Perched Falcon: Ford Falcon That Is!

Ford Falcon Tree Find

These days we see some incredible finds almost everyday. Some are incredible because of what they are, while others because of where they are! This Ford Falcon could possible be in one of the most incredible locations we have ever seen. We’ve featured lots of cars with trees growing out of them, some have even become part of the tree. This one has taken it to new heights (pun intended) and has to be one of the more incredible things we’ve seen in a while. Reader John S out of Brisbane, Australia sent us this photo and a few funny comments about it. Finds like this aren’t something you’d want to buy, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a look and a good laugh! Just for kicks and giggles, who can come up with the best caption for this Falcon? We will let John kick it off! From John S – While it’s not strictly a barn find it’s certainly ripe for the picking. I have no idea where this 1960’s For Falcon is treed, but you can bet it’s not anywhere in coastal Australia.


  1. Dan

    A Bird (Falcon) in a tree, is worth a shark in the ocean!!!

    • Mark Meyer

      Birds of a Feather , Flock together,

    • Mark Jacobson

      Any comment has to be imagined as spoken with an outback Queensland drawl. I would suggest: “After the big flood back in ’64 couldn’t find the car. Lookin’ in the wrong place. There it was, right above me nose!” From Mark, Brisbane, Queensland.

  2. sunbeamdon

    Courtesy of josephbc69:

    The shredding bark, grey-green lanceolate leaves, and bizarre gigantic blossoms that erupt from old stem axils identify it as Eucalyptus falconi, an Australian species. As weather patterns increased their fluctuations, parts of Australia experienced increasingly severe flash floods followed by longer droughts. This species adapted by keeping its growth under tight control, sprouting up only when all the environmental conditions are favourable. Thus we find its immense flowers suddenly erupting high above our heads, the parent plant having grown a meter or more in a week during its few weeks of Summer.

    OK – I think we can all rest assured the fibs from Aussie Land are just as impressive as anywhere else. Does this rank up there with cars (money) just doesn’t grow on trees does it?

    • Tony

      Since we no longer have a car building industry in OZ and all the factories are closing down we’ve invented a way of growing the ‘bastards’ on trees, a lot easier, cheaper and less employees, just add water. Don’t hold your breath after you place the order though.

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  3. Pete

    Buy a Ford Falcon
    Soar to new Heights!

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  4. phoneman91

    Who says that Ford Falcons can’t “fly”?

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  5. sir mike

    an early Mad Max falcon??

  6. guggie

    Look Up in the tree its a Bird ,No its a Plain jane Ford Falcon

  7. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Nice landing! Reminds me of the Ford in Jurassic Park.

  8. Wayne

    It is located just outside of Taree in NSW Australia, which is inland off the East Coast.

    • Edward

      Crikeys! My friends Colin and Bronwyn live there! I’m here in Mexico, home of the rust worm.

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    • Matt

      The car is located on private property in Muckleford Vic.

  9. Andy

    Early prototype of Ford’s Park Assist?
    Ford Tech Engineer: “It’s out of adjustment.”
    Ford Test Driver: “Maybe a little. Got a ladder?”

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  10. Stoney

    “Look Mom no hands”

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  11. OhU8one2

    Mr Spade,
    it seem’s to me that the real mystery is the whereabouts of the Maltese Falcon? And do you really think it could be perched up in a tree? And if so,just how long do you think it would stay there? Detective Polhaus I have no idea. Why?

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    • Peter Lee

      No apostrophe needed in”seems.”

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  12. Dave Sheppard

    It’s known as a single post hoist!! There was an Austin seven in a tree at a car dealers in Sydney for years. Don’t forget the Edsel in Used Cars movie (Kurt Russell)

  13. Peter Lee

    Something’s absolutely got to be done about the parking situation here.

  14. geomechs geomechs Member

    Wonder what the bidding is at?

  15. KO

    Original paint, right hand drive, low mileage Falcon for sale. Tremendous opportunity for the right buyer.

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  16. Clarence

    Ad: “Reach new heights–drive a Ford Falcon.”

  17. Briscoe

    “I can always find my car. I park it on level tree.”

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  18. Olie

    Falcon to Houston: Houston, we have a problem!

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  19. braktrcr

    So I was sitting at this traffic light in my el Camino. This teenager is in an old Falcon next to me. The light turned green q I hit the gas, and the Falcon disappeared. I never knew where it went until I saw this photo.
    Thanks for solving that mystery for me

  20. Mike S

    Darn GPS!!!

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  21. Danny Rawinsky

    I don’t have the picture handy, but after the storm (Katrina), I drove down to Apple Pie Ridge Road, which is almost at the Rigolets Pass where the Gulf and Lake Catherine enter Lake Pontchartrain. There were several large nice houses with large mature Oaks. One of the Oaks had a horse stuck up in it. Well, not really a horse, but a Ford Mustang. The owner had several Mustangs and a nice shop. All that was left was the car in the tree, no house, shop or even the slab, it was all gone.

  22. Jim

    It has a stick shift, tree on the tree.

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  23. linda c

    Bye Bye Birdie (falcon)

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  24. thefatkid

    The Falcon is in the nest. I repeat. The Falcon is in the nest….

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    • phoneman91

      “Houston–the Falcon has landed!”
      “One small step for man….”

  25. Rob

    ….well I parked it over there by the little tree in 1968….

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  26. lrry

    It started with ” Hey Guys, Watch this !! “

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  27. Edward

    Hey Mate! Tell Cap’n Solo he can’t park here!

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  28. Jim

    Just needs a generous lube job and we can have you on the road by noon….

  29. artinoz

    —————— and that my friends is the last time I let her drive.

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  30. John St Clair

    I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that the prospects of finding a Falcon in Australia are looking….up.

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    • Tony

      “Early Falcon parts for sale, you remove, bring your own tools …………… and a long ladder”!

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  31. Ric Parrish

    I think it belonged to an old junk yard guy in Waterloo Iowa, we called him ‘Jungle Jim’. Some of the guys used to go there at night and mess with him till one time he blazed off several shots at them. I understand these guys got so close to the floor, you couldn’t tell anyone was in the car, till they got several miles away.

  32. Jim Marshall

    Three on the tree, opps, make that four if you include the Falcon itself.

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  33. Hollywood Collier

    Hold my beer and watch this!!!

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