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Parts Wagon: 1959 Chevy Sedan Delivery

1959 Chevy Sedan Delivery

Now that the Duster is sold and waiting for the transporter to come pick it up, we have been putting together our plan of attack for the Volvo. We have made some great contacts already for some needed parts, but something important hit us while we were making our shopping list. We lack transportation capable of hauling any large items. So, I’ve been scouring the internet for something interesting that could work as a great parts hauler. Jesse is working on a deal on a wagon right now, but just in case that falls through, I’ve been looking for some backup options. This is my personal favorite, so I just wanted to see what you guys think. This 1959 Chevy Sedan Delivery is a little out of our budget right now, but it could be great shop vehicle. It has plenty of cargo space, is incredible unique, and is just plan cool! Have a look at it here on eBay in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Chevy Sedan Delivery

Chevy only built about 5,200 of these Delivery vehicles and very few have survived. This one will obviously need some work, but the seller claims they have it running and driving. Even though production was quite limited, finding parts shouldn’t be all that difficult. Being based off the same platform as the Brookwood two-door wagon means that most parts came from the Biscayne and should be easy to come by today. As far as I can tell, even the trim pieces are exactly the same as the Brookwoods, so that should make restoration much simpler.

Chevy Delivery Engine

Chevy offered a wide range of engines for most of their vehicles and I would assume that was the case with the Sedan Delivery. This one has the 235 cui inline six, also known as the Blueflame, and a 3-speed gearbox. While a V8 would be more fun, the inline six would offer better fuel mileage and would do just fine in a light duty parts hauler. The seller has already gone through the fuel and cooling systems, but isn’t clear on the condition of the brakes. I would want to go through the engine and brakes system for myself anyways, but it sounds like the major mechanical work has already been done.

Chevy Delivery Wagon

I have to admit, I love the looks of this wagon. You don’t see many delivery vehicles with fins and stainless trim. I’ve seen a few restored Sedan Deliveries and they usually look fantastic, but I think this one would even look cool left rough. It would certainly grab some attention when you’re out on a parts run. While I would love to see this one in our shop, I think we have enough projects on our hands right now. Hopefully someone will pick it up and get it back on the road. So do you think this would have made for a great BF parts hauler or is there another vehicle you think would work better?


  1. Dave Wright

    You are falling into the old cylender count trap. 235 GM engines got worse mileage than a clean small block…….although not bad engines……(they did have an Oil pump) fuel economey was not much of an issue when they were built. My first car was a 57 Chev with a 235 that my dad made me rebuild before I could drive it. Parts would not be difficult, probably Armstrong steering, no A/C, I usually prefer stock vehicles, but in this case I would think about a Vortec small block and a 4 speed, nice clean restoration with PS, A/C, comfortable interior……nothing too radical, just nice…..it would even tow a car trailer.

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    • Vernon

      My ’56 Chevy 235 get 18 mpg and has been running for the 43 years (1 rebuild) that I have owned it.

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      • Mike

        I have a 60 Chevy BelAir, with a 235 in it, with auto tranny and it get anywhere from 18-22mpg.
        I rebuilt it in 2000 after I got it with 135K on the clock, and the rebuild I did was the first time it had been done, this I know because the car belonged to my Aunt and Uncle who bought it brand new right after my parents bought one also. They were blue with a white top, and where both bought at Fitz’s Chevy/Cadillac/Buick in Farmington Missouri.

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  2. Dave Wright

    And modern brakes

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  3. Doug M. (West Coast)

    I would leave it just as-is outside, but have someone with talent paint an old business logo on each side, then clearcoat it for protection…. fix the mechanix and interior and drive it looking really cool and warn!

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  4. Don Andreina

    Superwow. How mad are those fins against the blanked out upper panels?

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  5. DT

    To me that looks like a 230 or a 250,but Im not positive. That thing is cool to the max.imagine how much thats worth restored.You could use it ,fix it up ,and make money off of it

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  6. Dave wright

    The 250 engine had the intake manifold cast as one piece with the cylinder head…….it is probably a 235. The 292 had a separate intake manifold as well but I think this is a little early for a 292 and they were mostly a pickup engine.

