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Overseas Find: 1932 Plymouth PB Seven Passenger


You never know where you might find a great barn find. It might be in an old barn in Ohio or one in India, you just never know where someone might have stashed their old car. In the case of reader Subbaiah K, he found his barn find hiding in Bangalore, India. This 1932 Plymouth PB Seven Passenger Deluxe Sedan was ordered by the original owner and arrived in India in 1933. Subbaiah found it hidden in this barn in 2009 and within 18 months it was fully restored.


The first owner was a liquor baron and passed it on to his son in the 1960’s, who used it occasionally until the 1970’s. Subbaiah says that according to legend, the original owner had a camper trailer that they pulled behind this sedan when they went on hunting trips. They had the trailer hitch and spare fuel tank rack built and installed locally and both are still with the car.


There weren’t many of these Seven Passenger Sedans built and very few still remain today. According to his research, Subbaiah believes this is the oldest remaining 1932 PB Seven Passenger Sedans and is one of only three known to still exist. We couldn’t find any information to verify this, but given that there were only 2,179 built in ’32, it’s possible.


This find goes to show that you never know where you might find a classic car, it could be in your own neighborhood or all the way across the world. We want to thank Subbaiah for sharing his find with us and we wish him the best. Remember to keep checking all the barns you come across and don’t forget to share your finds with us! If you have a great Barn Find, even if it’s on the other side of the world, click here to submit it.


  1. Al Johnson

    He restored it, you say? That must have been a huge job. How about some photos?

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    • Jesse

      Yeah Josh, how about some “after” photos? Should be interesting to see how it turned out.

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    • Subbaiah K P

      Hi All,
      The car has been restored and link to the restoration is here

      The Plymouth Owners Club has confirmed that as per the Plymouth Club records there are only 3 surviving seven passenger Plymouth PB’s



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      • Jesse

        Wow, Subbaiah, the car turned out great! We hope you enjoy it for many years to come. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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      • Al Johnson

        Thanks, Subbaiah! Beautifully done, and great choice of color–

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  2. frank opalka

    What are the other cars in the lot?

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  3. Will

    Is it me or does this thing have a turning center head light? It looks aftermarket but it is cool. I guess Tuckers ideas weren’t all original.

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  4. SETH

    I agree, where are the “restored photos” First photo shows car moved from where it was stored, stored photos have weeds under car

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  5. Tara P

    Thats great, some photos would be a bonus though so we can see what it looks like, India is a good place for finding early cars hidden or long forgotten.

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  6. Chris

    What a great color for both the body and wheels. I am from the Rochester NY area and lived in Pittsford NY, the town on the other side of the Erie, now Barge Canal. Rochester has a great car history as it had the factory for a luxury car called the Cunningham. The AACA, American Antique Car Association, had one of the original chapters for whom my Dad was a photographer. Dad sold the 1930 Packard Roadster to put my sister through college and replaced it with a Riley RMA which went across the street to our neighbor. The hobby has expanded greatly with specialized clubs for many makes including the Rolls Royce Owners Club. Great city for antiques cars. Not only is the 7 passenger rare, but this is the only right hand drive. Such a neat car, great restoration.

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  7. Harit Trivedi

    This car has a Pilot Ray (made in USA) centerlight. By means of levers it is connected to the steering linkages and turns with the wheels, like Tuckers car and the famous Citroen. Only this was in the 1930’s. Many cars in India were fitted with these, yes it was probably aftermarket. Hope no one comes to the idea that these were used during hunting.
    This car looks great, runs great, but did not get selected for the Cartier Concourse d’elegance show to be held in Mumbai this year. The curator did not travel to Bangalore to check it out, he sent someone who may not have understood the task entrusted to him.
    India used to be a good place to find cars, that was about 20 years ago, now finds are rare, and these finds are enourmously expensive.

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  8. dk

    Try this site – you were looking at someone else’s post http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/gallery.php?page=3&searchid=62245&autoload=highslide-first

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  9. Chebby

    A real life Chitty-Chitty-Bang-bang story. Fantastic!

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  10. Subbaiah K P

    Thank you all for your comments. I am glad you like the looks of the car post restoration. She drives well and has given us much pleasure.



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