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Here’s A Paxton Supercharger For Your Shelby!

We normally stick to complete cars around here, but this Paxton supercharger caught my eye. Any vintage Paxton is special, but this one has a cool story behind it. Supposedly, the seller bought it off a buddy who had been gifted it from another guy who had pulled it off his Shelby! These did come as an option on the Shelby GT-350 so you never know. It was available over the counter too though so you shouldn’t feel bad slapping it on your GT. It’s listed here on eBay and you can read more about the history of Paxton superchargers here.


  1. Jeffro


    • CapNemo


    • Greg Mason

      That’s great. 🖒

    • Al

      Sorry Jeffro I had to steal that pic! LOL Reminds me when those first came out and we used them to get speed checks!

  2. Jeff V

    I believe I have a Paxton in my ’96 Jag XJR6, the car does make u grin when u “get-on-it”, the whine then the lurch forward that’s sets u firmly in ur seat. Ford did own Jag when my car was built.

    • OhU8one2

      your Jag has an Eaton blower on it.For me your car has the best of the best. That 4.0 litre inline 6 cyl is bomb proof,if serviced correctly. Truth is,they just rarely ever fail. Way better engine than the V8 that came out in 97′.Plus the supercharger. I never understood why the XJS never had this option available.

      • Jeff V

        I believe its bc they did not want it faster than their bs 12cyl offered in the XJS…

  3. Leroy

    A buddy of mine has one on his 66 GT 350 and it’s from the factory. NICE!

  4. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    I’ve had several McCulloch and Paxton supercharged vehicles, The Mac versions on a Kaiser Manhattan, and a couple of 1957 Packard Clippers [they were standard on the 57 Packards, & 58 Packard Hawks] and of course the 57/58 Studebaker Golden Hawks. The 63/64 Studebaker Avanti [as well as any other V8 Studebaker cars, on special order from the factory]

    The important thing about these units is knowing what they were designed and built for, and this can only be determined from the serial number. These were popular in very high altitude locations, for use in such things as forklifts, with the supercharger making the air/fuel ratio more like it would be at sea level.

  5. Dan

    Given it, not “Gifted” it. Aarrghh!

    • Brigham Briggs

      I am genuinely curious as to what the difference is.

      • Jim Norman

        A “gift” is a noun. To “give” is a verb. You “give” someone a “gift.” As in, “I’d like to give you the gift of proper English.” I realize language is always evolving, and we have to get used to bad English becoming the norm. But I’d rather not, thank you.

      • 911ducktail

        Sorry Jim Norman, “gift” is also a verb and has been for almost half a millennia, unless we are supposed to take your *ahem* word over Merriam Webster…..

  6. GaryC Gary charlton

    I am looking for a complete system original to the ’57 Packard Clipper wagon if anyone knows where I can find one?

  7. Rob

    Got up to $840., but didn’t meet ‘Reserve’, so now it’s been relisted..

  8. Wayne

    Dan, guess it’s hard to be humble when your perfect in every way

  9. erikj

    We are not in class here. I’m sure most readers understand what’s typed in. Me, spelling errors ect. don’t bother me in the least I just love to read what others post regardless of errors. If it bothers me I just move on.
    B/F is such a great web site, I see no need to correct other members unless its something to do with a vehicle fact.

  10. wcastor Member

    The history of the Paxton Supercharger left out a ton of information. In 1962, the Studebaker Corporation bought Paxton and made it a full division of Studebaker. With the Paxton purchase came Vince Granatelli who at the time, owned Paxton. And with this purchase, Studebaker was able to coax a lot of power from the poor old Studebaker V-8. This engine was first used on the 1951 model year cars and this engine was basically the same as used for the famed Bonneville speed trials where many records were set with an basically stock Avanti with a supercharged R-3, 304.5 cu engine went over 170 MPH.

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