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    • Blake

      only the later 250 had the integral intake. It’s definitely a 235 era engine though.

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  7. Horse Radish

    shocking when you give these numbers, out of 5200 only a few survive ??
    The Mercedes 300 SE sedans (’60ies) had a TOTAL PRODUCTION run of 5200 and a bunch survived.
    I guess because it was a workhorse/business vehicle people didn’t take care of them….?

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  8. Ron Tyrrell

    I have a soft spot for sedan deliveries , I have a 1947 with all modern running gear. Plenty of room for trips and what ever. It would be nice to see you procure this one. I agree with DT that is may be a 230-250, I have replaced several 235s with the 250 , the 250s prior to 1976 had a manifold and was not cast into the head. If I remember correctly 1977 is when the manifold disappeared . Big advantage of the 250 is seven main bearing and the engine can be built.

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  9. Wdriffle

    I drove one of these for “Michael’s Food Mart” 61-63. I was hit broadside and it was totaled. No injuries! Always had a warm spot in my heart for this strange looking vehicle.

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  10. vince Habel

    I see he has lowered the price 4k still too much for it. I would love to have it if it were in better condition.

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  11. Dave Pollock

    This would make a cool parts chaser, as long as there’s no major rust issues I’d do as Doug stated, have someone paint the company logo on the sides to look old and faded then clear the whole car. I’d have to agree, a newer small block would get better fuel economy than that old 6 banger, and adding some basic creature comforts would make it alot more enjoyable to drive around in, I think the novalty of having to constantly tinker with the mechanical end of it or worrying of old parts failure would soon ware. Go get it!!!! it’s cool !!! it even has skirts and fat whites!!!

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  12. Dave Pollock

    WHOA!!! I just went and looked at the ad on e-bay the bidding is up to $7800 and is says the reserve is not met yet. It looks like the car has some major rust issues, there are holes in the floor you could put your foot through!! thats just what you can see !!chances are it would only get worse as you started to dismante it !! if you guys arn’t pro body men and had to send this out to get it saved it could be a huge bill $$$$ still a cool car but not for the price it seems to be heading !!!

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    • mike sherwood

      I own one it came from California paid 8500.00 not running but was and is in better shape than this

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  13. cory

    Those sixes were horrible on gas. I had a 56 with a 3 speed and a 55 with a powerglide. The 6 and a powerglide could barely get moving. The engines weigh more than most cars. About the only thing good I can say is they were smooth running. I also had a 65 Chevy 2 with a 230 and a powerglide which was not too bad, and a 62 Chevy 2 with the 3 speed. That was a pretty peppy little car. My 64 chevelle with the 283 and powerglide was far better on fuel and performance. I would keep this one just as it sits, and be proud to drive it

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  14. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’d do the full restoration on this one. The 235 engine is all but indestructible so I’d keep it. Maybe go to a dual master cylinder to get the brakes more reliable. They stopped reasonably well back in their day so I think putting disc brakes on the front is overkill. Besides, 60 mph would actually be a higher cruising speed than these were capable of.

    There was a guy in my hometown who had an S/D. He converted it into an El Camino, doing a pretty good job, I might add. He changed the 235/Auto to a 283/Auto then drove it and drove it for years. I sometimes wonder if he’s still got it?

    And Ron Tyrrell, you’re right about the 250. It was late in the ’76 production when the head and intake were cast together.

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  15. Scott Allison

    I like how he states “97% rust free”… Floorboards are rusted through, Roof is all rust, etc.. Pictures show rusted areas throughout the vehicle!

    12k is way too much for this vehicle.

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  16. Chuck Foster Chuck F (55chevy)

    I would think a pickup would be a better parts hauler, some car hoods wouldn’t fit in a delivery. It’s pretty cool, but the patina of this one has been overtaken by lots of surface rust. Maybe a 1959 El Camino.

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  17. Graham Lloyd

    Rust and other issues notwithstanding, it’s amazing to me that this has survived all these years without some hot rodder getting his mitts on it. Like an El Camino, and now a lot of wagons from this period, finding an original or restored sedan delivery is near impossible.

