Muscle Wagon: 1969 Buick Sport Wagon 400

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Choosing to downsize a collection is a decision that most enthusiasts don’t relish. While some owners park vehicles in their garage as investments, most select classics that reflect their tastes or that fulfill long-held dreams. The seller has over two dozen vehicles parked in their garage and has decided to rationalize things. Therefore, this 1969 Buick Sport Wagon 400 is destined for a new home. It presents beautifully, but it has the power to rightly wear the title of a muscle wagon. Its condition and specifications make it worth a close look for anyone seeking a practical classic.

The Sport Wagon was a constant within model in Buick’s range between 1964 and 1971, with 20,670 buyers driving one home in 1969. Our feature Buick is one of those vehicles, and its presentation is hard to criticize. The two-tone Verde Green and Lime Green Metallic paint holds a mirror shine. It is particularly noteworthy because the seller claims this is a genuine survivor. There are no visible scratches or scrapes, and the panels are laser-straight. The seller states there is no rust or other issues to cause a new owner sleepless nights, and the tinted glass is crystal clear. The Wagon features the distinctive roof glass that reduces rear seat claustrophobia, and there is no evidence of seal problems. The trim looks spotless, and the factory wheels give this Wagon a look that befits the badges gracing its flanks.

The Buick’s interior continues the theme of impressive presentation, but it is also an area that reveals its few visible flaws. The wheel has cracked in several spots, requiring restoration or replacement. Finding a decent secondhand wheel might be challenging, but restoration kits using epoxy are available for around $50. The process can be fiddly, but if the buyer takes care, the results justify the effort. The Green vinyl trim is in good order, and rear seat occupants benefit from the intact sunvisors. Rear cargo areas are prone to wear and damage, but the lack of significant problems is another sign this gem has been treated respectfully. It is more than mere good looks because the first owner equipped this Sport Wagon with air conditioning, a power rear window, a rear step, a tilt wheel, a power front seat, and a pushbutton radio.

Some classics wear badges that are purely aspirational, which isn’t the case with this Buick. The 345hp and 440 ft/lbs of torque generated by its 400ci V8 will launch it through the ¼-mile in 15.5 seconds. That is impressive for any vehicle with a curb weight of 4,246 lbs. Therefore, the Sport Wagon 400 name is undoubtedly justified. The first owner teamed the V8 with a three-speed automatic transmission and power assistance for the steering and brakes. These features guarantee a relaxed driving experience in a Wagon with a genuine 46,000 miles on the clock. The seller doesn’t mention supporting evidence, but the overall condition makes it plausible. They recently fitted new tires due to the age of the old ones and have meticulously maintained this classic. It runs exceptionally well, and they say they wouldn’t hesitate to drive it anywhere.

This 1969 Buick Sport Wagon 400 is a stunning classic carrying the hallmarks of a vehicle that was treated respectfully since Day One. The seller has listed it here on eBay in Naples, Florida. They set their price at $29,995, with the option to make an offer. They aren’t interested in trades because the object of the exercise is to downsize their collection. Summer is on our doorstep, with plenty of adventures and cross-country journeys in the offing. Performing those activities aboard this family muscle wagon may prove irresistible to many, but is that lure enough to tempt you to pursue this gem further?

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  1. Thay Collis

    Spectacular automobile

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  2. Zen

    That is a beautiful car! I hope it finds a good home. I wish I could buy it, even though I dislike green, I can see myself waxing it on a lazy August afternoon.

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  3. RICK W

    Though not a wagon fan, this is definitely better than current SUVS and crossovers. The overall styling of 68 Buick (partly carried over in front) was IMO equalled only by those gorgeous B58s! And the Price is Right!

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  4. CCFisher

    It seems a bit odd to see an otherwise nicely equipped example of what was Buick’s finest wagon without power windows or woodgrain, but here it is. It’s interesting that the chrome moldings that outlined the woodgrain were included even when the woodgrain was not. From a manufacturing perspective, it was probably cheaper to build every body exactly the same than it was to build distinct woodgrain/non-woodgrain bodies.

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    • nlpnt

      I suspect this is a factory woodgrain car that’s been repainted to a high but personalized standard. I’ve never seen, heard of or seen pics of another one with that 2-tone either.

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      • PL

        Totally agree. We were alive when these were around, and don’t remember this as a factory appearance package. Single color, with the woodgrain, that’s all we ever seen. This one meets our eyes as incorrect… but very nice.

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      • JImmyinTEXAS

        I have seen two-tone sedans and wagons, but I am unsure of originality…
        I do like the wagon version. If I bought it, I would have to leave it in the driveway, which might be considered sacrilege…

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    • JLHudson

      We had a 69 Sport Wagon. No power windows, not even the rear window iirc. Most did not have power windows, like the one at the cruise yesterday. I guess the $100 dollars for p/w was better spent on fishing tackle.

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      • Nelson C

        That’s for sure. Hundred-plus dollars on a $3000 car was a lot of bucks.

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    • Philip

      That would be my first mod, power windows.

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      • Philip

        …and disc brakes would be my second mod.

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  5. Jon Calderon

    There are a lot of guys in Naples who have car collections, and they like us, love cars. So EV’s won’t ever take over. There’s not even enough natural resources to make every car an EV. I’ll never give up my gas powered car.

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  6. TommyT-Tops

    I don’t know why but I’m in love with this I keep thinking about like this make me wish I was rich and could just write checks and not care..fantastic..glwta

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  7. Nelson C

    Beautiful in the two tone green. Nice reminder that these were Buick’s full size wagons like the VC was to Oldsmobile.

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  8. Malcolm Boyes

    Never a fan of fake wood and love this without it.What a fantastic road trip car this would make. Pick it up in Naples, cruise down to Key West..back up to St Augustine….aah..just lovely..

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  9. Thomas Kinney

    A friends family owned this from new in gold. Parents were both teachers and family went on lots of long, cross-country summer camping trips towing a travel trailer. No garage, so sat exposed to the elements. When it was time to trade for a new 77 Newport (custom ordered with towing package and delayed months), it was in rough shape with caulk all over the upper windows. Dealer offered $7 as a trade.

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  10. Connecticut mark

    Where is it being sold at?

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    Wow! What a stunner! Those Frigidaire compressors produced ice cold A/C, which is greatly needed here in Florida. Would love to have that beauty in my garage!

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  12. Jay McCarthy

    It’s sold

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  13. ClassicP

    I’m digging this Buick. Everyone loved station wagons kids and adults. You could get some with a big engine like a 429’ Ford in the Squire or the 454’ in the Chevy wagon. What was it Kingswood? And the kids loved them for obvious reasons.

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  14. Jonathan De Leon

    Someone snatch this beauty super fast.😁

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  15. Joe Haska

    SOLD! Big surprise, what a beautiful car.

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