Peacock In The Barn: 1956 Thunderbird

1956 Ford Thunderbird

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Ford’s big luxury cruiser known as the Thunderbird, or T-bird if you’d rather, was actually quite the looker when it hit showroom floors in 1955. It seems rather fitting that this ’56 wears a very eye catching and flashy Peacock blue paint job! The seller claims it has been parked in their barn since 1972 and that there is no rust on it. You can find this second year Thunderbird here on eBay in Melville, New York with bidding already to $10,000!

1956 Ford Thunderbird Engine

1956 was a good year for the T-Bird, with a number of improvements made to make them more enjoyable. Thankfully, they also retained all of the looks of the ’55! The seller states that this car is original right down to that blue paint. They note that the left fender has a large paint chip, but they don’t offer and photos of the damage.

1956 Ford Thunderbird Interior

Being a 312 V8 car, this car had to really fly when it was still on the road. I just hope someone gets it back on the road and let’s this bird strut its stuff again. Will you be the one to save it?

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  1. S.S. McDonald

    Looks like an early’56. No power steering, no power brakes, Ford-o-matic, pre port hole hardtop, and a 292 engine.

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    • GeorgeMember

      The porthole was an option in 1956. It’s rare to see a ’56 without the portholes, but they exist.

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      • George

        From what I’ve read, lots of tops received the porthole treatment after they left the factory. Probably making the non porthole tops more rare.

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  2. Busyditch

    Now after the fact he climbs under the car to find rusty rockers!

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  3. Irish Bill

    I love these early birds and I’m in the middle of restoring a 56 currently. Knowing how much I’ve spent on the restoration so far this price is getting near the point of “nope”. You’ll have to go through everything and nothing’s inexpensive these days.

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  4. Bill C.

    Yep, it’s a Peacock 56, very nice color and a popular color today. Too bad its been neglected for many years and now deteroriated to a rusty heap. It needs a total restoration, probably a body off resto to do it right. Cheaper to buy a “done” car, a less headaches.

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  5. Roselandpete


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  6. Rob

    My Mum bought a ’56 back in ’62, it didn’t have a port-holed top either, so she had a Dealer install them. She drove hers for 33 yrs, then gave it to my Bro when she was 95, with the explicate understanding it would never be sold, ‘n always passed thru the family. My Bro wanted a convertible top for it, so he traded the port-holed one for an original complete folder. He in turn later gave the car to his son, the Gent who’s in this picture, taken 5 yrs ago. He had the exhaust routed out back, as originally routed thru the bumper ends, it had the tendency to corrode the chrome.

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  7. Glen

    What would a second year corvette in this condition be worth? I prefer the look of early T-birds to early vettes.

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  8. stillrunners

    Looks like the FOMOCO power steering top in the top right of the motor picture – not sure if that’s a 312 – think they had the aluminum valve covers and the big carb…..

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  9. Charles H.

    Never was a fan of the Continental Kit, which came factory on the ’56 only, just always thought that it worked against the sporting nature of the car, and just didn’t fit in with the rest of the look…, I always heard that it made the car light on the front end, and not handle as well, as it otherwise would have.

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  10. roundhouse

    I’m surprised how many of these are advertised as being a 2 speed automatic. I wonder if the owners know this is a 3 speed. The gear selector shows only drive and low, but drive is really 2nd gear and 3rd. You have to put it in low to get first, then manually upshift to drive, which then gives you 2nd and 3rd automatically. Didn’t really matter much around town, the engine had enough torque to pull easily starting in 2nd.

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