 weight distribution while still having a big V8 up front. One area that the K3 couldn’t compete at was price, the K3 cost $5,300 when new

1953 Allard K3 Interior

This K3 looks to be solid and complete, but definitely could use a restoration. The seller didn’t state what condition the drivetrain is in, but it appears that the 331 cui Cadillac V8 is intact. The body looks straight, but some of the gaps aren’t the best. Hopefully this car was never in any accidents, as it is very difficult to straighten aluminum body panels. Also the seats need to be recovered and the wooden dash is in need of refinishing.

1953 Allard K3 Rear Corner

This car is going to need a lot of work to get it looking and performing its best. Restoring any classic car is expensive and even more so for a car that there were only 63 ever built. Hopefully everything is still with the car or it could get expensive fast, especially if the reserve is set high.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Bob

    Some interesting cars in the background.

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  2. Jeff V.

    V8 in a small car hmmm, could this be an inspiration for Carroll Shelby (Cobra). And GM’s involvement (Cadillac V8), its then a wonder why they started with the blue flame 6 in the vette (53′). Was this car the start of it all?

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  3. Tony

    Duntov had a lot to do with this car I believe.Corvette originally had the 6 because it was a sports car – reference MG, Triumph etc popularity post WWII. Big engine/small car has it’s roots in the american hot rod movement and further muscle cars.

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  4. Somer

    Sydney Allard had been stuffing big V-8’s in his cars for years.

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  5. J. Pickett

    Allard started putting flatheads in limited edition specials prewar. His family owned a ford dealer. Others who did it in England before war were Railton who was putting Hudson engines and even chassis under English bodies in 1933.

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  6. Tony

    If I recall the story from Duntov’s book correctly he was driving for Allard and convinced him to install the V8 (flathead). Later the flatheads gained his Ardun OHC conversion before switching to Cadillac power.Parallels the hot rod path.

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  7. Ron

    Fire it up and drive it. Keep the patina.

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  8. Dale

    That looks like the facility of “The Burt Collection”

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  9. Jim

    If this car is original it should be left alone, minus getting it running of course. Cars are only original once. And DRIVE it for the love of god! I hate trailer queens!

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  10. Peter

    Not original at all. Missing it’s ID plate so has no official Allard car number. Could still be fun, but dash, instruments, seats, etc. are all wrong. This car came out of California 6 months back or so, looks like he is now dumping all his Allards (or trying to, prices he asking are high).

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