Pay You To Take It? 1970 Dodge Charger

The seller is honest about the condition of this car. The ad states “a very rough 1970 charger” and “parts or restore” which says it all. There may be a few usable parts, but most of this car is significantly beyond any restoration. Found here on eBay with a current bid of $2,200, there are quite a few bids with five days left in the auction at the time of this writing. Located in Baldwin Place, New York, the car will be parted out if it isn’t sold during the auction. With the condition of the car, it almost makes sense for the seller to pay someone to take it. What do you think?

The VIN plate shows XH29GOG177147. I’m not a Mopar expert, so I don’t know if this car has any significant options or rarity. According to, the VIN decodes to the following: Dodge Charger, High, 2 Door Sports Hardtop, 318, 1970, produced in St. Louis, Missouri and would have been number 177,147.

The ad says the engine is a 383 cubic inch although the VIN indicates the car would have come from the factory with a 318. If the engine is salvageable (or rebuildable) a potential buyer may be able to justify the selling price. Other than the engine, the seller indicates that there a few usable parts including some trim and dash components. Do you think there are enough usable parts here to make it worth $2,000+? Let us know.

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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Just a guess. But looking at that red Guys Mopars trailer behind the car, anything of any value from this car is in that trailer.

  2. Kenneth Carney

    Yeah Mike, it’s toast. Not too many
    straight panels either. Where are the
    guys from Graveyard Carz when you
    need them? This car looks to be
    their cup of tea. Re-check your inbox,
    I think I have the problem solved and
    you should see the pics of the $500
    Taurus I had a date with on Monday.
    Got somewhere to be in the morning,
    so it’s bedtime for yours truly. Night

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      The Graveyard wouldn’t even touch this. They are only interested in Mopars with rare specs and big motors.
      Or, a customer who wants to spend big bucks to get their lower spec, “I had one just like it when I was a kid and poor”, Mopar fixed up.
      I still like that show, though. Better since they got rid of most of the shenanigans.

  3. Brian Boyd

    That is a ton of cash to pay for a scrap pile and some tags.

    • Billy007

      Even the tags are worthless. 318? Hey, I like 318s, but the rich boys who cheat honest people out of money, like tags that have exotic engines listed. Who ever is selling this should be ashamed of themselves. This wreck was pulled out of a back field where someone left it to rot. Be respectful to this once proud beast, and give it a final crushing so it can be reborn anew as something useful.

  4. Doyler

    Jesus wept, that’s awful

  5. Fiete T.

    “If it don’t sell, Imma gonna part ‘er out…”
    That’s a rather empty threat right there-

    Have at it, Hoss!

  6. Classic Steel

    Is this one of Bo and Luke’s jumps that went badly 😼

    I was thinking it make a yard art piece in front and of my mobile house🤗

  7. Chuckster

    I would be embarrassed to even offer this junk for sale. As for the motor, go to any wrecking yard and you can find one , My local guy will even help you test run it

  8. Camaro Joe

    The only thing there that might be worth anything is the motor and transmission. But only if it’s a 383/727. Then the whole mess is worth maybe $500 if it’s right down the street from you and easy to get. The thing might come apart if you try to winch it up on a trailer.

    My eyes aren’t the best, but it looks like the distributor is in the front of the block, on the driver’s side. A 383 Mopar distributor is on the passenger side front. I’m really sure of that, have a 65 Belvedere 383/727 that’s been around since 1982. A small block distributor is in the rear. Does anybody know what this turkey is, it has me beat?

    The good news is it looks to have an aluminum valve cover (that looks like a small block) on the driver’s side. That’s worth $4 at the local swap meet or $0.44 at the recycle center.

  9. Camaro Joe

    I got a better look at the motor, and it might really be a 383. The motor is not sitting square with the center line of the car, so my guess is somebody “dropped” the motor in and it’s just sitting there, not bolted in. That explains why the distributor is rolled over and looks like it’s on the driver’s side. I’d avoid this mess at all costs.

    • George

      The ad does say that the motor in sitting in it. It doesn’t say that it’s installed in any way.

  10. Jay E.

    Only $2000.00? Surely this must be the bargain of the week. Given Mopar prices and the Bullitt tie in, this should go for close to 10K. Its got everything that commands big prices and more of it. Damage, rust, tag, bumpers, ho hum options! The muscle car market is unstoppable.

  11. Chris

    9 people (nutcases) have bid $2,200 on this P.O.S!! There is literally nothing valuable on this thing! Wtf.

  12. Lucky strike

    I feel bad for that car but it’s ready for the junkyard

  13. Mike

    Looks like a good candidate for Barrett-Jackson to pull an April fools joke (if one of their auctions falls on that date). Just roll it out and and act like nothing’s wrong.

  14. Dirk

    Not worth that to me even if it was shiny and I could drive it home.

  15. pugsy

    Just because the engine that goes with the VIN is not in demand, the tags and ownership are just fine for someone that doesn’t have one or the other.

    • STM

      Or has a hot VIN

  16. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Is there a reason you post these type of cars as opposed to the better cars out there for sale ?

    • pugsy

      Post em all!

      You don’t have to look.

  17. Mark

    Turn it into an old school stock car.

  18. Matt steele

    It has the ultra rare distributor cap carboration..I think it a none barrel

  19. Matt steele

    Carburation… I cant spell but I know enuff to stay away from this car…haven’t had a tetanus shot lately

  20. KawiVulc

    I remember hearing of a thing called a “pig party”… the guy showing up with the homeliest date won the pot. Not saying it wasn’t an a$$hole sort of thing to do, just saying someone told me about it once. Perhaps these bidders (looks like there are 4) are taking part in the automotive equivalent.

  21. Ward William

    No lowball offers. I know what I’ve got.

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