    I think the price is out of whack, but I don’t doubt someone will pony up the asking price.

    In a couple of years, we will see it again. This time it will be just another cookie cutter hot rod, reflecting the slavery to fashion that hot rods have become. Big wheels, 350 crate engine, “biscuit” colour leather, blah, blah, blah and all the other changes to make it “unique”.

    Too bad that it won’t be restored. Now that would be really unique.

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    • Joe Howell

      Like you I hate big wheels on old cars.

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  18. Brian

    I can appreciate this old delivery and how cool it would be to restore it and use it as a business truck, with the company name painted on the panels. For me, I’d be even more excited if it were just a two door wagon. You almost never see the Nomads from ’59 anymore.

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  19. Mike D

    omg, where would I start? for one, I didn’t know they made a S/D beyond 58. for one, he is asking too much, even if you were to bring it back to as it were made at the factory, you’re looking at big bucks ( which I don’t have, LOL) . But, if funds weren’t a problem.. first, take care of the body issues rust, floors.. whatever.. keep ‘er white, but a more brilliant one. . blue interior, but put a bench in it. ( more modern one) lose the trim and the cruiser skirts, ( I don’t believe someone would have ordered cruiser skirts from the factory on a work vehicle) Small V/8 ( no larger than a 350) radials, and chromies . It would be great with a logo for a 50s/60s business restaurant or whatever . it has potential, but, unfortunately nor for me..

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  20. Gary

    The ’59 S/D is for sure a rare beast, I have a ’59 El Camino at present and in the last 20+ years have only seen 2 of these sedan deliveries, one restored and one being restored. I personally like the early 327 V8 with a 4 spd Muncie setup. I am sure someone will step up and pay the price for this, there are a lot of good after market sheet metal parts available.

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  21. RockabillyJay

    Finally a car I know about! Long time lurker, first time poster..I’ve owned numerous 59 and 60 Chevys..great cars! They rust in the rear quarters and floors. Another problem area is the center drive shaft support..they tend to fail. I love this thing, I had sixes in a couple of mine. I have a feeling this would bring 12k here in So Cal without much problem.

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    • JFB

      The 59 SD that we built learned the cure for the R-12 drive line support , put in a 1350 set of yokes on rear end and trany and a R-13 support cured all problems , the rubber on the R-13 would flatten out on bottom and allow the bearing to spill after a while , so filled the inside of it with silicone only on bottom 1/2 of support and ended all problems with drive train , except the support for the rear end that goes to top of body had to put a pre loaded set of bars to rear end to stop the twisting of rear end ! Loved that 59 SD !

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  22. Ned Nobody

    My grandfather was a country western guitarist back in the sixties and had a 59 SD for hauling his gear to gigs, along with a pad and sleeping bag in case of to much contact with the bottle. He traveled a lot and that wagon had a lot of history. He was part of the house band at the Dexter lake club east of Eugene Ore, (The club in the movie Animal House). Good memories of that wagon, I wish it was still in the family. Thanks for the memories.

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  23. DT

    Id like to see the sedan delivery ,restored ,with that teardrop trailer all restored and hooked up and ready to go

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  24. Jason


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  25. cal44

    Putting the engine and rust issues aside……………not only is it doable, this car is rarer than hens teeth. The current bid does not surprise me a bit. Go find one………………
    I to would stay with keeping it stock, that is where the best return would be.

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  26. Alan (Michigan)

    This is certainly appealing, and impressive for it’s rarity. But it is a huge project, and obvious that the tinworm has long been active. (not near as much as in the 190SL, though!)

    Would make a really unique ride, no matter what version someone chooses to go with. I like the retro-utility concept. My neighbor and friend specializes in traditional hand-painted lettering and striping. He would love to take this on, as the finishing touch.

    Dad bought the ’60 wagon when it came out. Copper color, 6 cylinder automatic. Electric window in the tail gate (the side door glass was crank operated) and the rear-facing 3rd-row seat. The designers and my dad did not realize how nauseating it could be to ride backwards in the tail…. But they both found out, and that feature did not last long at all.

