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Pampered 1969 Chevrolet Camaro


The seller of this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro claims it has been pampered and meticulously cared for since new. The odometer currently reads just 14k miles and the seller claims that it’s all original. Given the condition and age, it almost looks too good to be true. Have a look here on eBay and decide for yourself if it’s legit.


We are always skeptical of cars that look perfect, but are claimed to be all original, especially ones that are 44 years old.  It looks to be in fantastic condition, but the seller’s comment that there have only been minor touches to keep it true to its “survivor” roots, leaves us wondering what all has actually been done to it. The interior shows some signs of wear, but is in nearly showroom condition.


The engine bay may reveal more about this car’s history then anything the seller says in their listing. It has what appears to be the correct 307 cui V8, which has plenty of chips in the paint and a little rust on the exhaust. However, the firewall and cowl area create some questions. It’s obvious that someone has touched up the engine bay and it looks like there could be over-spray in there that might suggest its been resprayed at some point. Perhaps this one isn’t as original as they claim…..


This Camaro is in really nice condition and it would be amazing if it turns out to be original like the seller claims, but we definitely have our doubts. If it were a more desirable model, we wouldn’t care much about the claims of originality, but with a lower model it could have a significant impact on the value. Do you think this one really is original or is the seller trying to pull a fast one on us?


  1. Mr. Moe

    I think you are right about the engine compartment/firewall. Also, at some point this car has been “bumped” in the rear as the rear bumper is out of alignment and droops to the right side. Probably bent the support on the left side, albeit minor. But, if the price is right, this would be a great driver. Or, with the over all condition, you would have a big head start to turning it into a ground pounding head turner.

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  2. JP

    It does look awesome, but I’m always skeptical when someone says “minor touches.” You can virtually guarantee that there’s more to it than they’re saying…

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  3. Tim K

    It does have some legit things, like a 307 (not the most popular small block) and its blue rug mats are green, the color they turn when they oxidize. Otherwise, the powder blue metallic practically oxidized when touched by the atmosphere and required constant, frequent attention (until it wore through and the red primer showed). I wonder if the steering wheel is cracked at the horn. Everyone I ever saw did.

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  4. paul

    looks nice, I would like to see some bottom shots.
    You can see the ding in the rear bumper that would explain the bumper being slightly higher on the left side.
    Too bad it has the column mounted auto.

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  5. Don

    Rompin’ stompin’ 307!

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  6. Foxxy

    If this is not original, the guy prepping it is the best. I think it is real, well detailed but real.

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  7. stigshift

    “Your chance to own a piece of American Muscle Car History”! By buying a 307 Camaro. That’s like owning a piece Andy Warhol artwork by buying a can of Campbell’s soup.

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    • Just the facts

      Hey, Stigblade, a 307 is just another dependable small chevy. Quite similar in performance as a 2bbl 327 – but with more economy. Back then straight sixes and 307s were the norm and easily outsold all of the hi-po engines.

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  8. Thayer

    I have to say, I don’t think anyone would go through the effort required to fake such an ugly, low option car. Those “wire wheel” hubcaps make me ill.

    As stigshift points out, this car has very little to do with muscle car history. I have a ’66 Buick Special with a V8 and I like to drive it, but I don’t make any muscle car claims about it. It’s a poopy little car from the late 60’s, and nothing more. So is this Camaro.

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  9. Tim Waters

    I really like the fact that it’s a lower end model. Love the whitewalls and the wire wheel covers plus the vinyl top. Tired of seeing every ’69 Camaro a Pace Car, a Z/28 or a Yenko. As for original survivor, who cares. If you like it enough and have the green, buy it, drive it and enjoy it!

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    • Tim Waters

      Just realized no vinyl roof. Oops!

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      • St. Ramone de V8

        I’m seeing a vinyl roof, and kinda like it on this car.

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    • paul

      @ Tim, agreed does every 69 Camaro have to be big block, it is great to see a strippo or less option once in awhile.

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  10. Brent

    As for your comment about over-spray on the firewall/engine compartment, you may be right, or it could be explained by how shoddily cars were produced by Detroit back in the day.

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  11. Mark W

    Might be a respray, but otherwise I have no trouble believing its original otherwise. No one would spend the money necessary to restore a 307 Camaro. That might be the most unloved SBC they ever made. Still would make for a nice Sunday driver

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  12. Harley505

    Should have stated “Grandma’s car from the muscle car era”, nice ride though, Grandma would approve! Just saying!

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  13. Billy Rockfish

    I’m thinking it’s a genuine original and the firewall overspray could very well be from the factory, especially if it was a Norwood, Ohio assembled F body. Van Nuys, Cal. and Norwood built the “F’s” and the quality control at Norwood was marginal, at best.

    This Camaro would’ve definitely have been at home in any metropolitan area and is the prototypical “secretary’s car.” Many a Mustang saw the light of day (and were sold) with similar gingerbread options and a “streetable” daily-driver drivetrain. I’d leave this one as is, but I might be tempted to swap the steelies and factory wire wheel covers out for steelies and dog dishes with beauty rings, or slotted rallye wheels.

    I may be cracked, but in the photograph, the quarter panel looks like it may be rippled and some blue dripped paint on the quarter panel near the rear roll pan. And ditch the stick-on Midwest/East Coast dealers’ emblem.

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  14. smokydig

    it just looks like an older presentable restoration prob from the 70’s as there has never been a car seen with an original vinyl top that’s this nice. Nice try. However it is a nice old 1st gen that could easily be a nice weekend cruiser to drive and enjoy some nostalgia

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