One Rought Goat: 1967 Pontiac GTO

1967 Pontiac GTO

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I love the Pontiac GTO as much as the next guy, but boy are these things pricey! No, they aren’t Porsche kind of pricey, thankfully, but they are still worth considerable money. That being said, I think this seller is dreaming with their $9,500 asking for this rough Goat. I also think they have a very different definition of what “AMAZING CONDITION” is than I do. Before you make a decision about this car, be sure to check it out here on eBay in Claremont, North Carolina and look it over more closely for yourself!

1967 Pontiac GTO Interior

Perhaps for a North Carolina car, this one is in great shape, but to me it looks pretty rusty. The seller seems upfront about the car, I think they are just optimistic and trying to get the most for it (can’t say I blame them). I’m actually impressed by all the great photos they have provided, that’s something I wish more sellers would include! They admit that it has rust in the floors, trunk and various other areas. Thankfully, these cars are popular so you can get replacement metal for just about every piece.

1967 Pontiac GTO Engine

The seller isn’t sure which engine this is, but they believe it is original to the car. They provided the block numbers and I’m sure one of you GTO fanatics can tell us if it’s correct or not. It looks to be the 400 V8 with the 2 barrel carb to me, can anyone confirm that? Apparently the engine runs and sounds great, but is currently running off of a fuel can. It will need the tank reinstalled, the lines cleaned out and brake work to be driven. The 4 speed should make it rather fun to hit the road in, well at least it would be once all the rust is repaired and a full interior installed. I guess if you want to use it as a race car, it’s already stripped out for you!

1967 Pontiac GTO Project

Fully restored ’67 GTOs can go for big money, but you can find decent driver’s for under $20k. If it were a Ram Air car, it might be worth it, but if it’s a base model car I think the seller will have a hard time finding a buyer at this price. I’d love to hear what you guys think though! Is it priced too high or just right?

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  1. Bruce

    looks like a Rochester 4 bbl to me

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    • Kevin Reid

      Yep, that’s a qudra-jet. I love em, hate em, have run em, junked em and even used afew of em for shotgun target practice. One of GM’s better ideas

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  2. Scott

    I have seen worse condition due to rust than this one…

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  3. grenade

    Get that car running and leave it exactly like it is. Assemble the exterior and a basic interior, add a Roadkill windshield decal and take it on the power tour. Job Done.

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    • Kevin

      you sir are brilliant

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    • Birdman

      You sooooo read my mind!! General Mayhem…you’ve met your match!!

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    • Cattoo CattooButt

      Death Proof PMD style. Some plexi glass for interior compartmentization and an old tractor seat for the passenger to sit on.

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    I like it gernade, five grand would be all the money for me on this car. I love 67’s man but this thing is rough. It does have a hurst 4-spd but I don’t think that engine is numbers matching.

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  5. Frankie

    Great shape is debatable, he most likely means compared to the really rough cars out there. I love it, but not enough to get stupid about the price. I’d go through it, flush the tank and lines, radiator too, change all the fluids and fix the rust holes while they’re small, then I’d wax it, install a carpet kit and drive it. There’s a lot of restored cars on eBay and other sites that are gorgeous, but driving them places would be nerve wracking, door dings, scratches, theft?

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  6. JW

    LMAO !!! This guy contradicts himself more than once when he states it’s mostly rust free then describes the small rust holes in floors / needs partial trunk floor / some on lower quarters. Granted 4 speed GTO’s are worth mega dollars but it would take that to get this back in to show quality condition and if that motor is not original to the car that kills the value. Yes 5K tops in my honest opinion and as I’ve stated before I had 4 of these cars.

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  7. Barzini

    There are not many decent drivers for under $20k; recent eBay sales suggest it’s closer to the mid twenties. I love these cars but the prices have escalated so fast over the last few years.

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  8. OhU8one2

    I would like to see a PHS first before buying,just so I would know what I am buying. Then I would go the Royal Bobcat route. I would bore out the engine to 428ci,and would make sure the differential was posi with minimum 3:56 gears. Then just sort out the rest. I myself like the hard tops better,but if the price was lower I could live with it. Plus I don’t see a lot of desirable option’s. It’s still a tin Indian though. And that is good enough for me.

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  9. Charles

    This car is rough! There is one thing that grabs my attention though.

    If you look at the vin tag, the word paint is stamped onto the tag on the far right side, which means that the car was built originally with a special paint color. From the looks of what is left of the original color this car appears to have been Tiger Gold, which makes it somewhat of a rarity. It will take more investigation then looking at a few pics to determine if this is the case.

    Of course if the engine is not numbers matching, that will hurt the value of the car, as in the case that the car is a rare paint code, it needs to be all original to be a true collectable. Either way a restoration will be a labor of love and one had better have a wheel barrow load of money to complete it.

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  10. Bobby

    By the looks of the numbers on the engine it is a 428 Pontiac that was matted to a 4spd from the factory. Bonneville or Catalina would be my guess. If it had all matching numbers with the correct 400 CID engine it would be worth very close to 9500 if not more. I would pay 6500 as is now. 67 GTO is my favorite year for the goat. My first car was a 67 convertible with the 400 4spd that I sold in 1983 for 1500 dollars. It was pretty solid but it had a 66 left front fender and grille because when my Dad got it in 1982 it was with a blown clutch and needing a fender and grille. Sold it when I was 15 in 1983. Still hoping to some day get another. I also owned a 66 hardtop w/ a 400 from a 70 Judge, a 70 hardtop with a 400 4spd, and a 67 Lemans that had a Ford 302 auto former drag car.

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  11. THEAZT

    A well preserved/ restored ’67 can be had for $20k and this one asking $9500? Need to come down to reality.All the work/ money necessary to make this presentable will never be recouped.

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