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  27. Joe Howell

    Wow, I thought 1957 was the last year for the S/D. High school girlfriend’s dad had a 1953 Chevy he hauled his coon dogs around in. Helped him make and mount a reserve vacuum tank out of a very large tomato juice can. Every time you would step on the gas to pull out and accelerate or go uphill the vacuum wipers would slow or stop. My old Deuce and a Half (1958 Eager Beaver series built by Curtis Wright/Studebaker) had air powered wipers a much better setup.

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  28. mike sherwood

    I own a 59 SD for 5 years now. Runs a 454 4 sp trans. Flat black no door handles very cool can’t tell you how many people say my buddy had one…..in the 70’s awesome to hear that it’s nice to have something different. Thanx

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  29. Randy Eads

    Pretty darn rare. 1959 was the lowest production number by Chevrolet for sedan deliveries in the 50s ….. the rarest of all Chevy wagons of that time. I got mine!

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  30. Joe DiNoia

    I agree,these are really cool.I own 2 of these.Doing a frame off on the “good” one.California car,but,still needed floor pans.Have a fresh 348 3×2 ready to sit between the fenders.The other is savable,not tons of rust as usual.About the same condition as the one,just a tougher life.Spend some years in Mexico.I plan to piece this one back together as a shop car.

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    • JFB

      How’s it going , sure love seeing building of 50 SD anytime !

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  31. Joe DiNoia

    The other delivery.

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  32. Joe DiNoia


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    • Alan (Michigan )

      Nice work, Joe.
      Thanks for sharing the photos.
      Feel free to post an occasional progress report!

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  33. Jay Trumm

    I can honestly say I have had to pleasure of holding title to one. Prepared it with a 327/Glide-unfortunately, a redneck farmer decided he wanted my acreage for his cattle, got the land from the county courthouse, all behind my back, and brought in a portable crusher, eliminating it, a 58 4X4 Apache, 57 150 w/84,000 mi, 66 C10 Stepside, 66 Chevy van, 75 Grand Sport Leman (455!). Was devastated with loss, 30 years of effort gone…Have sworn to latch on to another S/D…and will!!

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  34. JFB

    Oh the love of my life , had a 59 SD in high school and it was a labor of love , helped build it from age of 17 with a master mechanic , who spent 7years in collages in Calif. to learn all about every eng ever built from air craft to performance ! He pre loaded the suspension on the 59 on all 4 and built it for power , 327 small crank steel , balanced and blue printed then installed the early hisser FI from corvette , along with rebuild early dist. to work with heavy springs and offset the cam that was the 30-30 duntof , not the down graded one of today , changed drive train to one ton u-joints with heavy carrier bearing to a 16 not the 12 that came out from factory , air craft pre load arms to rear end instead of clove mounted to body , over load springs on all 4 shocks , all wheel bearings changed to full Timken bearings , then wide wheels and tires out to 11inch on all 4 , the best part of this build was the m21 tranny , it was totally best car I owned in youth ! 3000 spent on motor , 2700 spent on interior , paint was bout 1200 ,kids in school had no idea of the sleeper use for speed ! loved it , sold it in 69 to Gary Maker in Eugene Oregon , been hunting that guy and car for years , lic Number was 3v3047 Oregon , any info would be appreciated !

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    • Gray Wolf

      They also made a ’60 Sedan Delivery’s, which are also rare. Seen a ’58 SD, they are also rare. There was a guy here in Ca. That built SD out of ’74 and up Chevells S/w that were really done well!

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      • JFB

        I found a few 60 over the years and also a 59 in junk yard at that time i was married and wife would not allow me to get a project due to the 3 kids, 4 apt to maintain, A full time job and Vol Firefighter ..she had no idea of the internal drive to have the 59 back LOL well she left after 27 years of marriage and i am still looking for my 59 ! to old to do a lot of work on one but if i could find it, i would buy it for sure, at this time its more about the personal of building years ago ! My son in law as a show car 57 SD with huge dollars invested !

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