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Original Dreamsicle: 1964 Dodge D100

1964 Dodge D100 Stepside

I can see why classic trucks are one of the fastest growing markets right now. For one they are practical and durable, you can throw parts, tools or lumber in the back and go. They are also incredibly cool! Just look at this bright orange Dodge Stepside. It really is a sweet looking rig, even with some faded and chipped paint. The seller purchased it to use as a parts hauler and junk mover around their property. Sadly, they are moving to another state and have decided it’s not practical to take this truck with them and is letting go of it. You can find this Dreamsicle here on eBay in Irvine, California with a current bid of $1,400 and the reserve not met.

1964 Dodge D100 Interior

The seller claims they have already gone through all the mechanical systems and made this truck into a nice driver. They left the original paint alone, which was a great choice if you ask me! I especially love the Caltrans numbering on the cab. I do see some surface rust that needs to be treated before it gets any worse. The seller notes there is some rust in the floors too, but that there aren’t any holes yet.

1964 Dodge D100 Engine

The slant six might not have the grunt of a V8, but I’d be more than happy with this 225 6 cylinder!

1964 Dodge D100

If you ask me, this is one great looking truck that will likely go up in value as the demand for trucks increases. As long as it is solid and roadworthy, this one would be a great rig for someone looking for a first time classic that they can also get some work out of! So would you trust this Dodge for a cross country drive?


  1. rick

    Love these ex-utility owned rigs, you know they were always well maintained

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  2. jim s

    this truck has a push button automatic transmission. you can see the unit on the dash to left of steering wheel. i love the truck which is predented and ready to work, but could not live with the automatic. the color however does work. now at $ 3350 with reserve still not met. great find.

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  3. Lee Hartman

    I sold mine too cheap at $3500. It was on eBay for a total of about 2 1/2 hours.

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  4. JW454

    Here’s my friend’s truck. It started out looking somewhat like the featured truck. I like these step sides.

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  5. DodgeFan

    Love the old ford hubcaps. they look good on this pickup for sure. These are about as rare as the truck itself, only being used for 1 or two years on one line of Ford cars.

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  6. Van

    Needs a gun rack.
    Road sign of guy with shovel
    Another with don’t pick up hitch hikers.
    Faded star on doors
    Matching jump suit with number on pocket
    Says property of department of corrections

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  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    I was a little surprised to see the push-button automatic before I remembered that Chrysler used that until ’65. I’d much rather have a manual transmission than an automatic for this application but that wouldn’t deter me if I was in the market. Nice clean truck!

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  8. Steve B

    Coolest trucks ever

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  9. rangeroger

    I loved my ’63 D-100. The 225 was almost indestructible, but as I mentioned in another post, it kept on trucking even with a broken crankshaft. Did have front wheel bearing problems due to sagging front springs that needed to be re-arched and the 3 speed column shift would sometimes get stuck between 1st and 2nd. Then I would open the hood,reach in and wiggle the linkage until i was back in neutral, then off and running again.
    It had a camper shell and someone in the past had gotten it registered as a housecar, so I didn’t have to pay the commercial registration that Cal imposed on pick-ups.
    Finally gave it away to a guy who lived in it for a while.

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  10. stillrunners

    Nice truck with that rare Auto trans…..at $5000 and reserve not met – I guess “you can take it with you” hehehe…..

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  11. Bob C.

    This came as a surprise to me that push button automatics were available in trucks. I remember the A series vans had a vertical lever on the dash.

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  12. paul massaro

    just got my truck hit , and i need another one to fix up . saw this one awhile back . but now i need it . its a sister pickup to mine . would like to have it for myself . insurance is writing me a check to fix mine . if its for sale i’m buying .

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