No Reserve Driver: 1976 Ford Bronco

We’re no strangers to First Generation Ford Broncos at Barn Finds, and the condition of the vehicles we feature varies widely. Some are sad and sorry sights, while others are meticulously restored vehicles. This 1976 model treads a middle… more»

One of 8,341: 1950 Mercury Convertible

As summer gently wraps its tendrils around us, the desire for a convertible grows stronger in each of us.  While a drop top is impractical for nearly every application, the ability to put the top down and see the… more»

Solid Project: 1993 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor

Practicality is often a key consideration when an enthusiast assesses a classic to park in their workshop. It takes two forms. The first is whether the car will suit their needs if they have a growing family. The second… more»

Single-Year Color: 1978 Datsun 280Z

Datsun’s First Generation Z-Car range graced American showrooms from 1970 until 1978, with the company offering buyers a choice of twenty-nine paint colors during the production run. However, the Black Pearl cloaking our feature car’s exterior was a one-year-only… more»

Rust-Free Driver: 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7

Some enthusiasts aren’t able to tackle a project build, and locating a rock-solid, turnkey classic becomes a priority. That’s where cars like this 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7 step up to the plate. It presents exceptionally well for a driver-grade… more»

Strong 300 HP V8: 1973 Chevrolet Corvette

The 1973 Corvette may best be remembered as being the last of that generation to have chrome rear bumpers. Plastic (or Endura) coverings, like the front bumpers, would emerge in 1974 as the Feds were tightening safety requirements. This… more»

Project Pair: 383-Powered 1964 Dodge 440

The seller has two unrelated Dodge automobiles that are both projects. The first is a 1964 Dodge 440, which was junior to the Polara that year. The second is a 1970 Dart Swinger which was the sporty variant of… more»

Fastback Project: 1972 Ford Torino Sport

The Torino debuted in 1968 as an upscale Fairlane – and would replace that nameplate altogether in 1971. With a complete redesign in 1972, the cars took on a bulkier look compared to the aerodynamic strokes on the 1970-71… more»

No Reserve 1979 Ford F-250 Ranger XLT

Survivor-grade Pickups invariably attract plenty of attention when they hit the market, and this 1979 Ford F-250 Ranger XLT is no exception. Part of the attraction could be the impressive condition, while the drivetrain promises excellent performance and exceptional… more»

Mostly Original 1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

The Chevrolet Caprice was among the first to go under the chopping block when GM began downsizing so many of its offerings, with the 1977 model shedding more than 600 pounds and losing over 10 inches in length from… more»

Same Family Since ’65: 1939 Ford Coupe

The seller refers to this 1939 Ford Coupe as an older restoration, although its updated engine and interior may lead some to class it as a refurbishment. They admit the paint shows some age, but its overall tidy presentation… more»

Field Find: 1967 Dodge A100 Panel Van

The A100 was a “shorty” van built by Dodge from 1964 to 1970. With a wheelbase of just 90 inches, it was popular first as a commercial delivery vehicle and later as a beach van with teenagers (shades of… more»

$122k Already Spent: 1955 Chrysler C-300

I’m sure that almost every Barn Finds reader knows of an enthusiast who has spent considerably more than a car’s potential market value in their pursuit of perfection. That is the story behind this 1955 Chrysler C-300. Mere words… more»

Loads of Chrome! 1958 Buick Super Riviera

The U.S. economy experienced an economic downturn in 1958, its first real crunch since the ramp-up after World War II. This especially hit the auto industry, which saw sales drop 30% from the year before. Buick fared worse than… more»

BF Auction: 1974 Triumph TR6

The seller of this Triumph TR6 has owned it for over 30 years! It’s a little rough around the edges, but it runs well and is ready to be restored or just driven. Be sure to look through all… more»

Garage Kept for 18 Years: 1949 Mercury Sedan

A lot of credit goes to the all-new 1949 Ford for saving Ford from bankruptcy.  While still offering the venerable Flathead V-8, this pivotal car was incredibly sleek and modern compared to the 1948 Ford it replaced.  What gets… more»

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