Parked For 20 Years: 1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham

At 231 inches long, other than limousines, this has to be one of the longest Chryslers ever produced. When Chrysler discontinued the Imperial in 1975, they wisely took the old Imperial body style and made it the New Yorker, while the old New Yorker became the Newport Custom. This Chrysler features hidden headlights. This is a 1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham 2 door hardtop, one of 16,875 made, for sale here on craigslist in Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

Not a lot of information is supplied by the seller. The car has been parked since 1999 and of course, it ran great when it was parked. Makes you wonder why it was parked then, doesn’t it. I don’t think gas prices were an issue, about the time this car was parked gas was in the $1 to $1.25 range. It appears a kitty cat has been climbing on the car some. The body is straight and has no rust, although it does appear to be the beginnings of surface rust in some areas. This New Yorker Brougham features the optional chrome-styled road wheels and St. Regis formal padded roof with opera windows. The vinyl roof appears to be in good condition.

Of the little information given, the seller says “good interior”. I wouldn’t go that far, but maybe fair. It has a big rip in the upper driver’s seat back, and some of the buttons are missing or loose from the tufted leather seats. The front seat is a split bench design. The steering wheel is cracked, the passenger door armrest is cracked, but the dash seems to have survived without any cracks so far. The interior could use a complete cleaning from the dash to seats to carpeting. The headliner appears to be in good condition.

Since it was parked in 1999, this engine probably isn’t running right now. Hopefully, it won’t take much to get this 440 cubic inch V8 engine up and running again. The car has 108,321 miles and the seller is asking $2,400. That’s not a bad price if it doesn’t take much to get the car running. Who’s up for a big Chrysler?

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  1. Mark

    Wow, it’s as big as a whale…

    • Andy Tanner

      …but not quite ready to set sail.

  2. Rob

    I bought one of these right after basic training in 1995. Almost identical to this except mine had the factory sunroof; and I paid $500. I drove it until I grenaded the engine. This is still my most favorite of all the cars I have owned. Those plush seats were sooooo comfortable and it just floated down the road with that torsion bar suspension! I do miss my 77 New Yorker…

    For the condition this is in, I think it is way over priced.

  3. John D.

    Although I usually had Dusters or Volares to drive, my mom would drive one of these. I always enjoyed driving these and the handling was as good as the ride. I think the price is okay, despite needing washed. I’ve dealt in a lot of used cars and some older ones. Anything that was just as solid looking as this, 15 years ago, I would start my offer at $1500 and go up based on how bad I wanted to own it.

  4. jw454

    If this is where this car has been for the last twenty years, you can plan on some rodent infestation. Those little buggers just love to make their homes in buggys sitting just like this. Also, if it is in North Carolina, you may have had a snake or two that was in there hunting down your little mouse inhabitants. Fun stuff.
    I like the car though.

  5. Del

    Nice car.

    Again owner could have asked twice as much with a little cleanup and get it running.

    I would say because ita a coupe its worth saving. Probably get it for half the asking.

    I see no rodent activity.

  6. Robert White

    I had a beautiful French girlfriend that drove one of these beasts back in the day when we went to Drive-In Theaters too. The car was great to drive because it was like driving the living room couch down the highway with the living room in tow. Cruise Control was great too.

    French girlfriends with land yachts are priceless.


  7. G.W.Gilmore

    Does that have that worthless Lean Burn System on it? Figure getting a different set up right off the bat. If ya asked me. Still 1 hell of a boat. I like.

  8. Jesse Colson

    I wonder how much he wants for the clothes basket ?

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