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Field Find: 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440

This 1970 Dodge Charger R/T is listed here on eBay and is really rough. In fact, the rust in the rear quarter panels have redesigned the rear wheel opening! The Charger is being sold without a reserve and will sell to the highest bidder. With three days remaining in the auction, the Charger R/T is bid to $6,300 and a closer look reveals why there are 29 bids and growing interest in this car. The Dodge Charger R/T is located in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Dodge Charger is an R/T optioned car that was originally equipped with a 440 cubic inch V8 engine and automatic transmission. Even though the car has bucket seats the automatic transmission is column shifted. The seller states that the original engine is no longer in the car and the current 440 cubic inch V8 is from a 1977 model car or truck. The Charger’s exterior was originally painted in B3 Blue and is now mostly primer and rust. The car has 8 3/4 open rear end and the gear ratio is unknown.

The interior shows some of its original B5 blue parts but now has worn out black bucket seats and no carpet. The floorboards are rusted through. The car also originally had a white vinyl top. It is almost laughable that the seller states that the car has been off the road in a private collection. Since when did we start considering a field or a junkyard a private collection? Maybe I am too harsh but it looks like the seller found this car that had been abandoned and left to rot and is trying to make the most of the presentation.

I have always liked the 1968-1970 Dodge Charger and, even in its current condition, this car still looks good sitting on a dirt road. One of the best parts of this car that is still in good condition is the wheels and tires but the seller states that they do not go with the car upon sale. The frame rails are also rotted and I just don’t see a lot that can be saved but the seller is optimistic in their assessment. I hope an optimist buys this Charger and gets it back on the road.


  1. Avatar photo Steve Bush Member

    Ho Hum. Yet another non running NOM rusty POS 1968-70 Charger being bid to who knows what. Well, maybe this time it will sell for under five figures. And, once again the seller, who likely paid next to nothing for the car, pulls the old dbag move of not including in the sale, the wheels and tires featured in the ad.

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    • Avatar photo DON

      That’s because he had to supply them so it would roll when he pulled it out of a junkyard ; they are probably off one of his cars – It is a DBAG move for sure .

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  2. Avatar photo sir_mike

    The wheels are the best part and not included in the sale??? Put it back in the field and let it rust in peace.

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  3. Avatar photo Dave

    Wheels and tires do not go with the car…..that’s the only things worth anything.

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  4. Avatar photo Arby

    Field find??

    Maybe a battlefield…

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    • Avatar photo Phlathead Phil

      Battlefield is a good call.

      I salute you General Arby for that brilliant call!

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  5. Avatar photo Jeff

    Sure are a lot of VIN TAGS for sale lately.

    Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Tag A Car And Off To The Bank I Go….

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  6. Avatar photo JoeNYWF64

    Even on this car, several cans of 96c home depot flat black spray paint could improve looks greatly & hide a multitude of sins.

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  7. Avatar photo Arthur

    Having seen the pictures on eBay, I’m thinking that this car is too far gone for your average restoration. I believe that whoever buys this car would be better off turning it into a restomod project … in which case, the buyer would need to turn to a company that specializes in working on basket cases like this.

    All Classics Restoration in Statesville, NC, is working on a 1970 Dodge Super Bee that was just as rusted as this Charger, so I could see them tackling this as a project. On the other hand, Mark Worman and his Graveyard Carz, have worked on a Cuda that once caught fire, so perhaps they could tackle this Charger as well.

    However, this would require the purchaser have VERY deep pockets and an AMD and/or Dynacorn catalog.

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    • Avatar photo terry brundage

      having to source an original engine & paying for a shop restoration would cost more than the car is worth.

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  8. Avatar photo Jason

    Is that a length of wood holding the LHand rear quarter up?

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  9. Avatar photo Dave

    probably…sure isn’t any metal left back there.

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  10. Avatar photo i8afish

    I’ll give you two dollars for it…wait, it has an RT vin tag? Make that two thousand dollars. MOPAR vin tags, the new precious metal.

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    • Avatar photo Chuck


      If you pay $2.00 U.S.D., you will have overpaid by $1.75. My wife said I am being nasty and insulting by posting this. I think the person posting this is the one being nasty and insulting !

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  11. Avatar photo Kevin Kendall

    Looks like the Dirty Mary Crazy Larry car after they hit the train

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