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Patinaed 1955 Pontiac Station Wagon


Rust is most classic car owners’ worst nightmare, as it is not only destructive but expensive to fix. There are however times when a car has just the right amount and type of surface corrosion to create the perfect patina. This 1955 Pontiac Station Wagon has plenty of the nasty stuff, but it doesn’t appear to have eaten through the body just yet. The car has been parked in a barn for the past 38 years, but is now listed here on eBay.


The interior of this wagon looks good, but the red and turquoise color combination is an interesting one. This Pontiac wagon would be more desirable if it were a two door, but this four door could haul the whole family in comfort and style. I would want to make sure the floors and frame are solid and safe before hauling anyone in it though.


The car is covered in dirt in these photos, so it is hard to tell what kind of condition it really is in. It appears that the rust is still just on the surface, but you could never know for sure without an inspection. So, do you think it qualifies as patina or just plain old rust?


  1. Jeff S

    Not a Safari, they were the Pontiac version of the Nomad with two doors and hardtop styling. This is a Pontiac 870 Station Wagon. Here’s the original brochure page:

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      You are right Jeff, sorry about the error. We have updated the post.

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    • Richard V

      “Strato-streak V8” – Wow, that’s a new one on me!

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    • Glen Riddle

      ’55 Pontiac 870 Deluxe wagon was my first car when I was 16….55 years ago! Drove it for three years. Not hot enough to get me in any real trouble, though with the 200hp power-pack it was decent for the day. Definitely a great teen date night and drive-in car. :-)

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  2. Rene

    It would have helped a lot, had they cleaned it up.

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    • paul

      They did you need to click on the ebay & see the rest of the pictures…..The interior is quite nice. I have never been a patina guy so I would like to see this restored to original condition since it appears to be complete. I like it very much & will be interesting to see where it goes in the price.

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  3. Chris in WNC


    the difference between patina and rust is a very subjective fine line, but this poor baby has crossed over.

    the determining factor for me is “would I want to drive this car as is?”
    yes = patina; no = rust…….

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  4. Art

    That was a quick sale. Listed for 18 hours and POP sold. $4300

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  5. William Holt

    I’d love to have something like this to rebuild. Personally, that’s a little past what I would consider patina. It might be cliche but it would look nice with a couple of hand made teak surfboards up top.

    Paul, you’re right, that interior is in really good condition. Not too keen on the Red-Turquoise/White color scheme though.

    Strato-Streak is a new one on me too. Nice that is says it right there on the valve cover.

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  6. Matt

    cool car ;-) I’ve wet sanded and polished several with surface rust like that. I usually start with a vigorous scrubbing with Bon Ami. It’s often surprising how much paint is left underneath, and how much of that patina is just rust stain. Definitely worth sticking some money into though. Found this picture, and I think it’s the original color of that car… maybe Nautilus Blue… http://www.flickr.com/photos/kt/1353983225/in/faves-zorlack/ – we called it robin’s egg blue back in that era. I kinda think I’d like the whole exterior this color, or maybe reverse the turq/white. With a nice paint job, that color combination would be a striking attention getter.

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  7. MountainMan

    I personally love the patina or rust , whichever you may call it I love the look. I completely agree that a repaint would make the car a real looker but then its not original. Just my opinion though…I’m one of those guys that appreciate the rat rod look as long as its not too over the top. I would give it a light sanding and some clear coat to preserve the original paint. Along with a few period correct modifications and the above mentioned surfboards it would be just perfect for me. Remember, it can only be “original paint” once. Again…just my humble opinion.

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  8. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    This one sold for $4,300 with 30 bids. Well sold.

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  9. paul

    Well bought.

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