Stuck Sedan: 1962 Dodge Dart

The 1962 Dodge Darts were quite memorable from a styling standpoint, and may even be considered polarizing. Today, however, they’re a nice change of pace from the more common Imperial or 300-series cars, and this one looks to have been parked for quite some time. It comes with the 318 V8, which was an optional upgrade over the standard issue six cylinder. Find it here on craigslist in Indianapolis for $5,999 or go here if the ad disappears.

The seller says it’s a clean title, one-owner vehicle that he “thinks” currently has a 318. I’m assuming some level of VIN decoding has been done to confirm this, but it’d be nice if he at least opened the hood and grabbed a picture to confirm. Clearly, the Dart has been sitting for some time in an environment resembling a barn, and those dirt floors typically do no favors to the underside of a car like this.

The ’62 Darts were available in a few configurations, with my personal favorite being the wagon. The 318 motor would have been an upgrade in and of itself over the standard Slant 6 that was offered across the lineup. Speaking of options, the bench seat might tell us something about this Dart’s original equipment, as a fold-down armrest up front was considered an upgrade. However, no interior photos are provided so we’ll have to imagine peering through those dusty windows.

If there’s rust hiding somewhere, I can’t see it. As mentioned before, the floors might be vulnerable to the dirt underneath, but the barn doesn’t look particularly wet. A four-door post might not be the most desirable configuration, but this one appears solid enough from up top and the price seems fair. The seller says that these are worth big money when restored; do you agree?


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  1. GSChevy

    The 440 didn’t come out until 1965 and it lasted until 1978 in various horsepower ratings.

    • Geri

      the ’62 dart had a basic dart, 330 and 440 model the 440 does not refer to engine the 90’s I had a ’62 dodge dart station wagon ,converted it to a 2 door hardtop using factory doors and quarter panels, it looked factory inside and out. then I put a 426 hemi it to finish it off, what did I do? I got stupid and sold it.

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      • Geri

        the engine in my ’62,I did 100% of the work fro m headers to wheel tubs .I did not paint the car,out of my comfort zone

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      • glen

        So nice, so very nice!

      • 86 Vette Convertible


      • BMW4RunninTundra

        I am not a die hard Mopar guy. Like some, don’t like some. This one I LOVE! You did some beautiful artwork!!! I consider vehicles being restored, by the owners, not some big buck shop, a definitive form of art!!!! One that requires so many different dimensions of skills that they are at the top of the heap, as far as Artists go!!!!
        *ALL of the above is only my opinion*

      • r spreeman

        I once worked in a factory with a guy who tried to tell me that the Rambler 660 had a 660 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine. And my cousin’s wife thought that the 454 on the side of her Monte Carlo was how many horsepower it had. Lots of people mistake the Coronet 440 model for having the big motor in it when you could get it with a 6 but most had 318’s. BTW I LOVE that wagon.

    • steve

      Actually the ’62 Dart had a factory option of a 413 Wedge engine, not the 440

      • KKW

        Surely you didn’t just now figure that out. Lol.

  2. Pat

    Uh no.


    Dart 440 was the model name and not related to the engine size.

    • GSChevy

      Read the original ad, DABIG KAHUNA, and you’re right – the seller said that it was a Model 440………the write up refers to 440 as the former engine size.

    • Billy007

      Yes, obviously a clueless heir or a swindler trying to cash in. Besides, this is a base 62, a slant six was standard, and the 318 optional. A four door as well, chances of a performance engine is rare at best. Who cares, the Poly 318 was a very nice engine and fits this car beautifully. My grandfather bought a brand new 1963 almost like this a few months before he died so Grandma would have something reliable to drive. My teenage uncles ruined that idea, but it still was an awesome car. For years I have dreamed of buying a 63 in his memory, but now at my age, I think those days are over. My grand kids will start to remember my cars. (They can fight over my pristine 1983 Mirada that is almost done with being restored, of course, when we are all gone, will there be petrol to propel them?)

      • Dovi65

        I, too, had dreams of owning a few cars like the ones my dad drove. However, just as you lamented, I’m certain that’s all it will ever be .. just a dream. I’m limited on space already, and reaching the age of downsizing. My Pops was a car guy, but never had desire for the muscle cars, or the like. With 5 mouths to keep housed, clothed, fed .. he drove what the budget allowed, whether it be a Rambler American, a Chevy, Pontiac, or whatever and never once complained. A simple man who lived for his family.

  4. Steve R

    The seller never claims the car came with a 440.

    He’s a clown for thinking it’s worth $50,000 when restored. It’s a $1,000 parts car on a good day if the bottom of the car is rusted out.

