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Same Owner Forty Years: 1948 Rover P3 Model 75

Rover’s story began like many a British maker – crafting bicycles and motorcycles starting in 1878. The company’s name was associated with “wandering”, and it chose a Viking longship as its emblem, symbolizing exploration. When the automobile market erupted… more»

Cheap Garage Find: 1976 Triumph TR7

Most people love the Triumph TR6. The same can’t be said for its younger brother, the TR7, though. Why is that? Period reviews praised it and it was a much more usable design. Maybe it was the wedge shape… more»

Rare Color: 2009 Mini-Cooper S Turbo Drop-Top

The Mini-Cooper arrived on the automotive scene in 2000, a product built by BMW but marketed separately. Several variants would emerge, including the Mini-Cooper S as a convertible with a supercharger at first, replaced by a turbocharger later. The… more»

BF Auction: No Reserve 1967 MG Midget

UPDATE – We have relisted this one with no reserve! We have a lot of history with this little MG Midget. We featured it back in 2020 when it was offered in San Fransico with a bunch of spare… more»

Garage Dweller: 1961 Ford Anglia 105E Deluxe

Ford’s Anglia began life in 1939, a typically British bull-nosed saloon equipped with an aging sidevalve engine. Until 1953, the car was nearly unchanged – the new design for that year was only sheet-metal deep. A few improvements had… more»

Hangar Find: 1981 Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin paired up with Lagonda in 1947 – two small-batch makers occupying the luxury niche. After the merger, the Lagonda nameplate was usually cycled into the production mix when Aston Martin offered a sedan to buyers. This car… more»

1 of 1 in the US! 1988 Lotus Excel

If you are familiar with this model Lotus… congratulations! You are a true automobile aficionado! I thought I knew cars fairly well, yet the only Excel I had ever heard of was from Hyundai. This is truly a unicorn…. more»

Restored Barn Find: 1959 Triumph TR3A

The Triumph TR3 (and its unofficial variants) was a popular British sports car, selling 75,000 copies between 1955 and 1962. The TR3A was an updated version of the little autocross wonder that came along in 1957, but they were… more»

V8 Swapped: 1986 TVR 280i

Typically, modified cars don’t get a ton of love from enthusiasts when it comes to classics. We want to see vintage cars in a preserved state, as they were delivered from the dealership. Well, every now and again, you… more»

BF Auction: 1980 Triumph TR8 Convertible

UPDATE – The seller has asked us to rerun their auction, so be sure to take another look! The idea of cramming a V8 into a British sports car certainly wasn’t new when Triumph took their TR7 and stuffed… more»

Two-Owner Project: 1967 Lotus Cortina Mk 1

The Ford Lotus Cortina was a 1960s collaboration between Ford and Lotus Cars to build a performance-oriented small sedan. There were two generations with the Mk 1 being in production from 1963 to 1970.  With a 1557-cc twin camshaft… more»

Storage Unit Find: 1969 Lotus Elan +2

In the early 1960s, Colin Chapman was riding high on successes in Formula racing. But his road-going car, the Elite, struggled in the market, putting Lotus in a precarious financial position. The Elite, while lovely, was fragile and demanded… more»

Rare Big Valve Project: 1971 Lotus Elan +2 S130

When you think of a Lotus Elan, it’s natural to picture an evocative two-seater roadster. After all, this is the nameplate that made Lotus a household name for car enthusiasts everywhere. However, the little-know Elan +2 is an alternative… more»

Chev-Powered Brit: 1963 Jaguar Mark X Saloon

Hiding in this garage is a British classic with a sense of presence. This 1963 Jaguar Mark X Saloon was recently laid low by a minor mechanical issue, but addressing the problem should be straightforward. The dry location and… more»

Nicest One Left? 1997 Jaguar XJ6 L

There are some great cars on the market today that can be had for a song. Among them are the R129-series Mercedes-Benz SL roadsters, which are some of the prettiest convertibles ever made that can be purchased for less… more»

Barn Find Lives Again! 1966 Triumph TR4-A

The Triumph TR4-A differed little from the TR4, switching to independent rear suspension (IRS) during its production run between 1965 and 1967. You could opt to go back to the live axle of the TR4, but that change would… more»

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