Parts Car Included: 1959 Mercury Colony Park Wagon

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The car is a rare one, a 1959 Mercury Colony Park, from the era when station wagons were kings of the road. This is a particularly curvaceous example of the breed, built during peak fin. It has enough chrome to be seen from outerspace. It’s being sold here on Barn Finds Classified.

The photo above presumably shows the car as found. It’s currently said to be an abandoned restoration, and it comes with a parts car. There’s a catch:This is a project for a hardcore wagon enthusiast, who doesn’t mind the hassle of getting the car from Hawaii.” It’s located on the north shore of Oahu, which means both that it won’t be rusty unless it was stored near the coast, and also that it’s a long and costly boat ride from the continental United States. “Can be trailered to Honolulu, for shipping to the mainland,” the vendor says.

Dig that futuristic dashboard. The car was running before it was partially disassembled. “Originally started the disassembly and was planning to use better parts, from an additional parts car,” says the vendor. “However, the project stalled out and was never completed.” The parts car is a lesser model in orange, and rusty.

The bones of the Colony Park look generally good. It comes complete with what looks like the original “wood,” plus a set of mag wheels. Everything should be there.

This is the first year of the second generation of big Mercury wagons. The Colony Park was a top trim line of the “Country Cruiser” series (complementing, Commuter and Voyager). This big boy sat on a 126-inch wheelbase. The cars were originally intended to share a chassis with Edsel, but that prospect ended with the demise of the brand. The Colony Park used the same 322-horsepower Marauder V-8 as the Montclair and Monterey. The list price was $3,932, and 5,929 were sold. Not many are left.

That’s the parts car above. Lots of good glass and chrome there. This would be a fun project, and the finished product could be a marvelous street rod.

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  1. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    I thought the opening photo WAS the parts car! Partially disassembled?

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    • Rick

      The red parts car seems to have more going for it than the woodgrain wagon.

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    • Steveo

      It’s a cut-away so you can see how it works. I have a Luger like that…

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  2. MathieuB

    Thoses Colony Park cars are awesome.
    As much as I am a GM guy, theses are beauties!
    And the name, Colony Park, Hey kids come down to the Colony Park, we’re going to Wildwood NJ!!!

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    • Rico

      I’m a die hard GM/Porsche/VW kinda guy myself, but since my mothers maiden name is Mercury…….
      Regarding this, um, to put it delicately, mess, for someone my age, too far gone.

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  3. scott m

    Dashboard looks like a multi level marketing scheme!

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  4. Howie

    To save on the shipping cost and trouble you could just move there.

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  5. Yblocker

    57-59 Mercury’s made for some great looking wagons, I’d be all over this, if it wasn’t in the damn South Pacific, I don’t know, maybe with enough pontoons, my pickup and car trailer could make the voyage lol.
    And to any uneducated, unsuspecting Mopar guys out there, yes, Mercury had a 383, you’re looking at one here.

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  6. Geoff C

    Great to have some good humor around here… please keep it up! Oh, and… cool car!

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  7. scottymac

    English as a second language? peak fin – no, fin peak. “…from the continental United States.” – no, to the continental U.S. One item Jim neglected to mention, this is a HARDTOP wagon. Available from Mercury and Chrysler in the late Fifties, as well as Oldsmobile, Buick, and Rambler.

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  8. Randy RMember

    Just a follow up to those who have made comments. I started this car and realized I needed some parts. So, bought the orange one and pulled a bunch of parts off it. Took the doors and front clip off the black one and then lost my work place. Once that happened, the project stalled out. It would be a bit of a hassle, but just like I brought over both cars from the mainland, what I did was buy two used trailers. Strapped the cars on and shipped them over for about $1500 each. Probably a $1000 more now, with price increases. I then sold the trailers for a profit, to offset the cost of shipping. You could do the same in reverse, from Hawaii back to the mainland. The black car was running and all there, and I should have just left it, but thought I could replace enough to dial it in better. Would have been the case, had I not lost my work shop. Lot of extra parts, the engine was running good and if you had the time and desire, there is a gem waiting to be resurrected!

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  9. Jeffrey J Wasniak

    Kinda would like a wagon next and this would be a nice cruzer but the distance is way to far. Am GM person and thats what I’d like but this one is special and classy

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