    Steve R

    • mike D

      yes, I read the ad, no mention of it having a 440 engine , but, IMAGINE if it did!! tho for this car would prob not go any higher than a 383 looks to be in decent shape if under the dirt and grime the paint is decent, would leave that ” as is” and buff the heck out of it this is one of the 4 drs that I wouldn’t mind it having ” too many doors ” It’s a handsome car, hope somebody does it justice

      • edh

        The 413 Max Wedge was an option.

  5. MorganW Morgan Winter

    “440” refers to the trim level, not cubic inches, in this case. Available V-8s in ’62 were 318, 361, 383 and 413…I’ll have the Max Wedge 413, please!

  6. SAM61

    Potential sleeper or cop car clone. I thought Jeff was going for for a Dodge Polara pun with the polarizing lead in.

  7. ruxvette

    Close, but no cigar…
    “The new Dart 440, the top trim line, with its standard 318 V8 engine…”
    440 SERIES…not motor.

  8. edh

    “The 1962 Dodge Dart was completely restyled, and the Seneca, Pioneer, and Phoenix lines were dropped and replaced with a base, 330, and 440 models.”

    • KKW

      And the 880.

    • Geri

      the 1962 was first /only year the dart was a B body

  9. KKW

    In 61, Chrysler caught wind of a rumor that gm was downsizing their full-sized models, which of course never happened. These morphodites were the result of a hasty and unnecessary move.

    • Dick Johnson

      They sure were nessessary…. for the drag strip.

    • Geri


      • LAB3

        That was my reaction too but apparently it’s a regional slang term.

      • stanley kwiecinski

        2-d -bone!

      • glen

        Related to Aphrodite?

  10. Redragula

    I’d recreate Capt Culpepper’s police unit from It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

    • Henryfrederick

      I was thinking the same thing. I liked the red convertible in that movie. Was a dart or polara?

      • Chebby Staff


  11. RicK

    GM did downsize in ’61, only to revert back for ’62. Just compare a ’60, ’61 & ’62 full size Chevy.

  12. 77 MGB

    I’m more interested in the two pick ups in the background…

  13. John C Cargill

    Only a few 62 Dodges and Plymouths had big blocks. Usually the top option was a 361. Maybe 100 got 413s. That’s as big as it got.

  14. KSwheatfarmer

    Shine it up and go!

  15. gaspumpchas

    Clean it off…..

  16. Pete Phillips

    There’s also the Polara 500 trim option at the top of the line. Here’s mine, with a 361. They came as a 4-dr. hardtop, 2-dr. hardtop, or convertible.

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    • CrazyGeorge CrazyGeorge

      Your a lucky man. I don’t think many 500’s survived. I’m jealous !

  17. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    Correct on 440 model….and 1966 was the first year of the 440 engine…

  18. Doug

    The Plymouth version with a 413 Max Wedge was the first production car to turn a sub 12 second quarter mile – The Melrose Missle , driven by Tommy Grove @
    Fremont Raceway, July 15, 1962 11.93 seconds.
    That goofy surfer song “Shut Down” about the Stingray and the 413 was pure teen fantasy – no way that ” fuel injected engine under the hood” was going to do anything with the Mopar, which was rated at 425 horsepower, but closer to 550 HP in Max Wedge configuration. ( The Sting Ray was also a very heavy car for it’s size weighing in at about 100 lbs MORE than the Mopar ) The Sting ray is listed at 3180 lbs, the Mopar at 3083 . )

  19. 86 Vette Convertible

    Care of
    In 1961, the Ramchargers built up an engine for Frank Wiley’s new car; Dodge created the first factory package cars in that year. A 1961 Dodge Dart 413 was used by the Ramchargers at the 1961 NHRA Nationals (driven by Eckstrand and Jim Thornton).

    If it had the right number of doors, a little drivetrain work, some paint and a clean pair of pants – it could a clone to scare the heck out of a lot of people.

  20. CrazyGeorge CrazyGeorge

    I live in Indy. I’m gonna go look at this 4 door . If you study the pictures you see a hit on the left front which lifted the hood. Then there’s all the deluxe chrome on the windows and I also see chrome rims so was this modified ? It’s in a pole barn but the barn looks new ( and there’s not a lot of junk piled up ) so I don’t think it’s been in the dirt long. Plus there’s some old IRON in the back corner (1939-1940 Ford Sedan, 1948 Chevy 5 window PU and a 1932to34 Ford? coupe) and a “Car Show” sign on the back wall so the guy is involved with the car culture or he bought out an estate . There may be more here than meets the eye. We’re supposed to get bad weather this weekend but I’m gonna try to go see this vehicle. I’ll keep ya posted….

    • CrazyGeorge CrazyGeorge

      Update.Although the car is 20 minutes away the owner lives 85 miles away from the car. Maybe next weekend I’ll try again. This car ain’t goin’ nowhere ….

  21. Ed

    The 880 wasn’t a Dart series car. Same body as the Chrysler.

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